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I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Eleonora. Great model, incredibly professional. Highly recommended.

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mine second shooting with Luci DeArgento,she are just an amazing model and person,very easy to work with,she don't need much instructions and she are full off ides..she always have an smile..an model i will definitely recommended,finn

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Rob Ronaldson (Aestheticnude)

Working with Eleonora for a second time, was a dream come true and a singular honour. She again brought her dedication and elegance to Almeria for five days of shooting.

The weather however was a disappointment and whilst we were productive, we were unfortunately hampered by a few days of rain, overcast conditions and unseasonal coolness. Nevertheless, Eleonora refused to be deterred and maintained her positive energy and enthusiasm, and even continued to shoot when temperatures were a little to cool for her slender frame. A couple of projects had to be cancelled because it was not warm enough, but she always left it to me to make the decision-which is the mark of a true professional.

I cannot recommend her enough to anybody looking for a model with the combination of a beautiful face, an athletic physique, an outstanding work ethic and a deep kinesthetic intelligence. She is amazing.

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Rob Ronaldson (Aestheticnude)

Eleonora is a superb model; one of the uppermost elite.

She is elegant, cultured, intelligent, strong, passionate, compassionate, feminine, resilient, driven and determined, fragrant and beautiful. I met her after her more than twelve hour journey overnight from Serbia and she actually looked ready to shoot! She also comes installed with a great sense of humour!

It was my honour to shoot with her over a week in Almeria and our time together whilst productive, does not feel like anywhere near enough. Working with her was a joy; she easily takes direction, but also brings a lot of her own ideas to the table.

I very much hope to shoot with her again as soon as is possible, she makes me strive to be the best photographer I can be; and we all need that!

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Eleonora is high professional model and very nice person. Definitely I will work with her in future.

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Eleonora is a total pleasure to collaborate with. She knows how to pose and brings a sense of humour with her which always helps. She arrived on time and all pre-shoot comms were great. We created some lovely images and I would thoroughly recommend her.

Thanks Eleonora for a great shoot.

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I just had my third shoot with Eleanora while visiting Belgrade on holiday. She is tall, slim, stunning and an all round great model. I hope we can get her to the UK sometime :) definitely recommended.

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Eleonora is a very experienced and beautiful model, professional in every way. Not to miss in your portfolio !!

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Marc Vandercasteelen

Very nice and easy model to work with , knows what is expected of her , nice on time in the studio, friendly , motivated and always trying new things , .... , i would recommand her to every photographer

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