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Thomas Hunt Photography

I couldn't think of anybody better to act out a zombie Essex girl than Vicki. She is a very popular popular model to work with (her images are the most viewed on my portfolio) and is becoming more confident in front of the camera.

As always, Vicki arrived on time with plenty of outfits and accessories. I enlisted a pal (who isn't on PP unfortunately, so I cannot add further praise) to assist with her gory makeup by using liquid latex, tissue paper and lots of fake blood.

The shoot was enjoyable and frantic and both of us were grinning from ear to ear once looking back over the proofs.

I highly recommend Vicki for any kind of shoot as she is always smiling, willing to learn new techniques and super polite.

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Thomas Hunt Photography

I had the privilege of working with this “girl next door” from Essex on her first ever shoot and was blown away by how fun she is. Being a new model, she took my advice on board and we created some iconic looks that will hopefully get her noticed. I’d definitely work with her again.

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