Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 28yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/USA) 35B-24-39
  • USA dress size 2
  • 5'5" tall
  • 113lbs
  • USA shoe size 4
  • Black eyes
  • Medium black hair
  • Olive skin
  • Mediterranean ethnicity
  • I have a single tattoo

Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Commercial, Dance, Fashion, Fitness, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Portrait, Promotional, Swimwear and Wedding



Hello and thank you for visiting my portfolio.

My name is Melisa, I am a Turkish Model and I have been living in London for the last two years. 

I like to pride myself on work ethic, organisation, versatility and passion for creative and beautiful pictures. 

I am a Top Model UK finalist: https://[url removed] [link removed]

I have been modelling for a year and half, the level I work up to is lingerie. 

I work with photographers of all levels , I am happy to apply my own hair & make up to a very high standards or work with an MUA.

Photographers would say I am great to work with, because of my professionalism and sense for creating a great photographs.

If you would like to work with me please get in touch. I will collaborate unpaid only if it will benefit my portfolio! I appreciate lots of contact before a shoot to make sure what's needed from me is clear so is met on the day, if 

I charge £25 for Fashion shooting per hour, £35 for lingerie plus travelling.

Instagram: https://[url removed] [link removed]



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