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Frankie Franklin

All round pleasure to work with. He worked hard to find a location, came up with great ideas and we had a good giggle on set. I could tell my comfort and input was important to him and the unedited images already look awesome. Only downside- so many good photos to choose from, it makes narrowing down the best very tricky!

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I had a great time shooting with Marck today in central London. I arrived a bit late but we managed to take many amazing pictures. Marck has an incredible eye for angles, locations and details and he knew how to direct me in order to achieve great pictures.

A very professional photographer that is also funny and with whom it's a pleasure to work with. Definitely recommended.

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Marina Felina

I had my first shoot with Marck a couple of days ago.

The communication before the shoot was great and we knew exactly what we wanted to do for the shoot. He suggested a beautiful location that I loved.

During the shoot he was always super friendly and chill, very respectful. I felt comfortable all the time. He also gives some nice directions if you need to.

I have already seen the unedited pictures and they already look fantastic. So, I am super happy that I worked with him. I would recommend him 100% to all the models.

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This was my third shoot with Marck and it was every bit as enjoyable as the previous two. He was perfectly organised beforehand, supplying a mood board with ideas for the day and he arrived promptly with everything ready to start the shoot.

Marck combines impeccable manners and respect with tremendous enthusiasm and a huge sense of fun. He is a truly talented photographer who has, yet again, created stylish and beautiful images. And all this with laughter throughout.

A wonderful day, thank you so much Marck! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone lucky enough to work with him.

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I had the best time working with Marck and shooting from home. Marck is very professional and a great photographer with awesome charisma and personality! He guided me through the shoot and gave me some amazing tips, which I very much appreciate. I highly recommend Marck and I would definitely work with him again!

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Gaia Mann

I had such a fun and productive shoot with Marck today. He has an amazing eye for detail and supported me with posing ideas, which in turn, created some gorgeous shots. Positive vibes all round, I can't wait to work on future projects with him.

Would definitely recommend! :)

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It was such a fun shoot with Marck! He’s a great photographer with an eye for detail and really tailors his work to accentuate your features!! So worth it! Not to mention Marcus’s very bubbly personality and polite mannerisms! 10/10 would work with again :P !

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Marck was just totally amazing ... we did a shoot at my place... and it being my first home shoot I was pretty nervous ! I didn’t need to be as he was just brilliant. He gave me great advice on how to pose (I’m quite new so I really appreciated the advice) and we just had a real laugh. I really hope I’m lucky enough to work with Marck in the future 🙂then the shots were amazing. One very happy little lady!!

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My second shoot with Marck and what fun! Always professional, but with great charm and a sense of humour, the day flew by. We have some wonderful images as a result and I highly recommend him. Thank you Marck

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Marck was great fun to shoot with, we had a laugh whilst he maintained professionalism. He gave good constant feedback to help us gain some great shots. Would highly recommend Marck and hope to shoot with him again soon- thanks again!

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Shania I - D

Marck Andal is a very friendly, creative and professional photographer. He is a fun person to be around and clearly knows how to bring out the best side of the model. Marc is a talented editor and I would love to work with him again.

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Danielle Lou

Absolutely brilliant communication, we arranged a last minute shoot when the weather was good after a week of rain. Marck gave me good direction to get flattering angles, and he is a super fun and carefree guy with creative ideas for lighting and poses, and I was able to try some new things. He also sent edited images to me quickly and they are beautiful. Thanks Marck!

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Karima Green

Good communication before, during and after the shoot. We made in a short time lots of great pictures. He is very warm and a fun person to work with. I felt very free to express myself and my creativity and he was a very good support for that...I am very happy for the results and I recommend him

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Wolfie Silvesco

I had a great shoot with Marck, very relaxed & enjoyable and resulted in some great shots. Thanks!

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Charli Osborne

Had a great shoot with Marck! He embraced my personality throughout the shoot and we had a good laugh while getting some great shots. Showed me the pictures throughout and gave me tips and advice which was really helpful as a newbie :) would love to work with him again.

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Had a great shot with Marck!

Great communication before! Super helpful with the planning!

We had a laugh together and he made me feel super comfortable!

Looking forward to seeing the edited pictures!

Hopefully work together again!!

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Tara HTZ

Was a lovely relaxed shoot on a cold day. Shot outside till needed coffee and then indoors. Back of camera shown as going along and photographer happy to share ideas.recommend to others

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Loved the photos that Marck took. He has excellent communication skills before and after the shoot. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the shoot and is very easy to work with.

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Marck is a very professional and laid back photographer. Our shoot was very fun and enjoyable. The end product of his photographs are very stunning and professionally polished. I am super impressed with his work and keen to work with him again. What an excellent photographer and editor.

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So happy with the pictures. Marck had a lot of good ideas for the poses. It was a really fun shoot. I will definitely contact him again for other another shoot.

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