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David and Camera

Stop what you are doing and get booked in with Lottie. A dream to work with from first contact with fast flowing comms and clearly defined plans. A true pro with an awesome positive “can do” attitude and a work rate that will leave you breathless.

Lottie responded to one of my castings and after some diary gymnastics we got our scheduals in harmony then I set off over the Pennines for our first of many shoots. Being met with a warm welcome and a great coffee is a wonderful start to a shoot. Plenty of chat on many subjects intertwined with a tour of Lotties gorgeous home ended with a wardrobe inspection and shoot plan clearly formed.

The shoot plan crumbled within minutes and we set off on a freestyle improv adventure from portraits to nudes and back again with many stops at Lotties gorgeous wardrobe. We turned the house upside down in pursuit of some fab images and with Lottie oozing positivity and striving to make each shot just that little bit better.

Half a day went by in the blink of an eye.

Thank you so much Lottie.

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LIL photo

Where do I start? Today I had a shoot with Lottie and was my first shoot back after 2 years. Pre shoot communication was one of if not the best ive ever experienced! Very organised and always replied. She turned up on time and was just a great shoot, very laid back and easy going. Great model, one of the best I have worked with and cant wait to shoot with her again.

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LottieMae and I have known each other for a while now and have been meaning to shoot for ages. On Sunday we got that opportunity and made our way to an exciting urban location. Unfortunately when we arrived we found ourselves at a location that most models would have walked away from (the place was flooded), LottieMae however, waded through in her walking shoes and simply got the job done.

It's been a long time since I've shot with anyone that makes the creative part of me buzz, not only that LottieMae is incredibly professional and has a sense of humour that makes the day fly by.

Half of me doesn't want to recommend LottieMae as a model for your projects but that's simply cause I'm being selfish and want to keep her talent and professionalism for myself!

Excellent job, can't wait to shoot again soon!

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DG62 said...

Yet again we nailed it. Lottie and Tim stayed for the weekend as she had a weekend booked at a local studio and as a thank you shot with me for a couple of hours on Sunday - it would have been more but there was a roast dinner threatening to burn. Lottie and Tim are the perfect guests ever considerate and thoughtful.

With Tim agreeing to pose with Lottie it was a perfect opportunity to recreate the alter scene. They were both amazing the result being yet more incredible images and to top that we then did a duo shibari shoot.

Lottie's versatility is astounding ensuring the best is gained from everything that is thrown at her.

A beautiful model in every way from looks to charcter what more could you ask for. You would do well to get her booked asap. Next we have a girl girl shoot lined up. Yes definately recommended 100% and some.

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I had a amazing shoot with lottie today I was inpressed how good she was

lottie poses so well and with a lot of confidence she is easily and fun to work with and put a 100% into the shoot I had a great day thank you

happy to recommend her

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Had a second shoot today with this delightful model at Keranda Studio. I was keen to shoot her again as our first shoot was so rewarding , but this one exceeded that.

Lottie is a very elegant , beautiful and expressive model who knows how to pose , and has a slim but curvy figure. She is friendly and chatty and I greatly enjoyed the whole experience.

Look forward to our next shoot. I'm a big fan and Lottie is a star.

Highly Recommended.

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Keira Lavelle

I had the chance to model alongside the lovely Lottie whilst working with a photographer I’d personally shot with many times (Paul Taylor)... Though the shoot content was a little more unique than your average photoshoot - namely because of the amount of time you spend underwater! But this legend wasn’t phased into the slightest, and literally THREW herself right in the deep end haha! :D What a true pleasure it was to work with such a lovely person and great model, who resides not too far from mine as it happens! It’s mad; you spend so much time travelling that you totally miss/oversee what wonderful fellow creatives are literally on your doorstep/down the road!!! We have some real gems in Yorkshire - starting with the very page of Lottie Mae. :)

