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David Moss Photography has 11 references; 11 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Met David for the first time when he attended a workshop of mine along with TommyMagie a month or so back.

David was super friendly, professional and kind throughout the shoot, he knew exactly the shots he was looking for and directed brilliantly ,he was clear, concise and made me feel comfortable throughout.

We in fact have our first solo shoot booked in for tomorrow evening and I am looking forward to creating some images in an environment we are both familiar with.


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This was my second shoot with David and we picked a gasmask theme in the woods. David was great and really fun to work with and i'm really happy with the images. Looking forward to another shoot.

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I had a great shoot with David a couple of weeks ago. Pre-communication was very good and David is a lovely guy and felt completely at ease with him. I'm really pleased with the photos produced and looking forward to another shoot in the future. I highly recommend him.

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Darren S

I had a great shoot with David last week, shooting around parts of Norwich :-) David was a good laugh to work with, very chatty, informative and had knowledge of a lot of really cool locations around Norwich to shoot at :-)

I felt quite honoured that I was David's first male model to shoot, which he captured some really cool images of me around the town, going off the images at the back of the camera :-)

David is very easy to work with, very hospitable and I highly recommend him :-)


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Louise Skipper

I loved working with David on our shoot last week, he is very friendly, professional and easy to get along with, and he has great creative ideas which made the shoot fun and interesting. I've already seen some of the images and they look brilliant. I recommend David highly :)

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snowflake said...

even though it was only a test shoot i had so much fun and the images are amazing. i felt really comfortable and at ease. i look forward to doing more shoot with him x

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I'm really happy that I had a chance to work with David during my tour. I really like his style and it was a pleasure to work together, we created some beautiful photos. David knows some amazing locations in the area and he is really creative, enthusiastic and easy to work with. We worked together for 4 hours and the time just flew by... I'd love to work toghether again. Highly recommended! :)

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Ellie (KittySox) said...

had a wonderful shoot with David, he was so professional and we had a very fun and productive shoot, would highly recommend him to anyone!

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Love working with David, brilliant, friendly photographer, great ideas and fun to work with.

Can't recommend enough :)

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miss rainbow said...

shoot with moss more that a year a go for the first time and we have work together many times after that

very easy to work with , book a shoot with him you will love the results :)

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Pandora Poison

I had allot of fun shooting with David Moss! He's professional, friendly and makes you feel comfortable and confident. He is really creative with his ideas and has a strong individual style. He's also really innovative and arty with the way he edits the shots.

David's a great photographer to work with, I highly recommend him and can see myself working with him again in the future!

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