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Looks by Liss

I worked as a makeup artist on a wedding themed shoot organised by Ginte, and the whole experience was brilliant! Before the shoot there was a lot of communication to ensure we all knew what we wanted to get out of the day, and she put full trust in me when it came to the makeup which I really appreciated. On the day itself everything ran smoothly and Ginte was lovely and professional from start to finish - the photos turned out great! I would definitely recommend working with her if you get the chance!

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Emily Winter

Had my first shoot with Ginte recently. Ginte was fab from start to finish, communication was great, we were pinging ideas off each other and everything was sorted without any issues. She met me from the boat and also kindly brought me an extra jumper as I had forgot my spare! We had a great day shooting and as a fairly new model it was nice to have the amount direction and patience that was shown to me. The locations were so beautiful and well picked, and the attention to detail made for some really attractive and interesting images. It was a fantastic experience and I love what I’ve seen of the images so far, would definitely shoot with Ginte again!

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Louise Love

Had my first shoot with Malloid today, and it went very well!

She very kindly picked me up and we drove to a location which we planned to shoot at beforehand but unfortunately it was closed. Despite this we still cracked on and found a few locations that suited each outfit well.

Throughout the shoot she was very kind, offered to carry my bag along with all her things, kept checking if i was warm enough and the conversation flowed between us nicely! She's full of ideas and made sure i was happy with the images by showing them to me at times!

I look forward to seeing the final images and would happily work with her again! Thankyou for a lovely day :)

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Ayanna Jordan

My first shoot with Malloid went amazingly well. She came well prepared with items of clothing and which locations we were using. A brilliant photographer to work with as she was very easy to get along with and made me feel super comfortable. I was never pushed into doing something I didn’t want to do. Would 100% work with her again 😊😊

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Alice Viner

I had my first shoot with Malloid the other month and what a fun, beautiful day!

Malloid pre-communications were clear and exciting, straight away I knew I wanted to work with her. Thanks to the Beast from the East and the shoot location needing train travel for both of us, we ended up having to reschedule our initial date. So glad we did as the location and weather couldn't have been better! Communication during this time was great - she gave me more details on her ideas and the props/styling that she had gathered and what to bring in order to compliment it.

We were accompanied on the shoot with a photographer friend of Malloid's and the whole day felt more like a day with friends than a shoot. Both photographers were professional, friendly and welcoming with chat flowing so easily.

Malloid is such a wonderful person. She was patient and very accommodating, checking whether I wanted a break or a sit down (walking in heels!). She has a great sense of humour and a beautiful ability to find wonderful shots in the area around her, even with all the sunbathers and Sunday strollers!

As you can guess I was definitely recommend Malloid. It was such a great shoot and I really hope that I get the opportunity to work with her again!

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I had a great shoot with Elisa yesterday. She's a real pleasure to work with. I was given specific information about the shoot beforehand which was really helpful so that I knew what was expected of me, what she was trying to achieve and what I needed to bring. An outfit and props were provided which was wonderful. She really had given a lot of thought to the shoot and welcomed any ideas I suggested. The shoot was a lot of fun, was easy going, in a great location and I'm really looking forward to seeing the images.

I would definitely recommend a shoot with Elisa. I hope we can shoot again in the future.

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