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MattLunnPhotography has 21 references; 21 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Hannah Elle

Had an absolutely brilliant shoot with Matt. We giggled a lot and got some really good images. Would highly recommend and can't wait until the next shoot!

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Had a fabulous shoot with Matt yesterday, he had some ideas that he wanted to do but was also happy to accommodate my ideas and took some really lovely shots. Very easy going and friendly - would highly recommend

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Sophia Louise7

Just had a lovely morning shooting with Matt at my house. I would definitely recommend him to other models. He's funny, chatty, professional and respectful. He has great ideas and the images I have seen so far look amazing! Thank you for a great start to my day. Hope to work with again soon.

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Bonnie Vincent

I had my second shoot with Matt last week in a studio this time.

I enjoyed shooting with Matt as much as I did the first time, he has some great ideas along with being able to run with whatever ideas you put forward.

Highly recommended! :)

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Had the opportunity today to have a shoot with Matt, he made me feel at ease relaxed and very confident he had lots of ideas about different angles and shoots to take, to say this was only my 2nd shoot he made me feel like I'd been doing it all my life can't wait to work with him again and to see the shoots from the day thanks

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Had my second shoot with Matt today and I reckon we got some great images :).. It was fun and we chat throughout .. Matt was in time,patient and remains professional from start to finish:).. Thank you Matt for a great start to my day and a wonderful shoot xx I'm fully reccomending him..


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5arah Jane

A late reference from me but had a shoot with with Matt my first in a while he was great helped me get back in to the swing of things thank you x

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Thanks to matt for another great shoot , can't wait to see the images !!!!!!

On time, professional, pays attention to detail and great to work with!!!!


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Dizzy D

Great shoot, interesting places to shoot. Matt was professional and a pleasant man to work with, would recommend.

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Great shoot done with matt today arrived on time, great communication throughout, polite and lovely to work with definitely recommended thanks for a great day hope theirs some great images :)

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Thanks matt for an amazing professional shoot today in a fab location

Matt was on exactly the same page as me in terms of ideas and what we wanted to achieve

I would love to work with him again and would definitely recommend him

A true gent !

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Bonnie Vincent

Had a great shoot with Matt today. He picked me up from the train station to go to our location. We got a few shots in but unfortunately due to children playing in that area we thought it best to head elsewhere.

A trip for Costa and a short trip down the motorway later we got to our second location and had a good hour there.

Matt is great at communicating prior to shoot and I felt relaxed and happy working with him.

Highly recommended, can't wait to see the images. :)

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I applied for a casting Matt had put up, luckily for me he said yes. From initial contact through to following me along some interesting roads on the way back, he has been an absolute delight!, As soon as we met up it was apparent we were on the same page. He loved the location I had suggested and immediately saw opportunities and shoot ideas. He was very easy to work with, bouncing ideas back and forth, I bet even the 'interested in what we were doing farmer' thought he was easy to work with. (that was funny) I would certainly recommend Matt, very knowledgeable, great with light and gives good direction. Looking forward to seeing the pics. Thanks Matt xx

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Isiasha LittyMcvitty1111

Fantastic shoot. Great to work with. Captured some great images. Great ideas. Great use of location

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Alex Elisha

I had to cancel. However really disapointed because I love his work.

Sorry again for letting you down but I would recommend. Replys back fast and arranges shoots really fast.

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Had my first shoot with Matt yesterday. Plenty of communication about what we wanted beforehand and he was very patient throughout. Made me feel very comfortable and I am very excited to see the photos!

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Lauren Emily

Just had a shoot with Matt, very understanding, lovely to work with! Would Deffo recommended and can't wait to see some of the photos! Would shoot with Matt again very soon 😊

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Floral & Lace

Matt was on time and ready to go.

Communion prior to the shoot was spot on, so we both knew what we wanted out of the shoot. Which also meant that I was able to get my wardrobe, make-up, lighting etc. ready for Matt's arrival.

Very easy to talk to and work with. Had his own ideas, but was happy to work with mine.

Enjoyed the shoot itself, but also swopping photography tips and ideas (I do photography as well as modelling).

Looking forward to receiving the photos.

I would recommend anyone to work with Matt and look forward to working with him in the future.

Thanks very much.

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I had a great shoot with Matt... I had fun and we travelled to a few locations. He was punctual and very patient. He was very professional throughout the shoot and he had some brilliant ideas .. I'm looking to do another shoot with him sometime soon. Of course I would always recommend him or beginners and professional models... Fantastic day... Matt is easy to talk to and very considerate of others. I am looking to work with you again soon Matt..

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Matt was willing to listen to my ideas had great ideas of his own. His got a very good eye on what looks good. Matt is very professional but also relaxed and flexible. I would work with him again.

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