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MadDawg Photographer (CPAGB) (BPE2*)(QPSA) (AFIAP) has 28 references; 28 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Loved working with Mad Dawg photography at the cottage studio

He is really easy going, chatty and super creative and fun to work with.

We created lots of different images throughout the day, going through lots of themes and ideas

highly recommended by me and would love to work with him again!!


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Elle Beth

Ive recently had two shots with Prashant both on studio days, Prashant's pre communication is always well put together allowing me to know exactly what is planned for the shoot. Both shoots have been relaxed and I have enjoyed them both.

I hope to work with Prashant again, Highly Recommended!

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This is slightly belated reference, as I've been away working on studio days, but I had a great first shoot with MadDawg recently in London, experimenting with street ballet on the South Bank. Pre- shoot communications were very good, and on the day Prashant was professional and respectful throughout, and chose wonderful locations and angles, as well as lovely lighting, for our shoot. He even kindly bought me lunch afterwards, and I very much enjoyed discussing photography and ballet with him- it's lovely to work with someone who shares a passion for both photography and dance. He kindly showed me our images on the back of his camera as we went along, and I feel we got some very good images. I hope we will work together again, as I think we could potentially get even better results.

Highly recommended. :)

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vik tory

MadDawg was great to work with. We collaborated very well, he scouted the place before hand , was easy going, yet we got amazing images and he even picked me up from where I am staying to make it easier to find the location!

Def. recommend working with him!

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I worked with Prashant on a four hour shoot at Towerbridge Penthouse today. Prashant applied to a casting (I had the location booked already) and we organised our shoot quickly and efficiently :)

On the day Prashant turned up on time and we started shooting art nude against a brick wall, as Prashant had never worked in the location before the lights didn't play ball to begin with, luckily Prashant was really patient and made sure the lighting was excellent before we carried on shooting, the shots looked epic on the back of the camera! We carried this style on and added some pointe shoes for a dance feel and they also looked great, Prashants timing to catch the dance poses at their peak was spot on and I didn't have to do it lots of times to get the shot!

We varied it up a bit and managed to use quite a bit of the location! We did some beautiful lingerie shots in one of the rooms plus some natural lights images from above (always fun) plus some fashion nude and they looked absolutely stunning. Prashant worked hard to make sure the images were the best they could be :)

As a person Prashant was friendly, relaxed, genuine and he made me feel comfortable the entire time. We took small breaks every time we changed sets and he made sure the music was good.... hehe.

A lovely chap and it was a pleasure to work alongside him. Highly recommended and hopefully we get a chance to shoot again!

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Bobbi Castle

Shot with Maddawgphotogapher for the first time last week during my London tour. He came to an apartment I occasionally work from to shoot mainly boudoir style images.

Conversation flowed easily and really enjoyed the shoot. Love the images he has posted to and would love to work with him again.

Thanks ..... Bobbi Castle :)

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Skymouse Productions

MadDawg visited me today to give me some technical assistance, which he did very ably and helpfully. He is also a charming, friendly and knowldegable guy and I hope we have further encounters.

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I worked with Prashant for the first time at Saracen House studio. We worked on various ideas, incorporating nude work into various themes/styles. Prashant was professional at all times and very easy to get along with. In fact we seemed to spend more time talking than shooting, however the photos I have seen as a result of our shoot look great! I highly recommend Prashant to other models and hope to work with him again :)

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Zara Watson

Worked with Prashant as part of a 1-1 with Stephen Perry :) He was an absolute pleasure to work with, friendly, open, creative and a lovely guy :) We worked through different styles and ideas, all of which I enjoyed. It was great that Preshant asked me to be quite emotional in some images, which made a nice change and I really enjoyed it. Thanks a million for a great shoot and lovely to meet you :)

Highly recommended :)

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Had a wonderful shoot with Prashant on the weekend. Pre communications was excellent, he was professional, extremely organised and friendly.

Before the shoot took place Prashant shared his ideas and the concepts he wanted to shoot. This was very helpful and I knew exactly what to bring.

Whilst shooting Prashant gave good directions but also allowed to me pose freely. The results I have seen, look great.

Thank you for an enjoyable shoot. Hope we are able to shoot again.


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Had a great shoot with Prashant in the Cottage studio.

He is very professional, reliable and easy to work with. He knew exactly what he wants to achieve.

Highly recommended

Nat :)

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I worked with Prashant for the second time last week and had a fabulous shoot! Prashant's communications are always great and prior to the shoot he sent over ideas and concepts of what we were going to shoot. The shoot was easily arranged and booked with no problems.

We were shooting bodyscapes for most of the shoot and Prashant was very kind in letting me have plenty of breaks and time to warm up in between. He is incredibly professional, reliable, and respectful at all times and very easy to work with!

We got some really beautiful bodyscape images and am really pleased with what we got! I really enjoyed my shoot and would highly highly recommend Prashant and hope to work with him again!

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Faith Starr Model

Had the great pleasure of working with Prashant at the cottage studio. Pre-shoot comms was excellent, he arrived knowing exactly what he wanted to achieve for the day. He is very focused and determined in getting the best shot and very professional in his approach. Will be happy to work with him again and gladly recommend him to all.

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I had a great first shoot with Prashant today, despite the weather not really playing, and us having to change plans very quickly! Despite me dragging him through undergrowth, round wet woodland and almost not being able to find our loction, he never once complained, and had some great ideas and concepts..And a wicked sense of humour too! Def recommended and looking forward to shooting again!

Thanks again for a great shoot...:)

Helen x

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I had a lovely shoot with Prashant at The Cottage Studio down in Sussex. He is lovely to work with, and he knows how to make the shoot enjoyable!I would definitely work with him again!

Highly recommended!

Thank you,



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Purple Princess Edits

Fantastic to work with, gave me complete creative freedom and such wonderful images that Inspired me

thank you so much! would recommend to anyone :)

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I enjoyed a wonderful shoot with Prashant and The Cottage Studio in Sussex. We did two sets of two hours together, and the time absolutely flew. Prashant is a great photographer, with an exceptional eye for detail. He is far more skilled than he knows, and I found it very exciting to work with him and to try to realize his ideas. I would recommend working with Prashant without hesitation, and very much hope to work with him again in the future.

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I had a shoot with Prashant on Saturday, first time of meeting him and what a pleasure.

He is a very talented photographer and knows what shots he wants to achieve. He was very welcoming and showed me the images after. He also asked if I had any ideas and I felt like we worked as a team. The images are great!!

Thank you again Prashant hope you are happy with the images.

Harper :)

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Artemis Fauna

Had a super shoot with Prashant last month at Blingshot studio.

We decided to try out a few different ideas on the day- sticking to what Prashant felt comfortable with at first (studio) then playing about with the natural light with more of a voyeuristic feel. I really enjoyed the shoot and it was great to have a lot of input into ideas.

The images that I saw looked great and I'm excited to see more of the voyeur images. Hope to work with Prashant again one day :)

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Roswell Ivory

Prashant organised a studio day in The Cottage studio with me, and it was one of the most well-run events I have done. He was mindful of my safety and comfort at all times, had fantastic concepts to work with and communicated well. Highly recommended! :)

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