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We have been working together since 2018 when I started as a model. Because of him I have become an active model. I really enjoy doing photo shoots with him. He is super nice, a kind, reliable man. Until now I have worked with him very often.

Our photos are getting better and better. With him we make a party of it in his studio. He has a nice studio with a lot of clothing to choose from. I feel very comfortable working with him. I will recommend him as the next photographer for other models.

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I had the opportunity to work with Michael several times for outdoor & indoor shoots and the first time was just before summer 2020 in The Hague, Netherlands. Really great guy and easy to get along with. With each of our shoots he was always punctual, helpful and generous. He has been my favorite photographer so far! Thank you Michael for all your help and guidance!

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Kitty Dawson

I had a shooting with Michael in my Airbnb. He was on time, professional, friendly and creative.

I also enjoyed our chats in our break time. I have shot with Michael before and he is always a joy to shoot with and I hope I’m equally a joy too! :)

We shot various styles in my Airbnb and we also had 30 minutes near the end of the shoot outside.

I always enjoy working with him and I hope to see him again in the future :)

Highly recommended!

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Keira Lavelle

Michael and I had the chance to work together when I came to the Netherlands and arranged to come and shoot at the studio belonging to John Herm (Jan). Jan asked if I was interested in working with two other photographer as a “shared shoot” setup: one of whom was Michael: who I can confirm is a very lovely person indeed. And someone I can most definitely recommend to other models through my experience. :)

All the shooting that took place was strictly one-to-one, even though it was a shared shoot. This meant that I could get a nice personal working relationship developed with everyone individually (everyone had their own ideas after all) and it also meant that I could pose freely not worrying about one person being at a bad angle for things like more athletic poses etc. It was a very professionally conducted day, and I really valued the time I got to shoot with Michael as he’s a very keen and creative person who brings inspiration and suggestions galore to his shoots with models. :) He is clearly a person who thinks carefully about visions he can create: whether the lighting has this effect or a particular prop that Michael wishes to introduce. He’s a wonderfully driven spirit, and we created some cracking images too!

Many of the sets we did were very much studio-orientated in the classic sense so the focus may have been on a particular outfit or accessory and creating the moment from that. However we also had the brief opportunity to venture into the upstairs area of the building which still has quite a bleak/almost industrial feel... And plenty of natural light! This gave a different dynamic to some lush portraits, as well as all the images we created downstairs in the studio as well. :D I can definitely vouch for it being a very productive day.

Michael himself is a very courteous and respectful photographer who strives to have a good rapport with the models he shoots. We were also able to chatter away off-set like when we all had a lunch break. The whole atmosphere made for a truly awesome day and it would be a day I’d definitely jump to do again in the future. :)

Many thanks Michael for a tremendous time shooting together!


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I highly recommend working with Michel. He is such a kind and gentle person :)

He and fellow photographer Jan booked me to shoot at Jan's studio in Vianen and I had a really fun time.

Michel picked me up from the station and was very polite and professional from the first moment on. On top he also is a really warm and sweet person.

He was open to trying out different things, being very spontaneous and enthusiastic, which made it very fun for me too.

He also had great communication and made what we had available, work really well.

He as well as Jan were very considerate of my time and made a big effort to have me feel comfortable and safe.

I highly recommend working with him and am already looking forward to future collaborations with both of them. Today was a day well spent :)

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Luisa-Maria | Model

Had such great experience working with Michael during my Netherlands tour! Super friendly, professional, respectful and down to earth photographer. He delivered and explained clear vision of the ideas! Fantastic results, hope to meet again in the near future!

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Mick is a friendly and modest photographer that has a clear vision on what kind of emotion he wants to see in the picture. I could make use of the wardrobe of clothes that is his. After the shoot, I quickly received many images from him, with some very strong ones! It was great to shoot with Mick and I would happily do it again.

