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Black Rose Rising

Had my first shoot with Martyn pre-covid and had a superb time!

Had two meetings before hand to make introductions and plan out ideas for the shoot. The day itself was great fun, creative and we got some fantastic results. Martyn is very professional, chatty, organized and hospitable. I would highly recommend working with him to anyone and am looking forward to working with him again soon.

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Had my second shoot with Martyn at Barry beach! Had great fun, was treated to snacks, but most importantly the images turned out amazing! Martyn is always happy to try new ideas and gives excellent direction to ensure the best photos are captured. Highly recommended 😊

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Met Martyn twice before shoot day...got on really well and he made me feel very comfortable! We had a clear idea of what we wanted from the shoot.

The shoot was great fun, we laughed all the way through, and got great images!

I’m looking forward to shooting with Martyn again in the new year...and would definitely recommend him.

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Working with Martyn has been the most fun I've had in a long time.

We met up twice before shooting, to discuss ideas and get the ball rolling. We got on immediately, Martyn's sense of humour relaxing me as it also did throughout our shoot.

When it came to shoot day, Martyn picked me up and drove me to the our locations. but Martyn looked after me and allowed me to feel comfortable and confident throughout always giving tips and advice to catch the best shot I am very happy with the outcome.

I cannot wait to work with Martyn again and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Thanks for a great shoot!

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Bella Raye

I had a shoot booked in with Martyn’s friend but Martyn showed up to help out and take some pictures himself. Martyn was super kind and bought me cake and pizza and covered parking costs. He ensured that I got off home on time and not broken. Martyn was totally considerate of how tired/ hungry I was and he also gave some great tips and took some fab pics (off the back of the camera)

All in all a super fun shoot with both guys, plenty of laughs, relaxed and more importantly.. I felt safe and comfortable.

Looking forward to seeing the pics! :)

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Wow, what a fab shoot!

After applying to one of my casting calls several months ago and subsequent discussions via email, PP and planning meetings, I was finally fortunate enough to work with this absolutely lovely gentleman on a top secret, multi-phase project. For starters, may I just applaud Martyn on his patience, wonderful eye for detail and story and most importantly, his attitude to shooting. A truly lovely gent, Martyn, my partner MathiasPhotography and I met several times prior to the shoot to discuss details. Martyn opened us up to a wide variety of concepts and ideals surrounding the theme that I'd not even considered, adding depth, emotion, creativity and most importantly, fun!

He made it abundantly clear from the get-go that model safety and comfort was his top priority, which I know my partner in particular greatly appreciated and this put a lot of initial fears to bed (it isn't easy being a long-term partner to an off-the-wall model!). With excellent communication from start to finish, Martyn is laidback, funny, full of brilliant ideas and perspectives and it's easy to build a rapport with him because of this. Martyn's organised way of working really helped us to up our productivity and we had great fun throughout the day. I'd especially recommend new models to Martyn who may be nervous or unsure of themselves, as he has a very respectful and calming presence that just brings out the best in people.

Martyn was kind enough to send over the pre-edited images of the day and I'm thoroughly excited to see what he does with them! As this is a multi-phase project, there will be a few shoots yet to come and I really do applaud Martyn for his commitment to the shoot and the concept, particularly due to the manner in which the final project will be presented (no spoilers yet though!).

To summarise, Martyn is an absolute joy to work with and a consummate professional. His enthusiasm, positivity, courtesy and drive have inspired my feelings about this project all over again and I can't wait to work with him again.

Highly recommended indeed! Thank you so much for a wonderful day Martyn and I'm looking forward to round 2! :D

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I worked with Martyn a few years back, unfortunately we lost contact due to my own personal circumstances. However I am back in the game and will definitely be shooting with the lovely Martyn again. A very friendly and genuine photographer with creative views and ideas,very professional and great to work with. I absolutely love martyn's work and cannot wait to make more great images with him 👍

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I had my first shoot with Martyn not long ago and was made to feel comfortable from the get go.

Pre-communications were great, we met up twice before shooting to discuss what we wanted to shoot. He was always on time and very friendly.

On the day of the shoot we were a little pressed for time because of the light however we didn't need all the time we planned as we got some lovely shots fairly quickly. Martyn knew what and where he wanted to shoot and I enjoyed myself a lot.

Definitely recommend working with him.