I mean, will someone please pass this lady a medal/trophy or [insert other award type]? She literally turned up at my place where we hosted the shoot to find what could have only be described as a scene of insane chaos in the eyes of anyone outside our bubble: two models already drenched and talking/greeting excitedly as they just finished off their shooting set, water and towels everywhere and probably a lot of laughter too with how the shoots tend to go! The initial plan was for Lottie to get straight to work in a trio which is a typically more complicated setup/scenario than modelling solo, and then work backwards to duo and some solo later. It’s (usually) the opposite way that things happen, or at least as the photographer gets a feel for working with each person and you break the ice. Nah, we just cut to the chase - and the sheer professionalism, focus and ready approach that Lottie has was epic. Fair play! We modelled/acted some video work first in the garden (hot tub) making dashes between the house and tub braving that short second of cold - but Yorkshire lasses just nail it of course and crack on. ;) And that was certainly Lottie on the day! The rest of the scene outside was just basically bouncing off each other with madness as our poor photographer tried helplessly to keep up with good angles and lighting... Lottie smashed it from the word go with her acting completely “in style” and not to mention expressiveness and sass. :D It might have been a more unconventional shoot than your average situation, but I have absolutely no doubts that Lottie would set the camera on fire with any style of shoot. Underwater or not haha! She’s a really stunning lady and extremely comfortable in herself/working with others.

Thus it goes without saying that I’d happily add to her current recommendations. :) Not only did we get straight into a flow with very little effort as a team, but she’s just a super sweet hearted person too with a bright and bubbly temperament. It really does make a difference when you get on well with the people that you’re working alongside... A fun shoot seems much less like work in these situations. :D

It was really lovely to meet you Lottie, and hopefully we’ll get to model together again in the future!!


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Paul Taylor

Lottie was a real pleasure to work with. I sprung a bit of a surprise on Lottie at the start of our shoot but she took it in her stride and immediately got stuck into a video shoot with 2 other models, instantly interacting with the other models and picking up on the theme of the shoot. She was very natural on video and ad libbed scenes after being giving a scenario to act out. I would definitely work with Lottie again, pre shoot comms were excellent and she turned up on time and was immediately ready to shoot. She was professional throughout, got on well with the other models and was fun and flexible. We got some amazing results and I would highly recommend Lottie to other photographers.

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I shoot recently with LottieMae and Can't speak highly enough of her. Comms easy and effortless, she has a wonderful personality and such natural poses, but can easily inject character into a shoot too. She worked hard to get through all our ideas and is lovely company as well as a top professional. Book her if you can!

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DG62 said...

I dont know what I can say that hasn't already been said she is indeed everything and more, with words mentioned like Professinal, beautiful, talented, wonderful, humourous, friendly and a peach to list but a few.

Now present day

Lottie travelled down Friday evening from Wakefield an epic journey of some 150 miles approx and left after an incredibly amazing and productive weekend on Sunday evening. Our themes and sets were wide ranging from portraiture, figure/art nude roleplay/cosiplay shibari, and body painting utilizing country lanes fields with hay bales, woods, derelict barn, garden and my home makeshift studio. This was the result of Lotties detailed and excellent comunications which went from a possible 2 hour shoot at Keranda to 4 hours at a later date to a whole weekend totalling 14 hours of wonderful shootiness.

Despite Lottie being a partime model you would be forgiven if you thought she was a full time professional, well in my eyes she is. With the smallest of briefs lottie gets into character with ease, with elegant and thoughtful posing and with the correct expression required to nail it everytime. This did mean we were able to cover an immense amount of different and successful sets - 18 in total. Lottie is the ultimate trooper, throwing herself into every set with enthusiasm and all the time maintaining a chatty friendly, fun and intelligent atmosphere. At the end of day one we were both shattered, but in Lotties case you would never had guessed as she looked as enthusiastic and radiant as ever. On the Sunday Lottie was ready and as enthusiastic as ever with more variations in ropework and body painting.

Throughout the weekend Lottie added her own ideas which turned out invaluable and as well as an extensive wardrobe she even came with clothing which could be and was ripped for even greater effect.

To sum it all Lottie is an incrdedible model that is thoughtful and beautiful, able to adapt to every senario with ease. Has a work ethic that is at the top with an absolutely terrific attitude. There is still a lot more I envisage shooting with Lottie and am definately working with her again lots. It goes without saying that I recommend Lottie totally.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend. David

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DG Fine Art

Wow Lottie is the whole professional package from a beautiful look elegant posing thoughtfulness to experienced confidence in all she does.

