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I looked through Geoff refs and realised my old one from few months ago had not posted sorry Geoff

Well what can I say hes welcoming funny relaxed down to earth hes wonderful to work with and we had a blast time flew and the shoot was great fun oh and geoff also is a fantastic photographer too his work is stunning I highly recommend him

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I shot with Geoff a little while ago now but I've recently got my purpleport up and running properly...anyway pre comma was brilliant! Geoff made sure myself and the other model knew what we were doing :)

He was creative and passionate about his work which is always refereshing to see...he'd made sure the shoot was full of variety, shooting from his home and a studio.

Brilliant shots were the end result one of our images made front cover!! Geoff was accommodating and kind, I'd gladly shoot with him again, highly highly recommended :)

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Had a lovely shoot with Geoff after he posted a last minute casting

Really enjoyed working with him. He was as lovely as ever and the back of camera shots looked absolutely spectacular!

Highly recommended

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So i had my first shoot with Geoff today and from the first commutation to meeting was all professional. He came on time and made me instantly feel at ease.

We shot a varied amount of levels. At every moment showing me the images to make sure i was happy.

The whole experience was amazing. The images at the end where insane an I can't wait to get them. Thank your so much Geoff... till next time.. highly recommended 5* xx

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Had an amazing shoot with Geoff. He's full of helpful hints and makes you feel at easy straight away.

Geoff took some amazing images and Id happily work with him again.

Such a good fun shoot with lots of laughing.

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Geoff approached me a few months ago to arrange a shoot. From the offset Geoff was nothing more than a superstar. Polite, friendly and professional. My shoot was yesterday and it was just the best experience. Being an amateur, I still have lots to learn. I feel that I learned lots throughout the course of the day with Geoff and he talked me through everything that he was doing which was really interesting. So all in all 10 out of 10. Thoroughly impressed and I would certainly recommend to others.

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Josh Thomas

Amazing shoot with geoff’ very professional and being a new model he directed me well and made me feel at ease with each shot’ would definitely work again and recommend him to other models’ can’t wait to see the results

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Megan Cash

Had a great shoot with Geoff! Very professional and friendly! Hope to work together in the future, great photographer! Highly recommend!

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Vic Sin

Had a great shoot yesterday! Very professional and friendly, we managed to get some great shots and would reccomend Geoff.

Very Clear and quick responses to messages which allowed us to easily organise a fairly last minute shoot. He is fast with sharing the work as I have already been sent the unedited images to choose from!

Would reccomend! Some great images too!

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Kate Laura

I shot with the lovely Geoff in East Yorkshire on location :)

we had a whole day of shooting which left lots of time to make amazing images, chat, chat about ideas and have fun whilst working!

The whole day seemed to fly by as we shot in various locations in different outfits. With my local knowledge I knew of some great areas to shoot in so hopefully there was lots of variety :)

We stopped for shoot breaks - very important to fule your model with tea and cake! Take note other photographers! This makes for a very happy model haha!

A fun filled creative day with the lovely Geoff! I look forward to the next one

Kate x

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I had a wonderful shoot, well tuition session with Geoff recently at my home. I usually offer lighting and Photoshop assistance together but this was my first sole Photoshop session. I was a little nervous as Geoff contacted me directly and asked if he could have some help!

Well I have to say the whole thing was brilliant, Geoff was the perfect student as it were, asking questions, writing notes etc.... We worked with some of his own shots and I have to say whilst going through different editing techniques I saw that his images are stunning directly out of the camera.

A chat, giggles and some teaching perfect!

I would recommend Geoff for 1-2-1 shoots with models, training sessions and working within a group, he's a lovely person and genuinely talented photographer!...

Thanks again Geoff for being guinea pig and hopefully we will get the chance to shoot again in the future!

Arabella X

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Definitely one of the best in my eyes, knows exactly what you want, captures the best angles with the lighting and shadows, Geoff has left me so excited for our next shoot,

Clicked and got on brilliantly from the first hello until the last good bye,he made me feel very good about me self... Let's just say I left his shoot feeling a million dollars.. Also buys u good food haha!! All seriousness though I'm very excited to work together again, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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I had my first shoot with Geoff on Tuesday at Pathways in Chester. We’ve been friends on facebook for a while and knew of each other on here, and I’m so pleased we actually shot together!

Geoff’s comms were faultless from the beginning, really organised explaining what he wanted to achieve with reference images, and even in depth explanation about how to find the studio (I hadn’t been there before so that was really helpful!).

He put me at ease straight away and we had good little chats in between shooting, couple of brews and outfit changes later we were sad to have to stop! We got some absolute banging images, his photography is spot on and looked beautiful on his tablet large screen.

I’d love to work with Geoff again as I feel we struck up a great rapport and I cannot wait for the edits - I need them for my portfolio!

3000% recommend, he is a true gentleman and just a pleasure to meet and work with.

Thank you so much lovely, I had a great time, I will bring you cake next time I promise!!

Bangers, mash and beans mate!! X

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As my fisrt shoot with Geoff last weekend I can say he is a professional photographer and you can notice that he has alot of experience behind.

Geoff is a nice person with a nice personality. I felt very comfortable in front of the camera and I'm looking forward to have another shoot with him.

Highly recommed Geoff!!

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Paula ♥

Had the first shoot with Geoff a few days ago. Can’t wait to see a picture and I am recommending Geoff for any model

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Kia Piskin

Without a doubt I would recommend Geoff! He's just so friendly and lovely and very professional. He's easy to communicate with and he gives fantastic feedback while clicking away. He's great at giving direction now and again but not so much so you have no leeway to invent your own poses/ideas. Geoff is extremely dependable and has never cancelled on a shoot. He also cares greatly for the models comfort. We shot in a wide open studio today and he did everything possible to keep me from being chilly. I love the fact he let's you peek at what he's taken on his camera throughout the shoot. I thoroughly enjoyed today shoot! Thanks so much Geoff! Kia x

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We had the pleasure of a mother daughter shoot, Geoff was very patient and gave great direction. Looking forward to working with him again, would recommend.

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Ms Tiana Kaos

Had a wonderful first shoot with Geoff

He had a lot of good ideas, we bounced them off each other and had a good time, created some awesome work excited to see the results & work together again in future!

Made me feel comfortable and was a friendly guy who y’all should book in with!

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Amie Boulton

On Saturday Geoff joined myself and Chris Conway on a workshop we hosted at Map studios.

I'm so pleased he did....he is such a lovely guy. So easy to model for, very polite and respectful towards me as a model and fun to be around too. He was really appreciative and showed bucketfuls of gratitude an absolute joy to have on the event. Of course he comes recommended by me and i'm already looking forward to shooting with him again in the Spring. Thank you for joining us Geoff, you were an asset to the group :-)

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Emily louise x

Brilliant shoot with Geoff yesterday at Saxons. He had lots of ideas on what images we could create and was brilliant at getting the right lighting for the shot.

Geoff is hardworking, respectful and very helpful. I would definitely reccomend him and hope we can work together again.

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