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Monika Lara Smith

I had my first shoot with James at the studio in Leicester and hopefully we will be able to work together again in the future. :)

From the very beginning, James came across as incredibly friendly, easy-going and polite, he had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve and some brilliant ideas to support it! I was really excited to be shooting more of a sophisticated and elegant version of erotica :)

James was soooooo wonderful to work with!! :) James offered to pick me up & drive me back to the station which was incredibly kind of him and he made sure I got to catch my train. He also kept making sure I was warm enough during the shoot & comfortable with his ideas which was really thoughtful of him.

We had such a fabulous shoot and the results we achieved are absolutely mind-blowing! James is such a talented photographer, with a clear vision, interesting ideas and he's so knowledgeable about his lighting, wow! :)

James was sooooo friendly, polite, kind and respectful throughout the whole shoot! He was so great to chat with, easy-going with with a nice relaxed attitude that made our shoot incredibly enjoyable :)

I am extremely happy we managed to shoot together after a couple of years of planning, thank you so much for having me James and can't wait to work with you again! :)

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Chloe T

Just got back from my two hours with James, who had loads of ideas for the shoot and even some props of clothing to use for the shoot. Coms before shoot were detailed enough so I knew what to bring and the shoot flew by once we were set up to go.

Looking forward to seeing what shots we got once they are ready

Chloe Xx

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Jasmine Loux

Was a pleasure to work with James and his assistant for the second time :) he always has a clear idea and communicates well.

The shoot went smoothly, and we got some really awesome creative gel shots. I would recommend working with James and hope to again.

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This is the first time I have worked with James and he was so down to earth, professional and full of beans. I really enjoyed our shoot together. We had a lot of laughs and can’t believe how gentlemen like he was.

He also had an assistant to help him with the studio. She was so lovely and offered me a cup of tea and let me tell you she does the best teas.

James images is so incredible and he knows what he wants from the shoot. Each poses I made he always cheers you on and it’s so motivating. once you have met him you will full in love with his personality so much.

Want to say thank you ever so much for wanting to shoot with me, it was an honour and can’t wait to see the result.

100% recommend him.



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Geri Wilson

I had a photoshoot with James this afternoon and can only say great things.

Pre communication was great in terms of what style he was looking for which made it easy to know what outfits to bring with me and how to style my hair and makeup.

I found James very warming, absolutely loved every minute and he was always helping with direction of poses and giving examples. You can tell in a short amount of time that he is a fantastic photographer and has a great passion for his work. You can also see how talented he is by even taking the time during the shoot to show you some of the images and explain what he likes about them which I find very complimentary and confidence boosting.

He allowed me to bring my own ideas for the photoshoot and poses etc and he was very positive throughout.

Together we had some fantastic ideas and I'm very excited to see the images as they looked amazing on the back of his camera.

Thank you so much for a wonderful shoot, it was a complete pleasure and I really hope we can work together again.

Geraldine Wilson.

Very highly recommend to anyone new or experienced.

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Jasmine High

I had such an enjoyable first shoot with James at his studio and I enjoyed every minute of it. He instantly made me feel at ease when I arrived, and showed me around.

Really great pre-shoot communication.

James is absolutely brilliant! His passion for photography really shows and his excitement from creating images was great to work from and keep me energetic throughout.

Time flew by as we worked our way through so many different ideas. Every shot was perfectly taken and the lighting was checked and adjusted as we went along. The back of the camera images were beautiful!

I would 100% recommend James to anyone and I hope to work with you again soon :)

Thank you again!


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I had my first shoot with James recently, after applying to a few of his castings in the past. He was easy to work with and had a clear idea of what he wanted to shoot.

Great pre comms and professional throughout, adding to ideas while we shot and providing some bits of wardrobe and props! I knew exactly what he wanted me to bring and we worked with a mixture of both.

I would definitely recommend James and we are discussing working together again soon. :)

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Paula W

It was my first shoot with James yesterday and I am so glad we got to work together! James is very polite, kind, organised, creative and is a perfectionist. He has a very great eye for detail. Every image taken on our shoot looked spectacular.

We worked with gels which are one of the hardest techniques in photography, but James knew exactly how to set the lighting and his camera settings to achieve perfection! He’s really an amazing person to work with, very talented and I am sure every model will be very happy with the images created by him.

This really was an amazing shoot and of course I would love to work with James again!

Highly recommended!

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Working with James for the second time today was an absolute pleasure.

He has booked a 2hr slot on my modeling day at the The Boardroom Studio, and was ever so organised and professional on this shoot!

