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Hannah Watters

I recently did an implied nude shoot with mark and he was fantastic. He is professional but yet a lot of fun to work with. Mark always makes sure you are comfortable before,during and after the shoot. It was a pleasure to work with mark and I am looking forward to our next photoshoot. Fabulous photographer Highly recommended 💫

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Worked with mark a few months back this was my first ever shoot and can't thank him enough for giving me the opportunity as it has opened doors for me in the modeling industry.

The advice and guidance he gave me on the day and also up to now has helped me a great deal I would be stuck without him. Gave plenty of direction if and when I was stuck about anything, as I was nervous in no time at all i felt very comfortable and able to have a good laugh aswel as work, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ☆☆☆☆☆ look forward to working again in the future!

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