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Hello! I'm Leia, a fully qualified makeup artist based in Newport and I love pretty much anything creative! I'm particularly interested in fantasy makeup, body or face painting, avant-garde and SFX makeup.. pretty much anything crazy and messy but I can do the normal pretty stuff too!

I am always happy to work on a TF basis with like minded people on artistic projects that will benefit my portfolio and if I am allowed equal creative input to everyone else within the team. It's always nice to be helped with travel costs when travelling far for TF *hint* but not expected. 

This is my full time job and I take it very seriously so please don't be offended if I choose not to work TF with you.  I will only work on beauty, fashion, glamour/anything that requires a standard makeup for pay. Prices for all standard looks are £30, £50 for two plus travel. Anything else is negotiable depending on the project and you should message me to work out a price. 

More of my portfolio can be seen here - https://[url removed] [link removed] 

I also started dabbling in a bit of photography recently if anyone's interested! http://[url removed] [link removed] 

Thanks for looking at my profile, hope we can make some awesome pictures!  :) 


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