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I've shot with Lena Selkin so many times! This time I modelled for her giving a lighting tuition session to a photographer new to studio lighting and it was amazing to see how knowledgeable and talented she is. The way she works with and understands light is incredible. The other photographer got some lovely shots thanks to Lena.

If you are a model and have the chance to shoot with this amazing women then grab it, if you are a photographer wanting to up your lighting game I highly recommend her tutorials!

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David Austerberry

Had a very informative tutorial from Lena on the use of coloured gels in studio portrait photography.

This was a 1-2-1, and for me the best way to have a knowledge transfer. We chose a few sample images as starting points and went to use similar lighting to create new images.

Lena is a good tutor, and I felt I had learnt a lot more in three hours than watching endless YouTube tutorial videos. It's the interactivity that scores.

Her Fareham Studio is very well equipped, especially for the gel shoots.

We progressed through several very different lighting sets and I came away feeling that I had really learnt something new.

And thanks also to Kate Lilleyman (https://purpleport.com/portfolio/katelilleyman/) for being a patient model during the tutorial session.

I would highly recommend Lena if you want to learn some new studio lighting technique.

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Belle Eve

She's the best and I'll die on that hill.

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Caitlyn J

Everything I have to say about Lena has been said a million times over, I absolutely adore working with her. The kindest, most creative soul you'll ever meet, full of smiles and amazing ideas. It was amazing to work with her again after two super successful shoots, every shoot gets better and better. An absolute joy to work with. I can't wait to see what magic we can come up with next time!

Highly highly recommend to anyone and everyone ❤️

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I have always wanted to meet Lena. She is a very talented photographer and a very beautiful model. As a result I went all the way from Cambridge to Fareham as I knew that we will create something really good

Lena was very welcoming to her studio and met me with a cuppa. She was very pleasant and efficient: every lighting and setup have been made in minutes. She just know her lighting so well. I really liked her creativity: she hand-painted a beautiful textured background, for one of our sets she used gels and glass and in general she had created beautiful sets in her studio.

Lena is a very professional and chill photographer with a massive level of creativity. Would always recommend her as a great artist to work with

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I had to most excellent shoot and time at Lenastudios. As soon as I walked into the shoot it felt inviting and warm and a nice atmosphere.

There are loads of facilities that made me feel at home and comfortable.

I was given some beautiful sets to work against and was given superb direction.

I highly recommend booking a shoot.As I definitely will be again

Thankyou so much for a Class shoot

Davina x

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Ivory Flame

Welcoming, charming, funny and confident, Lena is a delight to work with and allows you space to shine in your own unique way, seeing you through a beautiful lens and uplifting you with encouragement and empowerment ♥

I got to model at her amazing studio, which she has put so much thought into and uses masterfully! We flowed through a number of ideas, sets, and different lighting with Lena bringing great starting points to build on with mutual input. I felt respected and considered in the whole process and could also put my full trust in her when I was trying new poses and looks.

The range of images she captured is incredible and the final shots are spectacular!!! Whole-heartedly recommended :-)

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Jim Vincible

It was an utter thrill to shoot with Lena at the most recent Studland Weekender. I was fortunate enough to work with her, alongside Rogue, in a sumptuously cinematic shoot that is among my very favourites this year. She is as skilled as she is creative, able to conjure shots out of thin air, with a magical ability to shape light and sculpt a scene. If you haven't worked with her, you need to remedy this situation immediately, because she's simply brilliant.

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I've modelled for Lena a couple of times now, most recently at the Studland Weekender. She's absolutely awesome to work with, she takes your ideas on board mixes them with her own and creates magic! I very very highly recommend you work with her if you get the chance!!

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Kelsey Wolfe

What an absolute delight!

I’ve always admired Rin’s work since I began modelling, so to be asked to be photographed by this multitalented magical lady was a real honour. Her work is magnificently dreamy and after shooting together once in summer, she asked me if I’d like to duo with Ellx - which, I of course said yes to! What a dream team, we had an abundance of fun, and managed to execute some incredible concepts too, Rin is an incredible person, stylist, set builder and also effortlessly empowers her models on set. Her attention to detail is impeccable and creates for a really relaxing, yet productive shooting atmosphere!

