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Well, this is kind of hard for me to admit how good she is.

Liara really knows how to pose, doesn't need direction at all and she really knows how she wants to appear on every pixels.

She is one of those rare people you just love hanging around within seconds of meeting! She's got a warm heart, fantastic humour, superb modelling skills - 10/10 for everything! My only regret is she doesn't live nearer me!! Thanks again!!!!

I left the shoot with a such a high quality images ! Wholeheartedly recommend this lovely girl.

The session was full of fun but she is very professional at the same time.

We had an improvised shoot but she was like all prepared for it.

Honestly, working with her is highly recommended to all photographer.

Hope to work with her again very very soon :)

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elegia said...

I had a really last minute shoot with the adorable Liara this weekend. She gave me a brief idea of what she was looking for, and made the journey over to Blackpool. Unfortunately our planned sunny, summery beach shoot was scuppered a little by cloudy, dull weather. Despite this Liara got stuck in and even braved the Blackpool sea - hopefully neither of us have caught anything in the process!

I had such a lovely day meeting/shooting Liara. She's a bundle of fun and energy, and a pleasure to spend time with. Working with her was so effortless. She brought lots of ideas and enthusiasm to the shoot and made my task so incredibly easy. One of the things I love about shooting film is that it doesn't lie about how someone looks, and Liara was really made for being captured on film. Such a beautiful face and so much depth and character. I started printing some of the b&w images last night and I've been really pleased with how they have turned out.

I think Liara is a truly beautiful and inspiring lady and I would love to work with her again sometime!

Thank you Liara.

Dee :-)

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I worked with Liara last month, she's both very hard working and full of inspiration in terms of ideas and poses. An absolutely stunning model and a real pleasure to work with.

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Peter D

I finally got the opportunity of working with Liara yesterday afternoon and I had the most wonderful shoot with this beautiful and delightful young woman who is so enthusiastic about her work and full of energy and dedication to creating an enjoyable and productive shoot :-)

Liara is an absolute joy to work with and the time passes by all too quickly because she is such a warm friendly bubbly character and so I am planning another shoot with Liara in the New Year and I highly recommended her to all models and photographers :-)

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photowalkthrough said...

Liara and I had a fantastic shoot on Saturday. Liara's communication was great and she amazingly creative. She's full of smiles and great fun to work with. And of course she has supermodel good looks with a talent for elegant and storytelling poses. Highly recommended.

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What can I say, this girl could teach many a model a thing or too about commitment to their job.

Turned up using public transport when half the country ground to halt due to freak a snowstorm overnight, early I might add.

Plenty of communication about ideas before the shoot, which went smoothly as a result.

Liara is a joy to shoot, wonderful attitude, quick to laugh and poses well without need for direction.

I think you're missing a trick if you pass over an opportunity to shoot her.

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Liara and I had a fabulous shoot, we laughed a lot but continued to work hard and bounce ideas around. She is a real pleasure to work with, highly recommended!

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Flash Bang Wallop

Probably the most beautiful model I ever worked with. Elegance and drama with every pose. With eyes as deep as the ocean.... Punctual, pristine and full of ideas - our two hours whizzed by like never before.

Highly recommended.

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Although I worked with Liara a while ago, we found each other on another site and she deserves a reference here too. Liara's attitude is refreshing and professional. Her look is unique and she looks to be developing her skills all the time seeing her portfolio grow. I've got her in my list of people I'd love to work with again and I don't think you'll go wrong if you book her too.

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