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Wow.. I had my first of hopefully many more shoots at my studio with the beautiful Kerry. Her pre shoot communication was excellent and we quickly agreed a shot list for the day ranging from beauty portraiture through fashion, and elegant Yoga fun to finish off the day. Despite travelling on multiple trains to shoot at my studio Kerry arrived with a big welcoming smile and a multitude of shot ideas that meant the day simply flew by. Throughout the day Kerry was a joy to work with, as a model she is just what I look for she is naturally beautiful, relaxed, confident, versatile and professional and so easy to get along with. She is able to effortlessly bring a multitude of different looks so I am already thinking about our next shoot. Just watch this space for some truly stunning shots to posted from our day together. I can therefore give my highest recommendation to Kerry. Whilst she is new to PP she is a very confident professional model, singer and yoga instructor so get in there fast as i predict she will very quickly be in high demand. Thank you Kerry for such a great day...hope to see you again very soon Mark

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