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Sam Richards

Another great shoot with Amy. As always our comms before shoot were great and we had decided on some ideas before hand. The result was some stunning images that I'm really pleased with.

Amy is incredibly versatile, patient and creative. She poses without direction but is very receptive to any ideas as well as suggesting her own. Her make up skills are outstanding too and gives her a natural look with each style.

It's amazing to see how her confidence has grown already and I am hoping this is one of many shoots I will have with her. 100% recommendation from me.

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Sam Richards

A really enjoyable shoot with Amy. We both were at complete ease as we chatted freely and captured some great shots. Amy may be new to this but as the shoot went on you would be forgiven for thinking she had done this for years. Her confidence grew after each picture and we gained some fantastic results.

She has a beautiful and versatile look with an absolute stunning smile and great eyes. This resulted in some of my favourite portrait pictures I've taken.

I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again and I hope I can in the near future. Thank you again Amy

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Nixies Dream

1539043200Cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.