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Luminite Dave

Craig answerd a last minute casting shout late night, and the following morning he wasa t my studio. We ended up shooting for 3 hrs and we had a great time creating some images for both our ports. Was a real pleasure working with him, sense of humour but commited to the image.

I would happily recommend to anyone who'll take direction or work with you to make sure you get what you want.

2 thumbs up from me, and i look forward to working with him again :-)

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Darren S

Worked with Craig yesterday in Delamere Forest near Northwich. We were fallen warriors in the forest. Craig is an easy going guy, great personality, great to get on with and have a laugh.

Highly recommend by me and look forward to working with him again someday.

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Blue ♡

Craig comes very highly recommended from me. Not only was he a great model and worked brilliantly with all creatives involved. He was also just the most easy going person to be around.


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I cant believe that my shoot with Craig today was his first he was fantastic! It was a netorking day at Woolton Hall so pre comms were taken care of by @John Aycliffe but comms on the day were great. Craig is as mad as a box of frogs and nothing seemed to phase him from climbing on somescaffolding dressed as the mad hatter, to standing in a sealed up well while somebody set of a smoke grenade behind him! He is also rediculously good looking (the swine) Top man

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Dave Gee

Met & worked with Craig at a networking event at Woolton Hall. It was his first photo shoot, not that you would notice, he was very professional and had a go at any idea we could throw at him. Top man, Top model. Good luck Craig with your future career. Very highly recommended.

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Craig did his very first photo shoot today at a network event organized by John Ayliffe @ Woolton Hall, Liverpool.

Incredibly hard to believe he has never done it before - he's a natural. Craig is full of enthusiasm, gives 100%, takes direction very well and full of ideas himself - and did I mention a photographer's dream to work with. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.

100% recommendation from us and looking forward to following it up with another shoot @ Woolton Hall.

Thank you Craig - models like you make our job so much easier and pleasurable. Don't forget to send me your personal email address and mobile so we can contact you when we have edited the images.

Very best wishes

Jen & Barry

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