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I met Kenny at WN1 studio's at a group shoot

Was a pleasure working with Kenny. I felt at ease and comfortable.

Definitely shoots some amazing images look forward to seeing them

Everyone who was part of the group shoot worked well together as a team organising props lighting and backdrops.

look forward to working with kenny again

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Nicole Rayner

So Kenny attended a fantastic location shoot I was booked for by Martin Newton. It was a full day event with two fantastic locations. I had met Kenny before so I knew just how lovely a person he was. So I was very excited to work with him! I was not disappointed as Kenny was just great to work with! He really added to the whole experience of the day! He has a fantastic attitude and a great energy! He is a wonderful person to be around.

He is a great photographer - knows his technical stuff and and takes great shots! his compositions are fab and I was super impressed at how quickly he edited some shots! Which are just fantastic I might add!! I am super excited about what else he is going to produce next.

I would highly recommend Kenny and would love to work with him again! :D

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Ivalina Kanny

I did some amazing images with Kenny, such a nice guy and a great professional. He is really nice guys, doing amazing job and so easy to work with. Highly recommend him to everyone and looking to work with again in the future.

Thank you for all of the great shoots! :)

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Worked with kenny at hampson street studio.

Wow what a delight to work with! Kenny is amazing with photography and easy to chat with.

I would absolutely love to work more with kenny. Thank you millions.

I highly reccomend!

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I had a shoot with Kenny last year along with Jeff mood & Alley Stallard at Pozers studio Swindon

What a fantastic day 9 hours in makeup & 4 hours shoot Kenney was brilliant so professional & the the images he produced were amazing they were published in at least 4 magazines in the USA & UK I can't recommend kenny highly enough you get quality images from a true artist

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Shot with Kenny at the MelVic Makeup studio. Very impressed with the images we got. Amazing talent and all round nice guy to work with. Highly recommended, looking forward to working with you again at some point

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Just got back from a shoot with Kenny, what a character and fabulous photographer,had such a great day, he was on time and him and B Mills Photography gave me a lift to location and home again.

He was a pleasure to work with and made me feel comfortable and like i`d known him for years. I`m looking forward to working with Kenny again and would highly recommend anyone to work with him as you will not be disappointed!!

10/10 , great guy, hilarious and fantastic photographer.....cannot wait to see the images :) Thank you for a fab day :)

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Kenny is such a star! When I found out that he was due to be in the area I had to have a chat with Alley to see if I could secure a booking, it turns out there was a perfect opportunity. Alley, Kenny and I worked together on a Freddy Kreuger inspired shoot, working from fashion to prosthetics and then off again! Kenny is patient, kind, genuinely interested in the industry and alternative points of view. I loved the images we achieved, and would most certainly recommend Kenny (especially for his horror work.) I wish you best of luck Kenny, hopefully we'll get to see more of each other soon!

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I had the privilege of working with Kenny on a shoot a few weeks ago. He is very professional yet also down-to-earth and knows his stuff. He trusted me as the MUA and was open to ideas that I had too. Kenny comes highly recommended.

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Katie A Model

I had the pleasure of meeting this man on a photoshoot. And not only did himself and the other photographer pic me up, I felt comfortable with Kenny, and had alot of fun. He knows what he wants for an image result and comes well prepared on thoughts. I would highly recommend him and his work to everyone xxx

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Had a fun shoot shoot with Kenny. Produced one of my favourite photos so far. He is very professional and friendly, also extremely talented was a pleasure to work with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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Had the pleasure of shooting with Kenny three times now and every single time It's a pleasure. Knows the type of image he's after, directs well when needed, and always puts his all into getting the best possible images. Can't fault him, would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a professional photographer, and i can't wait to shoot again soon!

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Emma Mansell

I have had 2 shoots with Kenny recently very close together and am extremely pleased with the results of both shoots- He has provided me with first class images that I am using on my Modelling Page and Portfolio and he begins any editing that may be required usually within hours and again, to an exceptionally high standard- I would recommend Kenny to any Model at all without hesitation.

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I finally got to work with Kenny over a couple of evenings at Pozers Studio. It was AMAZING!

Kenny is a lovely, friendly and interesting person. He gives good directions and was happy to let me don't own thing too.

He takes the time to get the shot perfect and because of this he producers beautiful photos.

100% highly recommended :)

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Did Kenny turn up? Hell yes!

I met Kenny the night before at the fabulous Alley's house and within minutes we were talking shoot concepts and ideas. Kenny is a fantastically image minded person with creativity in spades. During our shoot together Kenny was patient, kind, allowed me to free pose as well as direct, and we had some very insightful discussions around the industry. I'd recommend Kenny as he has talent in spades, an attitude of a learner (no ego, just fully committed to working together) and a real eye for creativity, I'd recommend Kenny in a heartbeat x

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I met Kenny on a collaboration shoot with Alley (Pink Lady) and Jeff Mood. We were shooting me as a 'high fashion cyborg' which meant we spent a long time in make-up and had a lovely day to spend together getting to know each other. It was great getting to know what Kenny was about and what his interests were as it really helped when it came to shooting. I loved all his ideas, as creative and crazy as some of them were! We all had such a giggle and it was great fun. Can't wait to see what the images turn out like.

Would very much recommend and would love to work with Kenny again :)

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Jeff Mood Photography

I have had the great pleasure of having had Kenny work on some of my shots in the past, but when I heard he was making a personal visit to my good friend Alley Stallard (Pink Lady Makeup Artistry on PP), and her studio (Pozers in Swindon) in order to work along side her on some projects, I couldn't help but make sure i was part of this great team once again, as we have collaborated before with great results.

It was a real pleasure to meet Kenny in person, and over the course of the 2 days we worked/shot together, we had many a giggle and produced some great shots. I just can't wait to see what he does editing my pictures.

I found Kenny a real gent to be around, and we had many a good chat about photography (Kenny has done his Uni degree and i'm currently doing mine), so we had loads to talk about.

I'm glad that we eventually met in person, and i hope that we will have the opportunity to do so again in the not too distant future.

I don't need to tell you how good Kenny's editing skills are. Just look at his port and you'll see for yourself.

Thanks for all the giggles, editing tips, and company Kenny, and have a safe journey back home.

Highly recommended A+++

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Kira Krueger

I've shot with Kenny countless times and he is great. Very creative and dedicated to his craft. This last shoot was planned since our last shoot in September and was to shoot a cosplay latex cover for Twisted Edge. This will be our 3rd front cover together! On top of the Elfen Lied look, we also shot a latex Storm.

Even though Kenny only got a handful of pics of the second look, he has created some truly magnificent show stopper images, worthy of another cover.

If you're looking for someone to shoot something different from the norm- Kenny is your man. Highly recommended. Kira x

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Kira Krueger

Kenny is brilliant and has already created some awesome composites from our shoot. We did 3 different cosplays and I'm over the moon with the results! Really excited to get stuck into a few more projects :D highly recommended. Kenny really needs to lead a workshop and teach again. Kira x

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I worked with Kenny yesterday which was an absolute pleasure! What a lovely guy! He even trusted me with some of his equipment which he left for me and another photographer to use, which I dropped off to him later on that evening!

Amazing and very talented photographer, what this guy didn't know about photography probably is not worth knowing he is the master!! I cannot wait to receive the images from him as I just know they will be awesome looking at his profile!

Highly recommended 😊

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