The fact she’s a model too makes everything so much easier, my words don’t do her talents justice.

Highly recommended!!

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Lena arranged a duo shoot with Kelsey and I, and I'm so thankful she did. She sensed that we were similar people and would work well together, and the images we created absolutely confirmed her gut feeling. What a true visionary!

Lena is so fun to work with, and I find it super interesting watching her work. She explains what she does as she's going along, which light she's adjusting, what imagery she's aiming for. It's great, I learn alot in the process. She's a fantastic photographer.

I thoroughly recommend booking a shoot with Lena!!

Thanks for setting up such a wonderful shoot!

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Ash Marie

Loved loved loved my shoot with Lena! Couldn't have been any better at helping me with posing and styling. Will definitely be working with her again. Can't wait to see the final images! :)

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Caitlyn J

I absolutely adore working with Lena. The difference of working with a model-come-photographer is HUGE, and it certainly helps that she's a bad-ass photographer on top of it. It was really fun to do something more conceptual and grungy after our first shoot together a few months ago, and the pictures I've seen so far are phenomenal, I can't wait to see them post-editing. Everything was effortless and time went by so quickly. She's a real talent.

Such joy to work with and cannot recommend her enough.

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Jim Vincible

I've always been a little in awe of Lena's work, so it was genuinely affirming when she asked me to model for her! She is as fun as she is formidable, and our shoot at Fareham Studio was a true highlight. She had a clear idea of what she wanted to create, and had shared her concept with me beforehand so I knew what we were aiming for. She handles light like an absolute wizard and knows exactly how to realise her vision – I couldn't be happier with the photographs we produced, and I couldn't be more excited to shoot with her again!

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Irida S

Lena is an extremely talented and creative photographer and I am so happy to that I got to shoot with her even if it was only for a few clicks just before our group shoot at Fareham Studio where Lena was the creative mind behind all the lighting and the sets :)

Very professional , easy to work with , creative and so down to earth and full of positive glowing aura around her !

I really hope to work together again in the future , the photo's from our mini shoot are WOW !!!!

Very highly recommended :)

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I had such a wonderful shoot with Lena today! She had created a new Moroccan-themed set for the studio, and it was utterly stunning. I feel very lucky that I got to be the first person to shoot in it.

Lena is creative, professional, a pleasure to be around, and gave me so much helpful feedback and guidance. I not only had a wonderful time, not only got some AMAZING shots, but also came away feeling I'd learned something.

I 100% recommend booking with Lena!

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Caitlyn J

Working with Lena was incredible - you can really feel the difference when working with a photographer who also models. She's so comfortable to be around, respectful and a true professional.Her studio is the best one i've been in: well equipped, great attention to detail and easy to work in.

Can't wait to work with her again soon!

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Tink Kaos

Lena is an incredible soul - artistic, spectacular, brilliant company & conversation, patient, and incredibly respectful, she's a creative whirlwind, a force to be reckoned with.

I had a weekend booked at Fareham Studio, a couple of studio days, and at the end, we had a play about with an Ondine style idea Lena had come up with - mind blowingly feckin' awesome. The images are AMAZING. Am over the moon.

Would highly recommend this woman to all models and creatives, she's a powerhouse, and one of the loveliest people I've had the honour of shooting with.

Thanks again lovely!


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Ivory Flame

I had a wonderful REMOTE shoot with Lena, after we both had a go at trying each other's set-up to gain more experience and insight into this method of working together from afar.

I absolutely loved the ideas and energy she brought to her session with me. She sent a cool inspiration image to start from, and showed great initiative deciding which backdrops and lighting effects she wanted to experiment with in the space.

Not only was she friendly and easy to work with, she offered clear and encouraging direction via the video call and screenshare, leading to a very successful collaboration with GORGEOUS results!! Plus, edits were delivered extremely promptly! Hugely recommended.

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Twinkle Nose (Hannah Aisling)

Second time working with Siren, and I hope it's not the last! Not only is she a fantastic person in general to work with, she really knows her stuff. Her lighting is always spot on, creative ideas flow and her knowledge of posing is really handy too :)

Can't wait to work with you again! Highly recommended to all models of any calibre :)

Thanks for having me Siren!

Twinkle x

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