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Beauty, Body Paint, Landscape, Nude and Portrait


"Beauty is the promise of happiness" (Stendhal)

I'm rediscovering my artistic side through painting, drawing and some photography after a busy career.

Here's how I work.

  • I'm an amateur. I pay for all sessions: I never seek TFP, because my photographic work is not of a professional standard that would enhance a model's port. I use a point-and-shoot pocket camera, and nothing else.
  • I believe that the creation of any image, whether a photo or a painting, is an equal collaboration between artist and model. So, I like to work with models who have their own ideas about the work.
  • I have no proprietorial interest in the images that I help create, whether that's a sketch, a painting or a photo. Therefore
    • For photos, I will always give the model the full set of images direct from the camera at the end of a session. 
    • Models are also welcome to keep any drawings that they like.

I believe that beauty happens, and some of it finds it way into pictures. At best the artist is a conduit for that.

So, I don't think of myself as having any "talent". I'm just someone who happens to be there, to record an impression of a moment and a vision. My photos aren't "finished": they are just transient gestures towards an unseen vision.

I'm aware of the technical excellence of photographers on PP, but I know I won't achieve it myself, and don't aspire to it.


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