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Riley Jade

I had such a fun, creative and productive shoot with Mick! He had put some thought into the shoot, bringing along costumes and lots of ideas. He took the time to discuss the look and mood he was trying to capture so that we were both on the same page and I was able to really work with his ideas. I always say communication is key, and will get you better results and this shoot proved that! The images we got were awesome.

Mick is a lovely, fun and respectful photographer who I can 100% recommend :)

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Mick was an awesome individual to work with, whilst I was on my Holland tour - he is full of ideas and is very respectful, polite.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this fantastic fellow to all, he is an utter joy to work with and a really cool way with his camera :)

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Kitty Quinzell

Mick booked a 5 hour shoot with me along with John Herm.

He very kindly picked me up nearby and drove me to the studio in Vianen.

He was kind, friendly and we did a good range of looks. The images on the back of the camera looked great!

I hope to work with him again in the near future :)

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Belle Eve

I shot with Mick for the second time while in Holland last week.

Again he was a gentleman and a joy to work with.

I can only recommend.

Much love,


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Kitty Dawson

Thank you for a great second shoot!

Mick is kind, creative, respectful and he always comes prepared and is very punctual. We shot various styles, fashion-art nude and i look forward to the results.

It was fun to work with him, I enjoyed myself.

Recommended :)

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Lucia Reyes

Michel is a very talented photographer that is still refining his technique and style but does it in a sincere and humble way. He's also very friendly and respectful. It was lovely to work with him. We got along so well, and I think we made some stunning images together. I loved how much he allowed me to give my input and make suggestions. We tried out so many different things, some didn't really work out, but others worked so much better then we could expect. I had a wonderful time and would love to work with him again.

I recommend him to everyone who wants to have a good time and make beautiful images.

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Zara Liore

Another lovely shoot with Mick, this time for the fourth time! We went to a cemetery and did a white and black dress theme, and then later did some rim-lighting shots, and both turned out quite nicely! It's always lovely to work with him! :D

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Ivory Flame

I worked with Mick at Jan's studio in Vianen. Unfortunate circumstances meant he almost didn't make it to the shoot, but we rearranged the schedule, and he was determined to make it, which he did and it was a pleasure to meet him. Mick was pleasant, friendly, respectful and well prepared with drawings to use as inspiration. I'd be happy to work with him again! Many thanks :-)

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Kitty Dawson

This was me and Micks first shoot.

The shoot was fun and lovely.

He is kind, polite, friendly and professional.

He brought lots of items that I could wear and gave me the choice.

I enjoyed working with him in John herms studio in Vianen.

I look forward to shooting again in the future :)


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Zara Liore

Third time with Mick, and it was lovely! We made some really emphatic and emotional shots filled with some grit, and he was able to creatively make use of several spaces at my place/studio. Of course I recommend him, else I wouldn't keep working with him. ^.^

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Zara Liore

Worked again with Mick today and had a lot of fun playing out the themes we had decided upon together before having a delicious dinner and lovely conversation. I recommend him, look forward to seeing him again, and we already have more shoots planned for the future! :)

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Zara Liore

Mick and I had a great shoot today! We worked together with John Herm at the studio in Vianen and had quite a lot of backgrounds and lighting options to choose from, which we made extensive use of! He has some lovely ideas and he was even so sweet as to pick me up at the beginning and drop me off at the end, and he didn't pressure me to go out of my comfort zone - Mick is a true gentleman! I can absolutely recommend working with Mick and I'm excited about the photos we made together! :)

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Helen Diaz

I worked with Mick recently on a shoot with photographer John Herm and had such a lovely day!

It was our first time working together so I am always a little nervous especialley working away from home but from the start of the shoot Mick was a complete gent to work with, very professional and arrived with tons of ideas, beautiful clothing and props to wear.

As a person he is such a lovely to work with, gives good direction and I loved the results! Mick was also very kind to bring me back to the train station which saved my travel time. He is a very trustworthy gentleman and very considerate.

We all had such an enjoyable time and I really hope we get the chance to work together again soon! Highly recommended, Helen x

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