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Mark Wainwright Photography has 6 references; 6 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Stella Star

Fabulous shoot with the wonderful Marc.

Pre comms were truly great, every detail spoken about well and in depth, very polite and precise with what's needed...just the way I like it.

Marc is very much a gentleman. We could of spoke until the cows came home!! Which was great, I felt very relaxed and comfortable in his company.

I would consider Marc an artistic individual, who beholds the finer detail needed to nail the shot. From looking at the back of the camera, I believe we got them!

Over all would absolutely recommend and look forward to working with him again.

LJ :)

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Amelie Alden.

Had a wicked shoot with Marc yesterday at my place, considering we were burgled the night before he was very understanding and flexible with times and was totally calm, making me a lot calmer too. :) We had a really creative shoot, a mix between artistic narratives and very natural shots - I absolutely loved his style and he was also a great character. 100% would recommend him and looking forward to working with him again!

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Marc showed up bang on time, was very friendly and chatty while clearly expressing what he wanted and giving great direction. he was a pleasure to work with and I'm happy to recommend!

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Lady Elite

I did a shoot with Marc and his assistant Rocio in my hometown and we had a great time, despite our initial plan going awry, they had plenty of ideas so their trip wasnt wasted.

Marc and Rocio was very attentive to my safety and kept me as warm as possible despite the cold weather.

We did some interesting ideas and look forward to seeing the images

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Pixie Satine said...

Marc was great to work with - very creative, full of good ideas and advice, and interesting to talk to. I am very pleased with the images produced during our shoot - they are very different to all my other images.

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I've shot with Marc a few times now, the latest being for a workshop in Italy, which he very kindly recommended me for.

He's great to work with as he puts in so much effort into every shoot, and really cares about what he does as well as the model he is working with.

I got back lots of images at top speed and he's very generous with the number of images provided.

If you want a really creative shoot with loads of positive energy then Marc is the photographer for you!

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