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Mike Stacey has 7 references; 7 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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BeeBee Gunn

I absolutely loved working with Mike. I would recommend him highly for anyone looking to add evocative, emotive images to their portfolio.

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Mike is absolutely kind and professional person, who creates amazing, comfortable atmosphere during shooting. Work with him is enjoyable and very intuitive. His experience and talent are guarantee of amazing results. It was a pleasure and I hope to work with him again. Highly recommended!

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Ivory Flame

I've been privileged to work with Mike multiple times over the years whilst travelling in Australia, and it's exciting he is closer to home now he's moved to Europe. Each shoot we have done has proved immensely enjoyable, phenomenally creative and totally memorable!

Mike is one of the nicest and most interesting people you could wish to meet. I'm very grateful for the time we've spent exploring incredible nature and cool old buildings, sharing great conversation and shooting amazing images. The variety of beautiful and powerful work he creates is inspiring.

He is wonderfully thoughtful, relaxed, fun, professional, respectful and hugely talented, and I recommend anyone to seize the opportunity to work with him!

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Amazingly creative artists - I can work with him anytime, both as a model and a photographer. He inspired me to go back to photography and explore the endless opportunities to create a great photo. He made me mature artistically, for which I’ll be always grateful for.

One of a kind.

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Mona Gene

Mike was an amazing photographer, in personality as well as skill. I had a wonderful time shooting with him and felt totally comfortable and respected throughout. We really collaborated on designing the shoot and putting together the shots. He is one of the best, with his use of light and getting all the shots right.

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Mike was great to work with. We shot in my apartment and he came with a lot of new ideas to work out in a place where I've shot so many times before. He is professional and respectful. Photos came out great as well, highly recommended!

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I shot wirh Mike a few times and each time it was an unforgettable experience. I’m so glad I met this artist on my path. We have the same experimental tendency that always leaves me awed. Mike, thanks. Don’t lose an opportunity to work with him

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