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Been looking forward to working with Ray for a very long time, and today was the day! I had such an amazing time shooting, with ideas flowing freely, and I think we captured some amazing shots.

Ray was lovely to work with, professional and kind. Not only we had a wonderful shoot but we also had some very nice conversations.

I cannot recommend him enough, and I genuinely look forward to working again in the future!

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This was my second shoot with Ray - the first one was about 5 years ago and it's a shame it took us so long to arrange another! This time we shot in his home and he was as lovely to work with as ever. We chatted away happily throughout the few hours, he's a very interesting person to speak with, and we tried various ideas and concepts. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results.

Would love to shoot with Ray again, when circumstances allow, and would definitely recommend to other models.

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Second shoot with this fabulous human! We covered a range of ideas and made use of the space around the apartment booked. Over our two days of shooting we covered fashion, lingerie and some art nude. Ray is full of ideas and allowed me to pose freely too. Judging by the results I have seen, we make a pretty good team too!

Ray is genuinely one of the nicest photographers I have met. He had me at ease from the get go and provided such a great and professional atmosphere whilst working. His energy is just brilliant. Even after both of us having a bit of a tough time leading up to these shoots - we had a lot of banter and fun.

On day 2, I was feeling sick (probably something I ate, or the 'ol stress) and Ray allowed us to finish up early to give me time to rest, without requesting anything further from me such as some money back or an owed hour of shooting. He was very understanding and kind to give me the rest.

We shot over the morning and afternoon, later that day I had Guy Carnegie coming along whom was a runner of the club with Ray and always planned to be there for a half day shoot too. So they both were great with me as I was feeling a little iffy. Not enough to have me cancel any shoot time though thankfully!

You were awesome Ray. Until Edinburgh... :)

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This was my first shoot with Ray, and what an awesome shoot it was. We had organised a weekend with myself up his way in Aberdeen, where he ever so kindly arranged the accomodation which we used over the next two days to do a couple of shoots. Also picking me up from my arrival point into Aberdeen.

We initially expected the camera club he is part of to book some time slots, but sadly with Easter weekend the idea fell through - though we still made the most of our shoots, and I ended having an extra day in the area to arrange more shoots and network a tad!

Ray is professional, well prepared with equipment and ideas, mannerly, a great laugh and just an over-all delight to work with. I think we did rather well for a first shoot :)

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I had a shoot with Ray in January, I had so much fun! Ray is very professional, yet likes to have a laugh and keeps you comfortable during the whole process. We had a power cut (just my luck!) but we got some great shots and had a fun afternoon. I would recommend Ray to anyone and I can’t wait to work with him again in the future!

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My first shoot with Ray and a really enjoyable experience. I chose my home location for the shoot. He was full of great ideas for the images and helped with direction. A very nice man, I instantly felt relaxed with. Chatty, funny but totally professional. Hope we can do it again. Highly recommend him !

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This was my second shoot with Ray and like the first, it was very much enjoyable for me. This time we went to an old ruined castle in the Highlands on the site of a Celtic fort. We shot a variety of styles, from fully clothed up to art nude. There were a few other visitors at various points (we were there for about 4 hours) but Ray was very careful to keep an eye out in case anyone would see me while nude or changing clothes, and it was fine. Again, Ray's attitude for the entire time was very much professional and respectful. At one point I was struggling to figure out how to put on a dress properly without a mirror in a strong wind, and I eventually asked Ray for help. He made sure I was completely comfortable with it before he even took a step towards me to help, which I appreciated. (Even with our combined efforts, we couldn't get the dress to sit right and cover my chest, it kept twisting wrong, and we eventually gave up, also because I was laughing too hard). Ray made sure to get a variety of shots (it was TFP again), giving good direction for poses but also giving me freedom to do my own thing most of the time. He was kind enough to drive me the hour-long drive home, as well as pay a small contribution, which was nice. He is incredibly creative and full of ideas- we talked at length about possibilities for future shoots. Thanks again for an awesome day :)

