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Nicole Rayner

So I had my second shoot with Martyn, the first shoot we had was a group shoot so I was super excited to get to have some 1-2-1 time with Martyn in the studio as I was excited to see what we would create!

pre-comms were fab and the shoot was organised very quickly and easily!

Martyn came with some of his own constant lights which gave a really cool effect! We shot for 2 hours and in that time I think we created some really fab shots! Martyn clearly understands light and he worked quickly and efficiently!

What I love about working with Martyn is that it is SO MUCH FUNN!! He is so so easy to get on with! He makes me laugh and shooting with him doesn't feel like work at all! Also he can take a bit of a joke which is always fun! He's not precious or sensitive - he's just a really decent, and super honest chap, who has a great eye for an image!! :D Martyn was my last shoot of my Chester tour and it was indeed ending on a high!

He comes HIGHY Recommended by me!

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Keira Lavelle

I have not so long since just enjoyed a second amazeballs photo shoot with Martyn in the space of a month! So a double whammy of feedback to be shouted from the rooftops here! :) Both completely rocking it with MAJOR compliments.

First shoot...

Our first shooting encounter was during a group event photo shoot hosted/held at Pathway Studios in Chester. It was a well-run group and still 1 to 1 with the style of shooting, we just rotated so Martyn and I got the opportunity to break the ice across a good range of different styles because the changes allowed me to prepared some quite funky looks and also listen to suggestions from what everyone wanted to achieve. It was quite a nice little session where everyone worked well in-conjunction with each other and bounces jolly banter around to keep the giggle in high-gear from start to finish. Martyn was definitely all for generating fun conversation and bouncing laughs around the room. You have an atmosphere like this on any kind of shoot and you cannot go wrong. :) During our shooting time Martyn and I managed to hit off some really quality shots, even in the group environment there were spur of the moment opportunities to seize like when the sunshine just sneaked on through the blinds... Martyn was onto it like a mission before it disappeared again and the shots came out looking really pretty, as did the various other funky and fabulous looks we managed to get through in the group. Towards the end, Martyn and another photographer Ian Parker approached me to book a full day joint/1 to 1 literally a month from this point so that was something really exciting to look forward to given that we'd clicked with some terrific productivity the first time around. :)

Second shoot...

Before we knew it we were working together again at Pathways for a full day 1 to 1 split with Ian Parker and there was idea after idea for us to tackle, it was set to be creativity-packed day. :) I spoke with Martyn before heading off on my travels (I planned the drive to Chester to link onto a further tour) and he was on-pointe with giving me specifics to bring and was really swift with getting back to me too: full credit for his communications... it was the same after our first shoot too when he shared some kick-ass edits with me. :D Of course there were many more of these kick-ass images to occur this time around, beginning with literally the dress I arrived in (Martyn spotted the photographic opportunity) to then progress onto full on chic' glamour to rope work and body-scapes. You could probably say there's more like 2 days worth of material we nailed with the sheer variety, but purely down to being on a roll as a great team.

Martyn's got some genuine photographic skills that shine out when he's shooting. He'll study the set to see where the lights going and won't settle for something that's "okay" ...No he'll put every bit of effort into giving that shot a greater visual impact. :) This kind of professional approach from a photographer genuinely spurs you on as a model because you can see where they are going with the images and the buzz to give it your all is so contagious in the creative world. There's no better yield than when everyone on the team is giving it maximum enthusiasm. No wonder I ran out of phone memory when the both of them kindly let me take some back of the camera shots at the end. There were honestly soooo many good shots that day!

Aside from the above and the many more glowing references on his page, what can I say! Great fun to work with and a really kind/courteous person too: always making sure the tea/kettle was topped up and ensuring a good/comfortable environment for me. In the event of shooting the body-scapes/rope work him and Ian went out of their way to make a comfy surface for me to pose on and it's little acts of generosity like that which give you such positive eruptions about a shoot. :) I'll happily scream my recommendation for this gent from the rooftops because he totally deserves it and I really look forward to future opportunities working together.

Keira x

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Had my first fun shoot with Martyn at Pathway Studios in Chester on Saturday. He was really easy to work with and knew exactly what styles and poses he wanted to shoot. After I worked out which way was left and which way was right the shoot went well :D He was great to chat to and I would definately shoot with him again. Highly recommended.

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Nicole Rayner

Firstly Martyn has a great choice in shirts. But a bit of a dogey haircut !

HAHA! I joke!

Seriously though Martyn is lovely! He attended a boat trip / group shoot that I was the model for yesterday!!

He is super down to earth and instantly made me feel at ease! He made me laugh so much throughout the day! To the point where I was snorting like peppa pig!!

He was completely respectful throughout the shoot! And very considerate! He had a hard time shooting during the group shooting as he had to manually move his focus for each shot - but he didn't let that hold him back and we still managed to get some awesome shots together.

