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  • Hobbyist Photographer
  • More than 10 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
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Alternative, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Portrait



Hello and well met!

I'm Dee, a hobbyist photographer that's been attempting photography since old enough to hold on to her dad's camera and not fall over!

I love nature and I love combining beautiful humans with beautiful nature even more. My favourite shots have a touch of darkness to them in themes of local legends and in the colours of the backdrops I like to shoot.
That being said I shoot exclusively outdoors, yes even even when it's cold - I don't do studio work.

Due to working a very rewarding job also I have limited time to shoot on weekends, however am often free on weekdays or evenings.

Because I shoot photography for the love of it no money is involved in my shoots at all. For me this is a creative outlet on which I hope collaborate with other creatives, I understand this doesn't work for everyone, but please don't be offended if I turn down any messages with rates.

I don't currently shoot nudes as it's not a genre I feel I can do justice at the moment.

Best regards



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