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I had the most fun today working with Kyron at his beautiful home studio.

Kyron responded to my last minute casting call and I’m so glad he did.

Kyron is a proper gentleman, very polite and caring, offered me a “proper” coffee just as I arrived and we discussed what we planned for our shoot.

The shoot itself was very relaxed and fun, good conversation throughout. I couldn’t believe how quickly the time went today. Thoroughly enjoyed working with him and hope it’s not our last.

Thank you so much for today and for putting up with me :)

Images looked great too! Can’t wait to see what he does with him.

Until next time ...

Debs xx

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Had an amazing shoot with Kai today in he's home studio. Very friendly, great and fun to work with. He made me feel very comfortable. Showed me our end results on computer to see if I was happy with the work we done. Which I am very happy with. Look forward to working together again in the future :-) highly recommended! X

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I worked with Kyron few days ago in his home studio. He is very kind and talented, I passed a really nice afternoon shooting some beauty shoots. Kyron is fun, easy going and a very good photographer, I highly recommend him.

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Sophie Daly Makeup

I worked with Kyron a couple of days ago in his beautiful home, he was very welcoming and a lovely host as well as photographer! It was a last minute shoot arranged the day before, Kyron was quick with preshoot communications and gave me a solid theme for makeup, which made it much easier for me to get prepared before the shoot.

Kyron is super friendly, fun and easy to get on with. I was gobsmacked at how quickly Kyron was able to download, edit and upload the photos for myself and the model to see, within a couple of hours finishing the shoot! Certainly the quickest turn around of receiving photos I've ever had!

I'm over the moon with the outcome, and I would really love to work with Kyron again!

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Odette Flaur.

Kai is simply one of the most talented, inspiring, full of life and easy to get along with photographers you will ever get to meet, 4 hours simply flew by and I had an absolute blast shooting with Kai. Hw is very professional, with a great sense of humor and loves photography and that reflects on his pictures :)

Pre communications was great to :D

Highly recommended to all x 1000 of times and I'm really looking forward in working with Kai again in the future :D


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Christy Church said...

Kyron was the most positive, professional and talented photographer I have had the pleasure of meeting. The final outcome of our time together was spectacular and his work is second to none. He was open to suggestions and I loved how enthusiastic he became about new ideas. There is no doubt that I will seek to work with Kyron in the future and would definitely recommend him to anyone who likes to get the job done and have fun in the process! Thankyou Kai.

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My shoot with Kyron was utterly fantastic.

What a great guy and a very talented photographer to boot!

Kai met me and made sure I found my way to the studio when I got lost, made sure the studio was comfortable to work in and introduce me to the team we were working with. I was at ease right away.

Kai was enthusiastic but approached his work with a very chilled out vibe. Totally easygoing but with a talent like his he can be! Doesn't need to stress about nabbing the perfect shot because it all falls into place. He really worked well with me and I felt like I modelled better for him than most because of his limitless ideas/enthusiasm and willingness to try out my ideas too.

Already loving the shots and can't wait to see the rest!

I hope to work again with Kai very soon.

Highly recommended!

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Shot with the lovely lovely Kai today in Bromley. We were going to work outside but he was considerate enough to book a studio instead as it was an bit nippy outside!

Kai is super easy going and relaxed, he's a gentleman and really nice to work with. He has some great ideas and adapts well when ideas are bought to the table. I felt completely comfortable shooting with him and his pics are great! Definitely would work with him again, and highly recommend to others :)

Thank you for a lovely shoot !

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Agata Grodek

Shoot with Kyron made my day! He picked me up the railway station with big smile on his face, smile hasn't disappeared even for a short time during the shoot.

This kind of attitude gives model some extra posing energy and power. It's incredible how fast time runs when making photos is in such a positive atmosphere.

Arranging shoot was quick and concrete, Kyron prepared the plan of shooting detaily, his photography skills are amazing,

when you work with him you feel as a team (what I always appreciate), he takes care about model, he is helpful, very positive, easy going and very reliable (also huge plus!). Would be delighted to shoot with him again.

