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Lulu Lockhart

I had the delight of working with Jon a few days ago! :)

He is such a fun, friendly and sociable person to work alongside! The shoot flew by and I greatly enjoyed myself. Jon is able to adapt quickly and work with the location and light around him to produce beautiful images. He was happy giving direction and ideas as well as collaborating with my own. He throws himself fully into a shoot and commits to it, his enthusiasm was refreshing :)

It was a real pleasure working with him, highly recommended!

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Kirsty JS said...

My first shoot and was very lucky to have Jon as a photographer, was great working with him and a good laugh.

Shots come out great, was extremely happy with them and loved the creative side to Jon.

Id recommend anyone, excellent to work with!

Would like to work with him again sometime.

Thank you Jon!

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Little Miss Me said...

I have worked with Jon 3 times now and its always fun, He has great idea's and always give great results. I know it wont be long and we will be out shooting again :)

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Little Miss Me said...

Had my first shoot with Jon today in the snow and even though it was cold i had a great shoot, I hope its not my last shoot with him, He's a all round great guy and the images i have seen so far are amazing he has done a fab job with them :)

If you get the chance to shoot with this guy take it with both hands...

Thanks again Jon for a fun shoot out in the snow :)

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casey reeve said...

A fantastic shoot yesterday with Jon,

He made me feel very relaxd & was very creative.

Judging on yesterday, it seemed he had years & years of experience in glamour photography!

He is quick to edit & I already have a selection of images only a day later,

I wish him all the best in the future & hope to one day work with him again,

Thank-you Jon !!! :-)

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