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Zoë Birtwhistle

I cannot recommend Lowri strongly enough. I worked with her on an editorial fashion shoot and not only was her work stunning (this goes without saying, just check out her portfolio!) but her whole approach to the collaboration was superb. She's an amazing team player; professional, fun, friendly, and entirely dedicated to her art.

We discussed ideas extensively prior to the shoot and she had so many incredible suggestions, it was really hard to decide which to go with. But when we did decide on a style she prepared assiduously, practising it on herself in advance to make sure she had really nailed the technique. The hours in her make-up chair flew by, she was so interesting to talk to and enjoyable to spend time with. And all the while creating an absolutely magical look on me. She stayed on for the shoot itself, provide touch-ups and all manner of invaluable assistance.

Lowri is a total professional and a completely dedicated artist. She's going to be a superstar one day so make sure you work with her now so you can tell everyone you knew her before she was uber famous.

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Bella Raye

I absolutely love this girl, she is so fun, bubbly and full of ideas! we drove to the shoot together and it was as if we had known each other for ages which made the rest of the shoot easy. I had asked Lowri to do an editorial look but she stepped in and did a second more natural look without any bother, both were amazing. I gave Lowri a free rein with looks and ideas based around a theme and she did not disappoint. I highly recommend and will be working with here again (if she'll have me) :)

Bella xx

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