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Sah Starr said...

I had a wonderful time with Dina. She was very lovely and remained with professional attitude throughout the shoot. She was very calm and clear with places and directions, with well prepared garments from the designer and showed kindness to actually go and drop it off at her place. Not to mention the beautiful images she came back with! She is highly recommended and I can't wait to shoot with her again! :)

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Melinoe said...

Loved working with Dina - had interesting ideas, gave direction, excellent communication, would highly recommend her! xx

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MissJezebel said...

Had a great time shooting with Dina yesterday. She communicated clearly from the start and knew what she was about. The images on the back of the camera looked great. On top of that, she's very friendly and easy-going. Got to work with her and an awesome team, so I can't wait to see the finished shots!

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AnnaS said...

Had an awesome day with Dina. Despite her age, Dina seems to have a lot of experience and knowledge. She know what she wants and how to direct her model.

It felt like the shoot only lasted 2-3 hours, but the model got to work in 4 different outfits and matching locations - That's what I call an eficient photographer!

Dina is very laid back and easy to work with, all in all a lovely experience!

Anna MUA

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Sass Bouffant said...

I had a great time modelling for Dina - she knows the shot that she wants, so as a model she is very easy to work with. I love the final image results! She is passionate about photography and has a natural eye for it. She is fun, friendly and relaxed on shoot and i would love to work with her again :) xx

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Violet Von stein said...

Absolutely loved working with Dina... She is friendly and knowledgeable... She knows exactly what shots she wants to get and works towards those... Quick and effective... Would love to work with her again and can't wait to see the pics... Would recommend her to any model.. Or photographer for that matter :)

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Paige Browning

Dina is a star!

Great ideas, friendly and very relaxed to be around. Gives good direction :)

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