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Scarlet Emanuelle

Had my second shoot with Kitten today and once again we got some absolutely stunning images. She came well prepared and she was open to all ideas ... It was a long day shooting but time flew by ... We did some location shots, pool table shot, and some really soft boudoir shots and it really went to show how versatile this amazing model is.

As always Kitten was chatty and enthusiastic.I look forward to doing another shoot with her soon!!

I highly recommend her as always! Get booking everyone you certainly WILL NOT be disappointed!!

Scarlet Emanuelle

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KJ's Photography

Had another amazing shoot with this sweet sexy lady ketten83.

How can she think of given this up with so much talent she doesn't realise how good she is in front of a camera.....

Again without any doubts I can

recommend this lady to any tog out there that's looking for an outstanding balanced in looks and ability model. .

Kjs photography. ..

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Scarlet Emanuelle

Had my first shoot with kitten today and she was brilliant! What a beautiful young lady, she is such a down to earth friendly young woman. I really enjoyed shooting with her, she came well prepared, and took direction really well and with that we got some amazing images.

Cant wait to shoot this amazing lady again! she has such a talent and is so modest she truly doesn't know how good she is... she is going to go so far!!!

Highly recommended ... so get booking guys :)

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KJ's Photography


Had my second shoot with kitten83 today and she came with a smile on her face and also some glowing enthusiastic approach to self believe in herself .

I wasn't wrong in thinking that this lady can make it soon as a well in need model for all calls out there and ill not stop helping her till she reaches that goal she so deserves ..

Kitten83 well done today you was amazing .. xx

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KJ's Photography

Had my 1st shoot with kitten83 today,,,

What can I say except this lady as a real talent and is very capable of pulling off some amazing poses once she's settled in the shoot ,,

She so friendly i had to remind myself it was our 1st meeting ,.

I'm putting a personal interest in this lady in getting her noticed as much as she deserves on here ,,.

She as the raw talent to be a highly in demanded model on here so watch this lady blow your mind in the near future in her true abilities ,,.

Kitten you was such a great person to have the honour to shoot with thankyou,,

Kjs photography,, xx

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Nik Sheppard

April is such a pleasure to work with that very early on in our shoot I knew that I'd want to ask her for another photoshoot. At all times during our long, damp, very cold and very public session, she was enthusiastic and cheerful. I can think of no better recommendation than to say that I have now asked for another photoshoot with her.

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Keiran Bingle

Kitten had her first shoot in a few years with me today, communications before hand were very good and as planned she arrived as agreed with her bag of tricks.

She is a lovely young lady who is chatty and pleasing to work with, taking direction where needed.

i would definitely work with her again.

Thanks for a great shoot.

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