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The Photo Taker

Our shoot was a joy before it even began! The shoot was in a style that Jessie had never done before at a location that neither of us had been to before. Because of Jessie’s, articulate and accurate communications, it all quickly fell into place. If only all shoots were that easy to arrange.

On the day Jessie arrived with everything we had discussed and we were ready to go in no time. The time fley by, with us only doing some of what we had planned.

I certainly hope Jessie enjoyed the shoot as much as I did. Certainly, the images speak for themselves. Jessie is a joy to work with, I'm sure a lot more yet to offer. I definitely hope our next shoot will be soon.

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I had an amazing shoot with this stunning model!

She is a real beauty and a lovely person to shoot with. We got on so well straight away and pre comms were brilliant and helped build rapport.

The images we have together are stunning and I cannot wait to shoot our new ideas together!

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Our festive shoot went vey well. Jessie posing in front of my open fire suitably attired in her Miss Christmas outfit. Lots of thought put into the outfit, classy and sexy. I am very pleased with the results she is my cover girl on my Facebook page and its also popular 0n the pin-up sites. A joy to work with lots of banter. Definitely working with her in 2020. By the way the reindeer enjoyed the shoot, he is still smiling.

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Olive alias jankers has renewed my interest in using public transport ala buses !

What a lovely and fun girl to work with.

Posing alongside four industrial monoliths, shortly to be demolished , she donned winter fashion. We created a series of dark moody images alongside the River Severn in a dower winter parkland. The atmosphere was captured utilising black and white imaging.

She is a joy to work with , we hit it off straightaway.

Looking forward to our next shoot.

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I had a fun couple shoot with jess and stuart.Jess  was very easy to work with and take directions based on ideas for the shoot but also open to new ideas.Jess has a great figure and came well prepared with a nice selection of outfits.Very happy with the results.

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Rob Morris Photography

Just had a fantastic shoot with Jess. Turned up with a wide range of outfits and was happy taking direction and very chatty too - just don't let her tell you she can't pose on her own!! :)

Looks stunning, amazing figure, and can't wait to shoot with her again hopefully in the near future.

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I've worked with Jess three times now - her first shoot was with me. From that first shoot she has wanted to learn, been willing to try things and in general has a "can do" attitude. She will get better the more work she does, but definitely worth getting in touch. I will happily work with Jess again- and I'm sure we will.

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