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Steven Farley

I was blessed with Louise's company for a photography club portrait evening and she was brilliant.

Louise's was pleasure to communicate with and brought a good selection of outfits to allow three changes throughout the evening.

She was very professional, approachable and friendly to chat too, patient and unfazed despite having 14 photographers with many different ideas to contend with!

I would certainly book Louise again.

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RLC Photographer

Great communication before the shoot. She turned up with everything I asked her to bring and was a real trooper threw herself into the shoot and didn’t complain once. She’s got really good sense of humour and is funny, easy to talk to and very easy going. She got on great with the other models and the crew. She’s pretty tall and looks great clean or covered in gunge and custard! Would be happy to work with her again or recommend her to others.

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Dean Joy

Have worked with Louise multiple times now and can confidently say that she is a model who I wouldn't hesitate to work with again, or to recommend to amateur or pro togs. She truly is a pleasure to work with and has all the qualities needed to ensure you consistently have a positive and productive shoot.

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Dean Joy

I've had the pleasure of working with Lousie twice now and I would highly recommend her. I found her to be punctual, professional, friendly and down to earth.

Her pre shoot communication is great and so is her ability to follow direction and work on her own initiative

I am already looking forward to working with Louise again.

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Good to work with someone who's comfortable in her own skin & easy going

A canny & 'in the know' model, enjoyed chatting with you

I definately gave Louise a work out sorry again😉 but would highly recommend

Keep up the good work

Hats off to ya


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An awesome shoot with Louise, she arrived fully made up, suitcase full of everything asked for and all ready to shoot.

Despite it being more than cold Louise put heart and soul into creating the images I was after and boy oh boy did she produce some stunning images. I'm not sure where the time went..once again Louise posed effortlessly and the shoot just flew by.

I enjoy the banter that her personality brings to the shoot and it always ends in a smile.

So look forward to our next shoot.

Thanks Louise.. stunning once again.

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Yet again Louise manages to pull out another great shoot.

Will work so hard to get the right result for the image I was looking for. many the time I'm thinking it but Louise has got there first and is already posing what I was after.

It's great to be able to pause have a quick chat about the world in general and then pick up exactly where we left off, so makes for a fun relaxed shoot.

Thankyou so much Louise and so looking forward to the shoot in the Canaries.

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This was a second shoot with Louise.

Her comms are always first class so we knew what sort of shoot we were after and once again Louise excelled in what was wanted.

Louise is a dream to work with and poses effortlessly, needing very little in the way of guidance.

It's a pleasure working with Louise and I look forward to the next shoot.

Thoroughly recommend working with this young lady.

Thanks again Louise.

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Louise is a wonderful model : she poses well, looks great, and has a lovely personality.

We had a terrific shoot this week, and I hope that we get to work together again before too long !

Thank you :)

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Well if you ever want a top model with legs that go on and on, then Louise is your model

Stepped in at very short notice, but all comms were done in a couple of messages. Worked so hard in showing off the costumes i was shooting, that we finished early, that should tell you how professional Louise works. Great personality to make the shoot go with ease, did i mention the legs, oh yeah well, add stunning beauty and you have one top model.

Highly recommended :)

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Another great shoot with Louise and her buddy Jessie. They always pose well together. xx

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My first shoot with Louise and I hope it is not the last. Pre comms have been spot on and we arranged the shoot without hitch. Louise is a beautiful young lady and her grace and poise is amazing. She has the ability to self pose with stunning results and she also takes direction very well to achieve what we were looking for. She is very professional and works hard to create magical shots. She is funny, bubbly and has a great personality all of which makes working with her a complete pleasure.

We endured a sweltering 30+ degrees but had an amazing time.

Thank you Louise and I am looking forward to working with you again

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A happy 50s shoot with Louise and her friend Jess. They worked well together.

Will book again soon.

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EG Photoyea

I did a shoot with Louise today, and it was a pleasure to work with such a disciplined model.

As I am still in my early steps as a portrait/model photographer, there was the usual issues with lights and gear, but Louise was patient throughout, posing almost without any guidance and did not mind me changing setups on a whim.

I can fully recommend Louise, and I feel it was at least a somewhat new experience for her as well, as we stuck strictly to fashion.

Hopefully will work again with her in the (near) future.

Thank you,


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I had an amazing shoot with Louise. She was such a delight to work with, polite, professional and fun to be around, making it easier for me also.

She posed with ease with no direction from me. A very strong and confident girl. Would love to work with her again. Just hope my I done her justice in my photo's.

Thanks again Louise, hopefully shoot again soon!

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Louise is a delight to work with. Some natural direct light at her home if the sun is shining.

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FetPhoto Sussex said...

First shoot with Louise which was arranged at short notice, certainly wont be the last shoot! Fabulous model and I wish we had shot sooner, very relaxed and down to earth.

Highly recommended

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Paul shorts

Had a fantastic shoot with Louise ,great model with a classic stylish look,a really great look.not only a great model but a nice down to earth person and very easy to work with.three hours in this lady's company went by in a flash but produced great results,I would recommend her to anyone,thank you Louise.

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Simon Starkwell

Great shoot with Louise, very relaxed atmosphere. Lovely to work with, told Louise the style of pictures we wanted and we got them. Excellent model, would highly recommend.

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First shoot with Louise last week - she is a fantastic model and fabulous person. Very down to earth, professional and hard-working. Pre-shoot comms excellent - always quick to respond. Highly recommended.

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