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Jen Bailey

Great to shoot and catch up with Mark while on my tour :) we have shot many times over the years actually lost count and shot abroad together 3 times so was great to cach up and shoot again :) Mark was perfect host kindly letting me stay at his luvly flat and home studio where I had my own hotel worthy room and was able to use the studio . We shot a few sets and tryd out new studio set ups that lookd brilliant Mark is talented photographer and very clever with lighting got stunning imiages :) great shoot and great host and studio highly recommended :)

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KatyB (Katex)

Me and Mark had plans to go to Spain for a week of shooting about 2 years ago but we had to postpone them during the pandemic, we kept in touch throughout and rebooked for when it was safe. Mark was kind enough to pay a deposit in advance as it had to be moved which helped throughlout the tough times.

Me and Mark had got along well in all of our other shoots at studios and the home shoots, so i was happy to create art in Formentera and most imp;ortantly knew we would create the most amazing images - which im glad and proud to say, we did just that!!

The first day we were travelling from silly oclock in the morning so unpacked once we reached the villa and relxed, ready for the week ahead of early starts and evening shoots.

We did around 9 or 10 shoots over the 6 days, and i had from midday till 5pm to do as i pleased.. which was usually admin or reading in the villa.. too hot outside for me! Rounding up the experience of shooting with Mark is always the same result, I feel incredibly safe whilst on the shoot and my safety and comfort is clearly important to Mark. He will lay down in the sea and get sandy and risk his cameras life to get 'that shot', has fresh ideas and to top it off he has a sense of humour and conversation is easy.

I credit him on his professionality and knowledge in photographry. After 4 days in each others company we had a disagreement in the evening, but im also pleased to say we didnt let it affect our shoots and i still felt nothing but safe in his company.

Im loving seeing the images as Mark edits them, and it was a week of beautiful sights and good team work!


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KatyB (Katex)

And yet again I had a wonderful phoshoot with Mark, this time using my space under my apartment.

As always he's very organised, his pre communications are detailed which makes us both feel ready for what's ahead.

He arrived on time and was really helpful with getting the bits that we needed down into the cellar. After an offer of a hot beverage, we made our way into the cellar to begin shooting.

Mark is so easy to get along with and he has a great sense of humour, he makes sure you feel comfortable in all situations and is a genuinely decent man.

He has great ideas swimming about in his head, and I love being able to make them come to life! We utilised the area so well and we're really proud of what we achieved!

Thanks so much Mark,

Highly recommended,


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I had my first shoot with Mark and what an amazing shoot it was!

We talked about the shoot for weeks and Mark was very open minded to ideas I suggested and I really liked Mark's ideas for photos.I knew at this point we are going to create beautiful images.

Mark is such a lovely and friendly guy and he is so passionate about photography.He made me to feel comfortable and I enjoyed every moment of our shoot.

I'm really looking forward to see the final images and I hope to work with him again soon.

100% recommended

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I had the amazing opportunity to go with Mark to Formentera and shoot at the most sublime locations across the island for a whole week. He is an incredible kind and warmhearted person, and explains to you all the technical and creative parts about photography and editing. I did learn a lot from him!! He always shows you the pictures on the back of the camera, which allows you to understand what works and what doesn't.

We came with various ideas to the trip, and were able to shoot twice a day- morning and evening. It was a teamwork experience, where both parties expressed their creativity through art. I am astonished by the incredible work we have created, the pictures are absolutely breath taking!! I'm already looking forward to working with Mark again, would recommend him to anyone who is truly passionate about modeling


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KatyB (Katex)

Shooting with Mark is a day i always look forward to!

Hes super friendly, has a obvious passion for photography and creating art and is a joy to be around!

We speak beforehand about what the concept will be, and together we bring the items that we think will perfect the look.. and its been a absolute success every time. Using both of our props and clothes we manage to style the shoot and i know Mark will excel in the lighting department - so all i have to do is pose and voila!

Mark is very easy to get along with, hes kind enough to pick me up from my apartment and drop me back after the photoshoot and theres never a moment of silence. :)

Mark is great to work with, and time after time we keep creating images we are both proud of.

I would highly recommend Mark to any model, new or experienced.

Thanks and hope to work with you again soon,


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KatyB (Katex)

yay! Me and Mark should win an award for patience!! we waited for months to get this shoot in. covid pushing it back and life problems getting in the way. Mark is so so chilled out (even when stuck in traffic for 5 hours!). He's very considerate and understanding - which is a huge bonus on top of his photography skills.

We used a studio together for the first time, we had an idea of what we were going to shoot so we set up the first set pretty quickly and got shooting! The props that Mark came equipped with matched what outfits I had packed perfectly, so we were both over the moon with the results.

Mark knows about lighting and how to frame a shot and give it character. I love his style and it's a huge compliment to be a part of his portfolio.

Mark is so easy to get along with, the chatting never stops apart from when the lights are flashing! 😊.

He's always been on time and great with communication - it's only the 2nd time we've worked together but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any model.

So excited about what we will create on our trip abroad!