We shot at mine and the surrounding areas after Lottie travelled a long way to make it happen backed up by her detailed and accurate communications.

I was hoping to get at least two subjects for my next drawing ventures. Well we smashed it. Having covered an amazing 18 sets over the weekend I have with Lotties assistance (as the choice was so abundant) identified at least two potential drawings from every set. Yes do the maths.

It is totally down to Lotties demeaner, experience and dedicated enthusiasm that we were able to achive so much.

I cannot wait to get drawing but still have the challange of what is first. I am indeed in awe of this young Ladies abilities and commitment to ensure her photographer/artist achieve the desired and required results.

So definately recommend Lottie 100% and and for one cannot wait to work with her again.

Thank you so much

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I am delighted and proud to have introduced the beautiful and extremely talented Lottie Mae to Norfolk and Keranda Studio.

Lottie's bookings here at Keranda have generated well-deserved acclaim from everyone fortunate to shoot with her.

Now well established in these parts I look forward to Lottie's journeys south becoming a regular feature of the studio program.

Thanks, Lottie, I look forward to many further visits.

Kev @ Keranda

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Had a lovely first shoot with Lottie, working at Keranda studio.

She is really easy to get along with, and we chatted lots over our shared love of the Lake District, Yorkshire, Jam and Jelly! :)

Lottie was great to work with. She was well prepared for the weekend, with lots of lingerie, dresses and heels!

We mainly shot in the studio, but also did some work in the garden.

I loved shooting some portrait shots of Lottie, as she has beautiful eyes and a really pretty smile :)

Lottie is highly recommended by me and hopefully we will work together again soon :)

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I am truly delighted to be the first studio in East Anglia to stage studio day(s)with stunning and naturally talented LottieMae.

To meet and shoot with Lottie Mae is barely believable that she is not a full time model.

I personally believe the word professional is the most miss used word during many referels, however when taken to mean, communication, dedication, application, committment, Lottie Mae is the model of professionalism. Add to this creating a very pleasant working environment by her engaging personality, stunning look, and as described by one photographer over the weekend, ''as near as one could get to a perfect figure'' plus a natural posing ability in front of the camera.

Six photographers shot with Lottie over the weekend, six photographers said, ''please book me in when she returns'' plus me :) .

Thanks Lottie been a pleasure I feel sure will be repeated many times.

Kev @ Keranda x

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PVA Photographic

Had a shoot with Lottie earlier today at Keranda Studio.

What a great girl, good sense of humour, lovely personality and very easy to work with.

Great legs, great smile, I shall look forward to hopefully working with Lottie again

Thanks Lottie

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DigiBlue Photography

Brilliant shoot with LottieMae at Keranda. She is talkative and fun. She did every pose I asked for but mostly not requiring any direction as she already knows what's required when you talk to her. Looking forward to our next shoot if she ever comes down from Yorkshire again for a studio day Highly recommended for New an experienced photographers

Thanks for a lovely shoot Lottie

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What a privilege to have a shoot today with LottieMae. We shot mainly art nude at Keranda Studio. She's certainly one of the best art nude models around and is fun , chatty , friendly and , as is worthy of a good Yorkshire lass , down to earth.

She knows all the poses and has a slim , shapely figure , incredible long legs and fantastic big eyes. I greatly enjoyed our shoot.

Hope to shoot with her again before too long.

Highly recommended.

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Mad as a Hatter Photography & studio

Shot with the lovely Lottie today and I am so glad our creative worlds finally collided.

Lovely young lady, really easy to chat to, and believe me we did a lot of chatting which for me makes any shoot a pleasure.

Whether she was in a designer glass corset, a stunning designer headdress or even hanging upside down by her ankles, this girl pulled each set off with ease.

Thank you for being up for anything and being so easy to get on with.

I do hope we can shoot together again soon.

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Meet Lottie today at worthbridge studio. Shoot had being planned for some time and was worth the wait! Lottie is friendly,lovely personality,wonderful to work with.We had some ideas before the shoot and pre comms were spot on.

We did 3 sets, in our 2 hours which went quick. Lottie flowed from one pose to another with ease

Highly recommended

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Worthbridge Studio


come back soon your always welcome.

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