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Myself, Richard and Dylan Tudor (On PP) worked together on a male art nude duo shoot. The shoot was very fruitful, Richard took great direction and was very relaxed in front of the camera. Although I had shot male art nude before male duo work was new ground for me so I wanted to create images that had passion and feeling which Richard was able to deliver.

Richard had had some upsetting news the day of the shoot but powered on like a true professional for which I am grateful of.

Richard is a nice fella and I Would happily recommend to any photographer.

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Kent Photo Studio

Richard was part of a group of three who rented my studio. Honestly they couldn't have been more perfect guests. Clean, tidy, and polite. I would happily host him again at the studio, and having seen the images taken I would also endorse him as a model too. If only all models and studio hire sessions were so easy.

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Dylan Tudor

Richard & I shot art-nude together (his first duo work) after a while of chatting and planning. He didn’t disappoint; he’s open, playful and a real trouper. He exudes chemistry and physicality, and knows his body well. I can’t recommend him more highly.

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Richard was one of four models I worked with at the Townhouse Studios open shoot. As always, he impressed with his attitude, openness and professional manner.

Love working with this guy, and I’d recommend him to anyone who wants to work with someone handsome, muscular and genuinely decent.

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This shoot was very different for both Richard and myself. We decided to focus more on his looks and style, rather than body. Needless to say we had a fantastic shoot, and created some fun images that showed Richard in a different light. He’s such a natural model, posing freely and needing next to no direction.

Very highly recommended

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Second shoot, and we went for a much more erotic feel. The images went on to be published on Dylan Rosser’s TheMaleForm website.

Another fantastic shoot

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I met Richard through a mutual friend and was interested in his handsome, masculine looks and muscular physique.

We spoke for a few days and quickly arranged a shoot.

Although initially nervous, he relaxed very quickly and was a natural to work with. He has a quiet confidence and takes direction well. For a complete beginner, I couldn’t have been more impressed

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