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MsTam SB

Had my first shoot with Martyn in Exeter. We had really good pre-communications and met for a drink before we started the shoot just to get to know each other a bit.

Martyn gave me some good advice along the way and understood that this was my first public photoshoot. Although I was a bit nervous at the start, I felt very comfortable with Martyn.

The images have come out great, and I'm really looking forward to working with Martyn again in the future. Hopefully, I can arrange to come to Wales sometime. :)

I definately recommend working with Martyn.

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Hazel G

Working with Martyn has been the most fun I've had in a long time.

We met up twice before shooting, to discuss ideas and get the ball rolling. We got on immediately, Martyn's sense of humour relaxing me as it also did throughout our shoot.

When it came to shoot day, Martyn picked me up and drove me to the studio. He worked tirelessly to create the perfect shot and provided tea and biscuits throughout. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling so good so we didn't get the shot we wanted, but Martyn looked after me and we went on to do some other, equally lovely shots. I am very happy with the outcome.

I cannot wait to work with Martyn again and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Thanks for a great shoot!

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Jainaba (JJ)

I recently had a shoot with Martyn. He was instructing the Swansea Camera Club. I felt very relaxed and had a great time. I was well looked after and I would recommend him highly.

I hope we get to work together again.

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Penny Dreadful

Well now. Martyn and I have been speaking for YEARS and years, (in fact since the popularity of another site!) and the opportunity to work together had never really come about... until now :)

Martyn was great fun to work with! Made me feel comfortable, showed me round Cardiff (we were shooting on location) and made me laugh with his Dad type jokes which is my sort of humour!

Martyn, it was nice to finally meet you! We will work together again! :)


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I had my first shoot with Martyn organized only 12 hours notice. We had both traveled very long way to end up working together

He made me feel relaxed and comfortable and was completely professional, organized and making sure I had the right expressions, he have great ideas and gave good direction. He showed me all images an they looked fab.

I had a great time and we all ready organizing next shoot. Can't wait !!

I would highly recommend him.

It was lovely to meet you, Thank you.

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Miss Versatile

Finally after a year of wanting to work together after many meetings we got to shoot together,

Martyn messaged me to say he was in Swansea on Monday and would I be interested in shooting,I didn't hesitate with my answer,

Martyn is such a lovely man,and I think I can safely say I have found a friend in him,

we met for a coffee first and then headed off to the location,there were a few diversions along the way but we made it,

Martyn is not only a kind funny man but a damn good photographer,Martyn knew exactly what he wanted and his direction was spot on,we laughed so much during the shoot,the time just flew by,

Thank you Martyn for thinking of me,

I cannot wait to see what we got,

I would recommend Martyn 100%

I cannot wait to work with you again

All the best sir


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Ive shot with Martyn on a few occasions and he is such a pleasure to work with!

His images are good and he is so friendly and makes you feel right at ease!

I will be shooting with him again!

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Avie Espeé

Had a shoot with Martyn yesterday and it was great! We even met up previously to discuss ideas and i got to see some of his work before going ahead with the shoot.

Great photographer and very easy to get along with! Definetley recommended :)

thanks again Martyn!

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It was my first photoshoot with Martyn today and I really enjoyed it ! He's genuinly a nice person, proffesional and with lots of wonderful ideas! Everything was organised and we had great fun all day long. He was very accomodating and with a great sense of humour. Time flew by and I can't wait to see the final pictures! He is fab and I totally recommend him!

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Amberlin Michelle

Had a shoot with Martyn on Weds, having taken the opportunity to whilst he was in London, and I have to say I am very glad I did! Not only was pre-communication good, he made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot. We had a great time battling the wind and rain, but never did he moan! A happy go lucky guy, with a great sense of welsh humour...we even ended up going on the carousel! I look forward to seeing more images! Thank you xx

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Nikita Banana

I've worked with Martyn a couple of times. The shoots we did were very well organised and got some great results. Martyn has a very professional attitude and is a jolly nice chap to spend a day with. I would highly recommend working with him.

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I had a shoot with Martyn for the promotional calendar of Redmount (car & garage machinery). He is very professional and accommodating, gets fantastic pictures of each shoot and is generally a very nice person! I have coincided with him at several 'photography socials' and we have talked about shooting again. Maybe in 2015? In any case, he is a fab photographer and definitely recommend him!

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