Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 29yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/usa) 35D-26-34
  • USA dress size 4
  • 5'7" tall
  • 114lbs
  • USA shoe size 6
  • Blue eyes
  • Bald blonde hair
  • Pale white skin
  • White ethnicity
  • I have many tattoos

Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Bondage, Commercial, Cosplay, Dance, Erotic, Fashion, Fetish, Fitness, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Nude, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional, Sheer, Swimwear, Topless and Wedding



I am a full time, agency represented (Ugly Models), internationally published model, latex clothing designer, and makeup artist. I travel lots. It's fun. :) I reply to all messages on here unless they are clearly spam, but I can be slow as I don't log in to PP very much any more. I will respond within a day if you contact me on social media (Twitter, FB, or Instagram).

I also own aerial silks, chains, and hoop, which I can bring to shoots and rig upon request.

- About Me -
I take pride in my work, so I always turn up to shoots able to do my best and with a positive attitude. I've been a makeup artist, designer, and model for a number of years now and am experienced in shooting a variety of themes, including fetish, latex, portraiture and beauty, hair (yes, since I've had my head shaved oddly enough) and so on. I'm easy going but very dedicated to my work and am always looking to try new things.

Outside of modelling, I have a degree in Philosophy and am currently working towards my Masters. I'm an occasional gamer and love to travel, taking walks in beautiful Scotland, and rock climbing trips here and there.

- Booking Information -

I am happy to work with anyone of any experience level. I've modelled for photographers who have never shot models, all the way through to professional level photographers. So do get in touch no matter your level; the work you see in my portfolio has been taken by photographers of all skill levels, and I give my all to get the best images possible on every shoot.

If you wish to book a shoot with me, please get in touch detailing the location, duration, compensation and theme(s) for the shoot. My rates include me arriving with my makeup professionally done to your specific requirements - from a natural look to elaborate looks, or even no makeup if you wish!

If you don't have any references yet, I'd be happy to work with you in a supervised studio. Everyone has to start somehow!

- Rates -
£45 per hour (minimum booking of 2 hours within my local area, or 3 hours if further afield)
£160 per half day (4 hours)
£260 per full day (8 hours with lunch break)

My rates include: My modelling up to artistic nude levels, hair, makeup, wigs, styling, and travel (by car or public transport) within a reasonable distance. Location is included if you wish to shoot at my studio in Edinburgh (Leith). I own an extensive wardrobe, including custom made designer pieces, latex, lingerie, plenty of shoes and boots, and more! Please ask if you require specific styling, which I may be able to make or source.

My rates vary for artists, commercial projects, and aerial shoots, so if you have a specific idea or request, please get in touch.

Receipts are available upon request.

- Performance -
I am a professional, fully insured fire and aerial performer. I work with fire fans, fire whip, fire staff, wands and can do body burning and fire breathing as part of a performance tailored to your needs. I regularly perform aerial hoop, chains, and silks and have performed internationally. I occasionally perform trapeze and can work on other, nonspecific, aerial equipment (though please ask ahead of time about aerial shoots as these take more setup and planning).

- Terms -
• I work to artistic nude levels, and do not undertake adult work of any kind. If you are unsure about a concept, please do ask! It's better to save us both the embarrassment for me to decline a concept in advance. I won't be offended, as it shows respect to ask. :)
• I do not allow images of me to be used on any adult website. Again, if you are unsure, please ask me. I am happy to sign a model release for the use of images of me.
• I have a no touching policy. This saves any mixed messages or confusion from happening on a shoot. It's nothing personal, but it keeps us both safe and knowing boundaries whilst shooting.
• Cancellations within two days of a shoot at my studio will require my full fee to be paid. I will accept rescheduling if I am able to do so (but this is not guaranteed).
• When travelling, cancellations within seven days of a shoot will require my full fee to be paid, including travel expenses already incurred.
• Should I late cancel on you (which would only happen in an emergency), I will pay any fees incurred for studio bookings or travel. I always do my best to make sure that nobody is out of pocket in these cases. Just make sure you get confirmation from me before you make studio, accommodation, or travel bookings.

- Before we shoot -
If we have confirmed a shoot, it will be added to my PurplePort diary (if you don't see your booking in the calendar that you think should be, please let me know). If you wish to call to discuss a shoot, this is absolutely fine, but please send a summary message via PurplePort confirming what we discussed, since this avoids confusion or anyone forgetting something.

I always leave references! I can be very busy and do travel a lot, so may not be able to leave one straight away. If I have not left you a reference, please message me as it simply means I haven't got to it yet. It is not an indicator that I didn't enjoy the shoot! It's important to me to give you the feedback you need, so please feel free to give me a gentle nudge about references.

I endeavour to reply to all communication within 24 hours. If I don't reply within that time frame, it could mean that I am working on a film (up to 16 hours a day, and we are not allowed phones on set).

I will contact you via PurplePort a day or two before our shoot to double check that everything is going forward, and will send a text message when I leave for the shoot along with an ETA (I endeavour to arrive around 30 minutes before we are due to shoot). Please bear in mind that I will not answer or read messages whilst driving so if you do need to get in touch after I've left to meet you, you will need to call me so I can use my handsfree kit if possible.

Please take a look at my references, as you can see I am reliable and professional. So let's shoot, have fun, and make some wonderful images! Maja x


- Other Information -
• My hair is currently short (pixie) and white-blonde with a side shave.

• My hair changes a lot, so please ask if you want a specific look. I also have plenty of wigs which can be seen in my portfolio.
• My name is pronounced "Mya", by the way!
• I won't model leather/fur (fake or real). Sometimes fake can look too real for my liking, which may encourage others to buy real! I also don't model military themes or with weapons.
• I have a lot of tattoos on the left hand side of my body. 

- Covers -
Bedesem #45
Bizarre magazine #201
Gothesque Magazine #16 Vol. 2
Goomah Magazine Vol. 2 #5 

- Publications -
The Ones to Watch

Rankin's Hunger #1
Never Lazy #6
Teen Spirit #14
Inked Girls July/August 2013
Ink magazine Issue 1 Vol. 4
Bizarre magazine #204, #201, #200, #189, #184, #182, #181, #180, #178, #175, #174, #173
Bella Morte Magazine #12
Bella Morte Magazine April/May 2011
Elite Online Magazine #34, #33, #30, #28, #22, #21
Skinz magazine
Gothic Magazine #75
Metal Hammer
Skin & Ink #135
Rebel Ink #17
Tattoo'd Lifestyle #2
Tattoo Life #55
Rebelicious Magazine #4
Alt Fashion #19
Alt NOIR #11

- TV, Film, and other clients -
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018), Warner Bros.
You, Me and the Apocalypse (September, 2015), Sky 1

Coca Cola
Wasteland Amsterdam

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