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I saw Ja casting that Jess had posted and it tied in with my plans so I dropped her a message. We sorted all the details before the shoot with ease. Jess arrived ahead of the shoot so we could discuss the last details about outfits and the shoot.

Jess posed with ease and little direction was needed. The shots backnof camera looked great as we both added little touches that made the shoot even better.

As we were running tight on time, Jess agreed to extend the shoot time which was perfect.

Great model and we had a great shoot and would love to work with again.


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The Attic Studio

Jess was at the studio today and was a ray of sunshine of an otherwise cloudy day. Arrive with a huge case of outfits, make up ready and ready to shoot.

Very professional in her attitude and posing. Worked hard throughout. We have discussed future projects too for some of our groups.

Would highly recommend

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Patrick Barnett

I had an epic time working with Jess this weekend.

Her attention to detail was incredible and inspirational. Lots of wardrobe choices and always trying to maximise every shot.

I highly recommend and will be looking to work with her again very soon.


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Two Wei Location House

We're so happy that Jess has left Dorset and moved oop north - we'll hopefully now get to see a lot more of her.

Lots of laughter and a very pleased photographer, and after seeing a few images from the day, we know why! Certainly recommended by us.

Have a wonderful adventure holiday Jess and we look forward to seeing you once you return.

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I had the pleasure of working with Jess at my studio for the first time in December. She is a gorgeous model that is open to ideas, pre shoot communication was excellent. She came on time and well prepared, she required no direction and took it well when asked. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I do hope we get the opportunity to work together again soon.

Thanks for your time and effort Jess.

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A great shoot today. Wanted to try a few new things for myself and she was very accommodating and understanding and patient with me.

Lovely surroundings, coffee and home made cookies!! What more can a guy want?!

As ever, got a lot of beautiful photographs and always a delight to work with her.

Thanks again and am sure there will be another time. I highly recommend 100%


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Had a great shoot today and will have loads of images to choose from.

First time shooting together and was able to get a number of different looks in a short space of time.

Poses well and without direction but is also more than happy to adjust with directions too.

Would high recommend a shoot!

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Had another fantastic shoot with Jess.

She never fails to deliver. A professional and beautiful model, lovely on the inside and the outside too.

We got everything I wanted to cover on my shoot, always willing to try new things and ensures the photographer gets what they want too. Brilliant to work with.

Turned up with loads of outfits and only shot a few of them, but great choice.

Thanks again Jess, always a pleasure to shoot with you and your company is excellent too. :)

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Phoenix Images

Had another great shoot with Jess at the beach. This lady has full of positivity, comes up with good suggestions and willing give ideas a go.

As seeing from the photos, Jess excells with posing styles adding definition to her toned body shapes. A lot more shoots will follow.

Highly Recommended, one will not be disappointed.

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I had the pleasure to work with Jess yesterday for the first time.

The pre shoot communication was perfect.

I have been very impressed by Jess, she was very Professional, very very committed in the shoot and the images result. She is a lovely person and she made me feel very comfortable in her house where we shoot.

I have been really impressed by her body and her fitness look.

We made different look with stunning result, we run out of time to do all the ideas we had ...

I will definitely work with Jess again, and I really recommend her as a model.

She is a true beauty, with elegance, everything you wish for a model.

Thanks, Jess, for this amazing day shooting with you and hopefully see you soon.

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I have worked with Jess Aka DorsetDreamGirl many times now and have to echo OneMorePicture comments.

An absolute amazing model who knows how to work in front of the camera, full of ideas in what ever surrounding. Once she starts the session she does not stop, flowing with styles and poses effortlessly.

Above all Jess is patient and has great personality.

Not to be missed working with D.D.G.

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I’ve worked with Jess now 3 times and this third shoot was as good if not better than the others.

We actually planned a studio style shoot but last minute changes meant we started at dawn, and got lucky with great weather on a beach shoot.

