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miss Bailey has 12 references; 12 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Studio f/11 (In abeyance)

We squeezed in a short early shoot to play with fabric, and did that and it was good, again.

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Miss Bailey endured a rather cold and blustery wintry day to participate in an excellent short outdoor shoot for a lifestyle newsstand magazine. Recommended, and I really hope I get the chance to work with her again.

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Not Half Media

In many respects, Joanne exemplifies the word professional. Confident, bold, and creative on the set, relaxed, personable, and authentic behind the scenes. She can do her own hair and make-up to a high standard, and carries a voluminous hold-all stuffed with outfits and lingerie in the boot of her convertible VW. She clearly places great store in being reliable, punctual, and a first-rate communicator. Paired with dangerous looks - when she can turn off and on at will :-), a luxuriant mane of long dark brown hair and a fit, trim, bod, and you’ve got a model you’ll go out of your way to work with.

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lonewolf photography

Had a two hour shoot booked with miss bailey and a male model to shoot implied artistic nude as a couple.

The male model did not show up.

Miss Bailey and myself persevered and got down to adapting the shoot ideas and shot her with the same set ideas but on her own. Miss Bailey is a true professional, not being phased at the non show, and pulled off some fantastic poses and we had a great time creating some great images.

Miss Bailey is a lovely lady and a great model, and is just awesome to work with. I highly recommend working with her and I hope to shoot with her again very soon

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Daring, innovative, thoughtful, fit and punctual.


We tried sets of of difficult innovation, and reliable classical work, and made good progress and good pictures.

There's more to do, I look forward to doing it, if you don't get in first.

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I was totally blown away by Miss Bailey this weekend. For someone so new to modelling she is exceptionally talented. Great pre shoot communications even though the shoot was booked about 6 weeks in the future. Arrived bang on time and came with a great selection of outfits. Hair and make up done to a very high standard and in no time we were ready to shoot.

Miss Bailey can pose with or without direction. The direction was only required when we were shooting natural light and therefore she adjusted her body position to maximise the lighting effect. A really lovely model to work with, fun and happy with a great personality.

The shoot involved a 300 mile round trip to shoot Miss Bailey and it was worth every single mile because it was such a great shoot that produced some amazing images. Can not wait to do it all again. Very highly recommended.

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Lovely, last minute next-day shoot! All very efficiently arranged following a casting call with great communication. Turned up early at the studio with a great set of clothes and a wonderfully positive and enthusiastic attitude. We tried different genres and although relatively new miss Bailey was a pleasure to shoot with, she has a lovely personality and is easy to recommend.

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Studio f/11 (In abeyance)

Responded to a studio casting - "taking bookings for {months}".

Precise economic to-the-point communications.


Interesting, adaptable, contributing and applying ideas enthusiastically, and generating them in the rest of the team.

We were working in the parts of the studio not in use by a hire shoot - camping out a bit and bringing a new room into use, finding out what we could do with it.

We made some good pictures in quite a range and I look forward to making some more.

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lonewolf photography

Miss Bailey is an extraordinary lady. Friendly and polite, very good communication and punctual too. Then you work with her and what a great experience. Open to ideas and full of enthusiasm fantastic free poses as well as taking direction. So relaxed even when equipment failed during the shoot on a dark cold evening. We had a fun shoot and produced some great pictures and would most definitely recommend her and work with her again. It was an absolute pleasure

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Had my first shoot with Joanne today. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. She poses effortlessly despite only having started modelling recently.

Extremely fun and friendly person to work with and would love to work with her again in the future.

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Tony Pattinson

Had a lovely first shoot with this striking and witty young woman. Joanne's communications were excellent and she arrived on time with a good assortment of quality outfits. Joanne has bags of confidence and is passionate about creating strong images, she can free model with ease, has an elegant style and has a good sense of humour. Highly recommended, would certainly like to work with her again, best wishes Joanne.

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Alan Lloyd Photography

Had a quick shoot in town today, Joanne was early and ready to shoot. Hopefully we will be working together on a longer shoot soon :-)

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