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This was my first shoot with Ray and I enjoyed the whole experience very much. We went to a woodland location and did some clothed, lingerie and art nude shots. He was entirely professional and I felt completely comfortable with the way he treated me, he was very respectful yet we had a laugh. He made sure I was comfortable with the situation at all times (the location was mostly deserted but we bumped into one or two dog walkers) and made sure to keep the shoot discreet as much as possible. He made the effort to get the best shots possible, moving branches etc. out of the way and giving good direction when needed. As this was TFP (although he paid my train fare and a small contribution which was appreciated) he was very keen to give me a variety of different images for my portfolio, and any of my suggestions were taken on board. I would absolutely recommend Ray to any other models, couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable shoot and from what I saw on the camera screen the photos are great too. Thanks again!

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Had a great shoot yesterday with ray

We had brief pre communications as it was last minute

I took him to a great location I knew we got some great images cheeky images haha loved it can’t wait see them

Ray was professional and a gentleman more than happy so recommend and work with again as he’s so close to me too ☺️

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Worked with Mondo a couple of months ago on a group shoot with some other XPP girls and had so much fun! love the images and a true professional. Hope we can work together again in the future. Would definitely recommend.

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Worked with Ray for the first time last week and went incredibly well. I felt comfortable and relaxed around him and he was very kind and easy to work with. He had a lot of suggestions and ideas and I am keen to work with him again.

Would definitely recommend him.

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Riley Rose

First time shooting with Ray today and had a great time. Made me feel very relaxed and welcome, throughout the shoot made sure I was happy and comfertable with everything. We had a s Good laugh and 3 hours just flew by! Thank you again :)

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Lyra Flett

Had another shoot with Ray on Monday, this time in my own home. It was another amazing shoot, it was a newish style for the pair of us but it was fun and I'd under Rays direction I learned more about the style.

As before Ray comes 100% recommended from myself and I hope to work with him again in future!

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Artemis Fauna

I met and worked with Ray for the first time on my Scotland tour last month.

Ray had booked onto John's art nude workshop and I really enjoyed working with him! It wasn't a 1-2-1 shoot but I got to know everyone quite well in the short time I was there and the banter between us all was great!

I really do hope next time I am in Scotland I can work with Ray again (or before if possible!) So thank you for coming all that way. Was lovely to meet you :)

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John McNairn

I met Raymond when he was an attendee at an art nude workshop last week, the model was Artemis and Raymond proved to be a very good photographer with a great eye for art nude, as his results clearly show. He is warm and friendly, with a great passion for this genre. He interacts and directs the models very well, giving encouragement and confidence in equal measure. Very much a team player, great company and highly recommended to any model or another photographer for joint shoots.

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Had a great first shoot with Raymond recently. The weather was a little unpredictable so we adjusted our plans accordingly. It was a reasonably short shoot but we managed to get some very good images in the time that we had. Raymond was a pleasure to shoot with, we were quite happy chatting away, and he gave good direction when required as well as allowing me to pose freely.

Definitely recommended and I'd very much like to shoot with him again :)

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Lyra Flett

Had a quick last minute shoot with Ray today, while it took a while to find a spot without lots of people, we eventually managed.

Would definitely recommend Ray to work with, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

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Haylee Elizabeth

So chuffed to have finally got a shoot in with raymond, a totally down to earth guy. Had a brill shoot,and it was so worth climbing up walls and walking into cold water speys. I don't think I have ever had a shoot where I just clicked with the photographer right away. I felt so comfortable as if we had worked together before. He even pumped my tyre up for me :)

Brilliant photographer with a great eye for detail and really knows how to get the best shots.

Highly recommended

Thank you Raymond and I look forward to our next shoots :D x

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I had a shoot with Ray a few months back and I had a great time! Comfortable and reassuring, well organised and direct. Would highly recommend and I'm looking forward to working with him again!

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Had an awesome shoot with Mondo. I was a bit nervous as i'm still fairly new but he was really friendly and I ended up having a lot of fun. The images are aaamaaazing! So happy with them and with the shoot. Would highly recommend Mondo :)

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