For sure highly recommended! Thank you for this lovely shoot :)

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I had an amazing shoot yesterday with Kyron, and was lucky enough to get a loads of great shots for my portfolio! He was full of ideas and was great fun to work with alongside MUA Erin. He had endless amounts of equipment and spent many hours helping me get lots of variation for my portfolio! Thank you so much for a great day! - Would highly recommend :)

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Erin Kristensen Make-Up

This was my *second* time working with Kai; I was so pleased to get the chance to shoot with him again! His shoots are always super relaxed and full of laughs; he's great at putting everyone at ease and his home studio is practically bursting at the seams with fantastic, high quality equipment.

So just thought I'd add a sneaky new reference for him again, as I can't recommend him highly enough!

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Mandy ~

Kai is a lovely photographer to work with. Puts models at ease, chats, met me at the station, returned me, encouraging, but nothing that I didn't want to do. Felt at ease and got some good shots and really happy with them.

Appreciated all Kai did today, including several cups of coffee, funny jokes and time spent. Was a good experience. Liked very much professional manner throughout. And got to take away an edited image at the end of the shoot, really really appreciated. As well as

Would highly recommend Kai, he's great. Let's work again soon :)

Thank you so much Kai!


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Made me feel extremely relaxed, great banter and a top quality guy. Amazing person to be able to settle with and he will get the best photos needed. Will definitely work with him again. Cheers Kai

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Edyta said...

I absolutely enjoyed shooting with Kai and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality portfolio.

The pre-shoot communication was great and the day very organised. We shoot at Kai's beautiful house and his well equipped home studio.

Apart from being talented photographer Kai was very friendly, fun and great companion to an interesting conversation.

Thank you for awesome day and beaut pictures!

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Erin Kristensen Make-Up

Kai was an absolute blast to work with today. Not only did he pick a fantastic model, he brought tons of ideas and enthusiasm to the shoot, while still being 100% open to trying ideas both myself and the model, Edyta, had as well. He was so friendly and I felt so welcome in his (beautiful!) home.

Do yourself a favour - if you get a chance to work with Kai, DO IT! You'll have a great time plus you will get some fabulous new photos for your book (did I mention that he's already sent along a few edits even though we only wrapped earlier today?!)

I hope we get the chance to work together again :) Thank you, Kai!

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Couldn't recommend this man enough SO kind chilled out humble and friendly the shoot time literally flew by -he has great direction - cool ideas & we shot some wonderful sets ! work with him 100%

Thanks so much Nina-c X

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Had a great fun Shoot with Kai yesterday! Was so cool and I love the Coffe that's make;p. Warm welcome with 2 lovely cats haha love it! The photos was awesome! We done only 2 hours but we got a lots of good pics! Kai he is more then amateur he's a semi photographer and I do think he can make it serious as a professional ! Well easy to get along with.very nice guy. Worth to go far to shoot I def recommend to all models ;) you won't regret it.

Hopefully we can creat some super awesome images again next time !

Thank you so much.

Bunnyk xxx

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Adriana Timofte said...

Had a superb shoot with Kai today , a great photographer excellent pre communications amazing shoot ideas very focused , and a lovely person , friendly easy to get on with a pleasure to work with .

I enjoyed every minute working with Kai today ,hope I will work with him again and I can highly recommend Kai to everyone

many thanks for a great day

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Jodie Ellen

Had such a wicked shoot with Kyron on Friday. It was a last minute shoot but it ran smoothly!

Kyron is so chilled out and easy to work with. A great laugh and very friendly. I was so relaxed and felt like is known him years within 3 hrs :D I had a wicked shoot, couldn't ask for a more easy going chilled out friendly person, who still gets the job done :D take care!

Hopefully I'll see you soon :D

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Chessie kay

Had an awesome shoot with Kai today, he was very friendly, refreshingly organised and really enthusiastic which is exactly what you want from a shoot. Would love to shoot with kai again 10/10! Very talented tog- i would highly recommend! Thanks, great shoot

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