When shooting 1-2-1 with him we got even better shots as it was easier for me to know when Martyn had taken the shot so I could move. I Really loved his crops and compositions!! He was always moving and always experimenting with angles etc which I really like!

Oh, he also helped save a mans life by dragging him out of the water with a rope! Saving said man from drowning and being crushed. Pretty heroic!

Loved working with Martyn! Loved his company and sense of humour!! Loved the shots we got! I really hope we get to shoot again! And next time I'll be making sure I book in some time to go to the pub with him :D

Highly recommended by me!

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Shot with Martyn a few times. This time it was at my studio day. I get on really well with Martyn, he's a great guy. Communication before and during the shoot was spot on, he brought props, had a clear vision of what he wanted to shoot and arrived early.

He's a top guy, I would definitely recommend him.

Thanks again Martyn

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I shot with Martyn at the group evening at Pathways studio. He was a pleasure to work with. Great to chat to and easy to shoot with. I'd definitely recommend him and would work with him again!

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Dahlia Rose

I had such an awesome shoot with this top dude last week, on location around North Wales on a lovely sunny day- I had such a fabulous, fun filled time!

Martyn is someone that is just such a blast to be around, he is so friendly, a great laugh and really enthusiastic and creative with his work.

Really looking forward to our next shoot, I know it will kick ass! :)

Thanks again

Dahlia x

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Shot with Martin for a few hours on Saturday, lovely guy we got on awesomely and had similar tastes in to he's a very good photographer and has an eye for detail I would happily work with him again in the future xxx

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Honour May

I had a great shoot with this lovely guy on Saturday at a model day i organised at pathways studio in Chester. His preshoot communications were great, he arrived on time with some good ideas. He was friendly and professional and I cant wait to see some of the photos we created! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Tink Kaos

I had my second shoot with this lovely fellow before I went to Germany, wandering around the beautiful town of Chester on a pretty beautiful day - what a shoot, what a photographer!

Martyn is super lovely, friendly, respectful and has this rather snazzy way of creating impressive images. And is so enthusiastic, which helps with the artistic process a helluva lot! An absolute dude.

Looking forward to my next shoot with this fellow in a couple of days, it'll be epic. Highly recommended to all models!

Tink x

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Valis Volkova

It is always an absolute pleasure working with Martyn! We have recently been away to Spain together for a week which was amazing and he has since attended one of my groupshoot events!

Martyn is one of my favourite and more regular photographers that I work with. I absolutely love him and he's always a barrel of laughs.

Highly recommended!

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Dahlia Rose

Had the pleasure of spending a week in Spain with this awesome dude :)

Martyn is such a fun guy to work and socialise with, I had an absolute blast working with him and would 100% recommend!

I very much hope to work with Martyn again in the near future :)

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Valis Volkova

I love Martyn, he's such a sweetheart! :-)

First time that I worked with him was at Pathways and we shot some killer images in the studio. Martyn has a great eye for what looks good and is very enthusiastic about his photography.

On top of that, Martyn is just so lovely to be around and great to chat to! We had a lot in common and the time just flew by. We already have some plans for future shoots and I genuinely can't wait to work with him again.

Thanks for an awesome shoot! x

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Had a great second shoot with Martyn. He is fun to work with and is very relaxed. Martyn is very easy to get on with and we worked very efficiently together. I can't wait to see the images we produced together. Highly recommended.


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Rose Magdalene Child

I recently worked with Martyn on a group event at Millwood Studios, organised by Barry Mappley. It was a huge success that day and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Martyn is lovely, very friendly and easy to talk to. He seemed experienced in his photography and took some wonderful images of me.

I would very much like to work together again and perhaps next time on a 1-2-1 basis.

Highly recommended from me :)

Thanks again, Tillie

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Natasha AK4790

I shot with Martyn yesterday at Pathways, he is a lovely guy and very respectful. Also open to suggestion with ideas and had some ideas of his own. We tried a few lighting set ups in the time and got some nice pics from what I saw! Would definitely work with him again, highly recommended.

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Dahlia Rose

I met Martyn recently at a group shoot at Pathways Studio. Really easy to get along with, he really does bring fun to the shoot :)

Martyn has such a great passion and creativity for photography I can see him really going far in the industry. I highly recommend Martyn to any model and I'm looking forward to working with him again :)

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I have shot with Martyn multiple times now at various events and loved each time.

Martyn is so easy to get along with and a lovely guy to boot, he has excellent pre-comms and even gifted me a bottle of my favourite wine.

I would highly reccomend shooting with Martyn, he is such a laid back cool guy.

Cant wait to work with you again in the near future Martyn :)

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During my studio weekend in Chester at Pathways I had the pleasure of working with Martyn.

Martyn is great fun to work with, I found him laid back and open to ideas which made my job a lot easier! We created some fantastic images together which I am super pleased with. I am very much looking forward to working with him again next month!


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