Thanks Mark,


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Rawpics Studio

I had the real pleasure of Mark working at the studio this week. His pre shoot comms were excellent, booking the studio well in advance of the shoot date. He kept me well informed leading up to the shoot date and we discussed the plan for the day.

Mark arrived at the studio early and fully prepared for the day. I was very excited to meet Mark as I have followed his work for a long time and have always admired his work. His style and manner with the model was of the utmost professionalism at at all times and was constantly giving feedback to the model making her feel relaxed and it shows in his work.

It is without any hesitation that I would highly recommend Mark to anyone

100% Professional creative Photographer

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I had my first shoot with Mark on Saturday which was such an amazing experience!

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to work with Mark. Excellent communication before the shoot and during. Mark made me feel very comfortable and helped me out with poses when I needed it. He is chatty and polite and you can also have a good giggle with him.

Mark also helped out with a variety of outfits which worked very well.

I would 100% recommend Mark to anyone!

We have also booked in more shoots together which I am so excited for!

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Wow! I am very impressed how professional Mark is. I am so happy I had a chance to meet this lovely guy. Good communication before shoot! And the shoot was great time. Mark is nice, chatty and polite. Can’t wait to see results of our shoot. Highly recommended.

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KatyB (Katex)

I had a shoot with Mark arranged at my house for half a day, and it felt by!

This was my first time working with Mark and he booked a couple of monthsin advance and his pre-comms were spot on! Telling me what to have ready to shoot in and giving me his contact details in advance.

Mark is a skilled photographer who knows what hes talking about when it comes to lighting. He's easy to talk to, polite and a pleasure to work with!

We shared alot of laughs and couple cups of coffee whilst creating images we were both proud of.

His passion for photographry is clear, and being a joy to be around makes it a bonus!

Thanks and i cant wait for future projects together.

*highly recommended*


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Had my third shoot I think it is with mark the other day and it was a delight. Hes such a talented photographer. He knows exactly what hes doing and every angle and shot he gets is incredible.

I always love working with mark.

Hes a true professional and I would happily welcome him into my home for another shoot.

Highly recommended.

Hope to shoot again soon

Tann x

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I had an excellent local shoot with Mark. Pre comms were great. The location was lovely, he had plenty outfits and props we could use and we got through a variety of styles on our shoot. I also love the images we got from the shoot. Hope to work with you again soon :)


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I recently returned from an absolutely wonderful week in beautiful Formantera with Mark. The trio had been planned many months in advance, so we had both been able to come up with numerous ideas (and new outfits!) to fit the incredible landscapes and locations. From my perspective, the trip couldn’t have been more successful. We had a wonderful balance of shooting during the best hours of the day (around first and last light), and relaxing on the beautiful beaches in between. Mark was so well prepared for the trip and organised everything necessary to make it run smoothly. He is both a lovely travel companion and a truly brilliant photographer - who could ask for more from a photography trip! The images speak for themselves - they are something special indeed, and I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of their creation :)

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Jen Bailey

Had an amazing time shooting with Mark and @kimb in Formentera :) shooting for electric dreams magazine :)

this was my second time in Formentera shooting with Mark and 3rd time shooting abroad with him as we shot in grancanaria last year too :)

I was so happy to be asked again and get this amazing opportunity :)

Mark is extremely talented photographer!

as well as very professional polite and respectful he is also brilliant company I luv shooting away with him is always so much fun :) and the results are stunning :) thay already look edited straight out of cam as Mark is so talented and then he somehow perfects them even more!

I absolutely luv marks work :) and he did realy well pairing me and Kim up as we look realy good as a duo :)

Thanks so much for another amazing opportunity super fun trip and stunning images :)

I can’t recommend Mark highly enough extremely highly recommend!!! :) had a brilliant time and the results are awesome :)

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Mark has to be one of the most polite professional photographer I have worked with not only does he capture beautiful images and make superb work , we just got back from a trip to formentera shooting and once again can’t wait to see what we created thank you so much mark x

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Pollyanna Hale

Just had my first shoot with Mark and the pictures are fantastic, he's really talented and knows how to get the perfect shot. A very down to earth guy who's easy to work with and thoroughly professional.

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Had an absolutely fantastic first shoot with Mark yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Mark was extremely organised and all communications were clearly detailed in advance. Mark is friendly, respectful, professional and all round top bloke. I was equally impressed with the fact that Mark takes great pride in his photography with creative ideas and attention to detail which is clearly highlighted in his fab work. From what I already seen we produced some superb images and worked well as a team. Mark gets my upmost recommendation. Don't miss the opportunity to work with this fantastic photographer and thank you once again for a great day. Very much look forward to shooting again :)

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Had a fab shoot with mark as always super polite and professional always thinking of new ideas and ways to create lovely images I would recommend him to models if they have the chance to work with him xxx

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Second time working with Mark and unlikely to be the last!

Perfect, clear pre-communication as before.Four hours flew by, Mark was full of good ideas and the shots on the back of the camera looked fantastic :)

No hesitation in recommending him!

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