Jess actually came up with some ideas I didn’t think would work, especially going out in the sea but they ended up the better set shot!

She comes up with great poses, lots of clothing options and happy to get dirty and mucky while always getting some cool images.

Too many images shot, lots to edit and there goes the rest of my summer!

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Phoenix Images

I have just spent 4 delightful hours working with Dorset-dream girl at her home I wish I booked longer with her

I am full of praise for a lady.

Great pre-shoot communications. Very responsive to direction, and determined to produce great results ... which she did.

Highly recommended.

looking forward to work with Dorset-dream girl hopefully next month if she allow it

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I've shot Jess now twice, and this recent shoot was as good as the first. While some unexpected 'issues' cropped up it was handled well and very professional - working through where some may have cancelled.

Jess has a great range of clothing items and some cool spaces in her home. She knows what works and brings up some great poses and looks.

Very well recommended model.

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Paol Foto

I answered a last minute cancellation casting call as I would be in the area the following day and immediately was impressed with comms with Jess and in particular her flexibility around where to shoot with uncertainty about the weather. I need not have been concerned, comms with Jess in the morning prior to the shoot was 100% and Jess was fully ready to shoot when I arrived. Due to the storm outside, we shot a variety of poses with costume changes over a relaxed couple of hours indoors and the shooting experience was mesmeric - Jess is 100% professional, totally devoted to ensuring that her presentation is perfect and an absolute scream to work with.

A real delight to shoot with and with future shoot ideas bouncing off the walls as we shot looking forward to many more shoots - highly recommended.

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My 5th shoot with Jess yesterday and as usual she was a pro. Jess was fully prepared, ready with a beautiful dress with makeup, hairstyle, selection of outfits and suggested some concepts. As her choice appealed to me we tried a few and she was patient as I experimented with my gels and lighting.

Jess work hard to create our shots, her poses amazes me as she flows one to another effortlessly.

Beautiful, perfect figure and style and professionalism, Jess lives up to her name Dorset Dreamgirl. Wholly Recommended and I will certainly carry on working this her.

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Another brilliant shoot with Jess. We’d arranged this as I was over in Bournemouth and Jess kindly fitted me in for a very speedy shoot as I was time limited. Jess worked effortlessly and we rattled through many outfit changes in a very short time period. Jess poses with great vigor and she is delightful in terms of ease to shoot with. I really cannot fault her enthusiasm and passion for creating great images.

We didn’t have time to do our planned idea as it would have taken up too much time so we improvised and as ever Jess came up with brilliant poses, outfits and energy.

As previously I recommend Jess 100%

Book a shoot and you will be so pleased with the range of images you come away with...

Till the next one..


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Ryan M Photography

Had my first shoot with Jess and it showed that she is worthy of all her good reviews. Good communication, hair and make up were done when I arrived, plenty of outfits selected. She poses effortlessly to get you the images you want but also throws in her own ideas which is a great help. She provides great feedback on the images during the shoot. I had a really great time and I would recommend her to anyone. Hopefully that was the first of many shoots with her.

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I had a great shoot with Jess today. Jess was ready when I arrived with her make up and hair all ready to go.

Jess has a beautiful house to shoot in, with lots of room to set up in and lots of natural light.

Jess has a great figure, and is easy to get along with and is happy and chatty. She knows what looks right and knows exactly what images she wants to create. She poses with ease and mostly undirected. She would make shooting very easy to any photographer at any level.

We got some great images, and I hope to work with Jess again soon.

Thank you Jess!

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Had an amazing second shoot with Jess last week! :-) we shot a range of different styles from fashion to lingerie at her awesome house, making good use of the space and the light :-) Jess has an amazing look and incredible posing, really bringing shots to life :-) just like the first shoot we really clocked and got into flow with the shoot, with lots of ideas and different shots - I had an awesome time shooting and got some fabulous shots again! :-) Totally recommend Jess and would love to work with her again! :-)

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