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Full Moon Studio

It was lovely welcoming Lily back to the studio after several years! As always, it was an absolute pleasure having her in the studio and I hope we’ll see her here again, soon.

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NJS Photography1966

This is my 4th time working with Lilly, an amazing model to work with.

As normal her make-up was done to her high standard. A quick catch-up and she was ready to start.

I really hard working model who puts her all into every shoot, some great ideas and input for getting the best shot.

Already planning many future shoots with her.

A one in a million

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Had a great shoot with Lily today.

She was lovely to work with, great at posing and came really well prepared with outfits etc.

She was really easy to chat and get on with and I'd highly recommend working with her.

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Lilly and I have been exchanging messages re a shoot but couldn't get our availability to matchup.

So pleased we sorted a date, it was a real pleasure to work with the charming, enthusiastic and creative Lilly. We had an instant rapport re what we wanted to capture and how we went about it.

Lilly is also an experienced and talented MUA so make up hair and outfits were perfect. So many outfits we are organising another follow up shoot.

Very easy model to work with and a fun and genuine and creative person.

100% recommended both as a model and MUA.

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NJS Photography1966

Yet another amazing shoot with Lilly, this time at Rawpics studio in Ilminster. This is our 3rd time of working together

Lilly arrived early and after a quick catch up we were both ready to start, we both had lots of ideas and we managed to achieve many of them.

Her make up was done to her normal high standard and she appeared to have brought an entire wardrobe of outfits. As she is a make up artist any make up changes we’re done extremely quickly so not much studio time was lost.

Lilly is extremely bubbly and chatty but remains a true professional when shooting. She takes direction really well and offers great ideas

I cannot recommend working with her highly enough.

We are already planning our next shoot in the very near future

Thanks Lilly x

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NJS Photography1966

Another amazing shoot with the fantastic Lilly

As normal her make up and hair was already done to great standard prior to arranged shoot start time, so after a quick cuppa and catch up we were ready to start.

This was a new location for us both but she researched it had had chosen a variety of outfits to suit the surroundings

Excellent communication prior to shoot.

A true professional and pleasure to work with.

We are already planning yet more work together in the near future.

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NJS Photography1966

An amazing first shoot with Lilly

An excellent experienced model. No shot is to much trouble for her and came up with some brilliant ideas and poses.

Her make up was impeccable and done prior to our shoot, so after a quick cuppa we were ready to start.

She had chosen a variety of outfits for our planned shoot.

Very chatty and friendly but a real professional when posing.

Brilliant communication prior to shoot and afterwards.

Already planning a future work with her.

Cannot recommend her highly enough, if there’s a model to work with it should be with Lilly

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Rich Imagery

I had a really good shoot with Lilly in Bath.

She responded to a cancelled shoot I got a month ago, and was immediately impressed with her enthusiasm to shoot.

She is really good posing, taking direction and came with some really good outfits that worked a treat around all the locations.

I would recommend Lilly to anyone, and would happily work with her in the future.

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A great homeshoot with Lilly yesterday, absolutely loved the sets we managed to create and the styles we shot. Lilly is easy to work with and she embraced the shoot, adding details as we progressed, bouncing ideas off each other. Very much looking forward to going through the images in more detail and working on them. I can't recommend Lilly highly enough and her homeshoot location is beautifully quirky, but she's not planning to be there for much longer so if a homeshoot is desired, book quickly. Thanks Lilly, looking forward to the next creative session!

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Misty Morning Photography

Another great 1st shoot this time with LillyLashes, who has great communication keeping every idea and suggestion fresh. We had a very busy day yesterday working through a few of our ideas, which I totally enjoyed.

We started with a mixed Fashion, Headshot, Portrait style shoots which took us well past our time of the shoot though every aspect was well worth it. I would recommend Lilly as a model and look forward to working with her again in the future.

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Stuart Green-Photography

Lauren and i have worked together before, so i knew we would produce some great images together. Lauren is a very experienced model and posses relentlessly with no effort at all.

Lauren has great makeup skills also.

I always look forward to working with Lauren, as i know we always get great results..

I have no hesitation in recommending Lauren, one of the best!

Stuart Green. ASIFGP

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Martin Ennis Photography

I last worked with LillyLashes about 4 years ago and the location photoshoot with her today was the first photoshoot with her since that time. She turned up on time - was well made up and looked FABULOUS. She was a pleasure to work with and had endless poses and Ideas - several costumes and High heel boots to die for. A difficult shoot in a cold disused industrial building in High heels but she just got on with it and did it - will book again - very recommended.

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Geoff Sturge

Had my 3rd shoot in 4 days with Lillylashes! This time she modelled mainly lingerie and nightwear. It is always fun shooting with someone you know well and is hugely talented. She is very thoughtful and creative in all she does and makes shooting an absolute delight. She is extremely talented and great fun to shoot with. I highly recommend her and can assure togs you will not be disappointed. She has become a great friend and someone I have a huge respect for. Look forward to the next time

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Geoff Sturge

Had a mini shoot with "Lilly" and as always it was great fun and an utter pleasure working with such a fabulous model. She is creative and professional and a joy to work with. She is very good and very talented and I highly recommend her!!

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Geoff Sturge

At last I managed to have a 2nd shoot with this amazing model. Although we have become good friends since our very 1st shoot, we have not been able to get around to a second until this month. Pressures in life, me having a stroke and then the pandemic!!

At last we managed some shoots! The first was mainly fashion. "Lilly" is a very good model and her work is superb. She is both creative and knowledgeable. However far more important is the fact that she is an absolute joy to work with and makes shooting a delight. She is creative, intelligent and a joy to work with. Needless to say the shoot was great fun and very successful. I highly recommend her to any tog looking for a hard working conscientious very talented model. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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Matthew Jones

Had the pleasure of working with Lauren once again.

Requires no direction ... Full of Ideas

Highly recommended model to work with, great in all aspects.

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Marshon SFX

Fourth time working with Lilly, but first on a road trip at an event. The girl is brilliant. Intelligent, easy to talk to, great company and just looks amazing. Happily spent a VERY long day being painted in a big crowed of people. Completely held her own, and smiled and laughed throughout. Recommend her? Of course I would :-)

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Max Argent

Fabulous shoot today with Lilly. What a model she is! Stylish,cool, professional, sparkling and highly creative. This was my first shoot with Lilly, it certainly won’t be my last. Highly recommended.....

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Tiger wolf

Fun Shoot today with Lilly. Great makeup skills. Shes very comfortable in her own skin so easy to work with. we talked about what we wanted out of the shoot and the results were worth it. Hopefully we will work together again soon.

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Mark Deveroux

Arranged a short notice shoot with Lillylashes who arrived punctual and brimming with energy.

After a short discussion, we set to work and her enthusiasm is thoroughly infectious.

Very professional, innovative and an excellent communicator, Lilly was great when chatting through idea's and her suggestions were a valued input.

Great personality and lovely to chat with during our breaks, Lilly has a flair for modelling and I hope to work together again.

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