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What is there not to like about Ray aka Intense puppy?

Ray booked on mine and irida’s duo day this weekend and what a pleasure it was to work with him.

They say “save the best until last” that it was.

Ray is a joy to work with, fun, chatty and a good laugh and takes great images!

Thanks again for booking, hopefully our paths with cross again in the near future.

Highly recommended.

Debbie Leema

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Irida S

I was very lucky to meet and work with Ray on my duo studio day with Debbie Leema .

Ray is professional, down to earth and so easy to work with .

A fantastic photographer who I’m happy to highly recommend to all models and hope to get the chance to shoot with again in the future!!!

Thank you ,


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Morticia Avery

Worked with Ray for the first time who joined a group model event I hosted at Burdford Manor.

Ray was down to earth, kind and easy too get along with. He has a keen eye for detail making his work outstanding, he gives direction well and has an understanding of what works well for different sets he is aiming towards.

What a delight it was to work together and I'm sure it won't be the last!

100% would recommend working with him!

Take Care,


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Tania Aresti

Had a wonderful shoot with intense.puppy during my tour.

He was great fun to shoot with, 100% proffesional & I felt comfortable around him at all times.

I also loved the images from our shoot & he was a really relaxed person.

I highly recommend & id love to shoot with him again.

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I would deffo recommend Ray! Very good pre-coms. He was switch on during the shoot, I liked that. He knew what he wanna shoot, the oil theme. I was very up for it, even did some abs before that to make it look more visible and shaped on the oily skin. We was going with the flow and absolutely loved working with each other, I was full of ideas he was following then we switched and I was following his ideas. He was very nice, understanding, we took so much breaks as needed and finally done why we met’! Deffo will work with him again! Literally can’t wait!

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HB mansion

Ray was an absolute pleasure to host at a model day we held in HB Mansion with Lyssa. Comms were great and not only was he friendly, personable and great to chat to but is a fabulous photographer also.

Can highly recommend and hope to meet him again soon!

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Rosie Model

I had an excellent first shoot with Ray at my home. Before the shoot he communicated really well and we shared ideas. Ray has a friendly and relaxed nature and puts the model at ease. His ideas for poses are so creative and he’s very skilled at utilising natural lighting.

Ray is very easy to work with and a really fun and interesting person too! I would highy recommend him to new and experienced models and I can’t wait to work with him again!

Thank you Ray ! 😀

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Bad Dolly

Ray is awesome, from the moment he walked through the door I knew it was going to be an epic shoot. His pre communication was perfect, precise and clear. He was on time with a fantastic relaxed attitude and the shoot felt so natural, we flowed from set to set and his attitude towards shooting was brilliant, quality over quantity.

2 hours was not enough with this man and if you're looking for strong beautiful images I suggest you shoot with him!

Highly recommended and thanks for a lovely afternoon!

Bad Dolly x

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Just shot at Ray's workshop at the shoreditch studio yesterday and had a great day.

Ray's enthusiasm and his generosity of knowledge sharing was really refreshing! He loves his creative outlet, as is apparent from his body of work.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Ray


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What a photographer, what a dude. This man is EPIC.

Ray contacted me after I applied to model for his Worksop in Shoreditch on the 25th, totally had no idea he would pick me out of all the beauties that applied so I was fucking ecstatic! Wanted to work with him for very long time.

The workshop was incredible! Ray let me know which photographers were coming along, everyone got on like a house on fire and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even managed to get a few shots with the master himself on a couple of sets! Happy Tink. Ray is awesome, very chatty, super cool, full of ideas, and very direct. Just an excellent soul and photographer.

Must arrange a proper shoot asap! Highly recommended to all models out there.

Tink xx

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Darren Lee

I met Ray yesterday at his "one light" workshop with Tinkerbella, and the day was everything I hoped it would be and more. I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed so much, and at the same time learnt a great deal too. Rays style is very relaxed but also enthusiastic and he's clearly very knowledgeable about lighting and editing, to create his signature look. Highly recommended photographer & workshop.

Thanks for a great day, and sharing your knowledge, hope to shoot with you again soon

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I attended Ray's workshop yesterday and it was a delight of a day. He's very friendly and easy to get along with. One of my main aims from the workshop was to learn more about his Photoshop editing technique and to pick up tips along the way. Ray is very knowledgeable as you can see with his work and is willing to share his wisdom, which was refreshing and shows the decent guy that he is.

His personality and passion shines through which made it a fantastic workshop.

I would highly recommend working with Ray.

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Jessica Taylor

Worked with Ray last night and its up there with one of my most fun shoots. Ray himself is a lovely person , we got on so well and could chat for hours . Ray knew what sort of images he want and it made shooting so much easier . Bang we had the images he wanted. We also did a bouncing around full on energy set which shows that he is more than just a one sided photographer. Loved every minute we must shoot again Jessica x

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Had a fantastic shoot with Ray, shooting some SG style images. Ray is friendly, a fab photographer and shoots quickly too. He was willing to listen to my ideas, and gave great direction when needed.

Would be more than happy to shoot with Ray again, and definitely recommend shooting with him!

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Robyn Summers

I really enjoyed working with Ray on my last tour earlier this month.

His pre-communications were on point and I was met outside the station at the agreed time.

He was very easy to get along with and I felt at ease right away. Ray is a very skilled and talented photographer and I knew I was going to get brilliant results :) He was polite, friendly and had a chilled out approach when it came to shooting and yet we still got plenty done!

I'm looking forward to possibly working again together in the future as we did mention.

I would certainly recommend to other models! Thank you for a great evening :D

Robyn xox

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I love working with Ray! It always seems effortless! There was no messing and we had created some true magic!

Always a pleasure

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Had a really fun, simple, last minute shoot together on Saturday evening. Was very welcoming and professional and I can't wait to see the images.

Would highly recommend and hope to work together again soon.

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Freyja Phoria

I really enjoyed working with Ray last week, we had great communication and our styles collaborated really well together. It wasn't long into the shoot that we has already captured some great shots and I also got to pose with his new kitten too! :) I received my images back really fast and in wonderful condition. Looking forward to working with him again in the future!

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Jayne Horror

Super happy with how our shoot went, super relaxed and felt super comfortable. Gives great direction. Would defiantly recommend, and would love to work with again :)

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Absolutely loved our shoot today! Ray was full of ideas and direction. Quality toast maker also - all you need really!

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