We were working with gels and it was very understanding of James that setups like this could take sometime. I am SO SO GLAD we spent the time until we got it spot on because what I've seen on the back of his camera I absolutely LOVE!

Thank you so much for coming to Derby to work with me once again, until the next time :)

100% recommend the man,

Xenia x

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Kitty Dawson

I had a great shoot with James in Leicester!

James is professional, polite, kind, respectful, creative, organised, passionate and skilled with photography, prepared and a joy to shoot with.

Great pre-comms.

Upon arrival, we discussed what concepts we had in mind and flowed through each set, we managed to get everything we wanted to shoot done in the time we had, which was very productive yet relaxed and creative.

I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with this camera-wizz :D!

His assistant Maria was kind, helpful and easygoing and it is always nice to see another lady on set to help out with setting up etc.

Highly recommended person and photographer 🌟

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Morgan M

Had a great shoot with James again (2nd shoot)

He is very professional, polite and has great communication.

The photos looked fantastic on the back of the camera, can’t wait to see the end results.

Thanks xx

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Had a wonderful 2nd shoot and was a pleasure

Love working with you!

Can’t wait to see the images x

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I had the pleasure of working with James in Leicester on Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot.

James’ pre shoot comms and organisation was perfect, which meant that everything went smoothly on the day.

James was friendly, warm and respectful. He had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve on the day and had a set-up organised for when I arrived.

I loved James’ enthusiasm on the shoot, it’s lovely to see when a photographer is clearly passionate about their work/shots. He was incredibly easy to work with and made sure there were refreshments/breaks throughout.

Judging from the back of camera shots, I was really happy with what he produced! Thank you for a lovely shoot and I hope we get to shoot again soon :-)


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I had a second shoot with James,

The atmosphere was again brilliant and the ideas were very creative.

James explains everything in detail which makes everything easy to achieve.

I would highly recommend working together!

Many thanks


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Met James on my model day at the Boardroom Studio in Derby today :)

What an incredible man! I feel like even though he has a great extensive portfolio, it almost doesn't show his entire potential! I strongly feel that James would be amazing at shooting beauty because he loves sharp images and he can edit very well.

Thoroughly enjoyed working with James on our set with baby pink backdrop today, styling it with different outfits and having lots of laughter. He is fun to be around and also works at ease, which actually usually produces better final results.

Hope to work with James in future again, I can't wait to see what else he's got to bring to a table!

Highly recommended.

Xenia x

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I had a shoot with James, it went brilliant!

The communication before hand was amazing and it was very clear what the aim of the shoot is. The atmosphere was perfect, James is very nice and easy to get along with straight away!

I would highly recommend working together

Thank you once again


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Morgan M

Great shoot with James. He is very professional, laid back and the shoot was good fun. He made sure I was comfortable in every way. Thank you xxx

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Have you seen his cameras?! Just if you haven't I am telling you now - if photographer works with equipment like that and operates it perfectly just like James - there is no way you won't be surprised how amazing pictures will be!

James is a creative person who likes everything to be done on the professional level but he also is very respectful towards models and always open to new ideas and experiments. Pre communication process was perfect! We discussed the idea and created a moodboard together, discussed the location and preferences so I had enough time to prepare all the outfits and styling before the shoot day.

During the shoot James was very concentrated and involved so I felt I was in the right hands! We shot 3 outfits on different locations James visited the day before to make sure we will be able to access all of them. The process was very relaxed but productive.

I've only seen a few first pictures James posted on his profile but I already am so happy with what we got from such a short shoot.

Thank you so much James for your kindness, professionalism and creativeness! I did have a great time working with you and hopefully not for the last time.

Absolutely Recommended!

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I had a shoot with James last weekend, we were experimenting with different light techniques. James was very professional and friendly and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole shoot, we managed to capture some amazing images which I am really happy about, I hope he is too! His assistant Maria was very helpful as she helped with all the lights and also helped me with my coconut oil! I would definitely recommend shooting with James as I would say he is an experienced photographer and very good at what he does :)

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Bad Dolly

Today I had a lovely shoot with James at his studio and we had a blast. James had a brilliant backdrop to try and in pre communication we discussed some outfits and colours that would work well with it.

James is really professional and gave me all the information I needed, he had a brilliant lighting set up and we flowed from set to set. It really felt like a team effort and his lovely assistant Maria was always on hand.

I had a wonderful shoot and I am really excited to see the results, I would jump at the chance to model for James again and he comes extremely highly recommended from me

Thank you x

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