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I meet Joy today

We went to shoot into the beach in Valencia ,

And she surprise me , she is so professional and talent model

Oh yes she is beautiful too

Hope to work again with her

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Nicolas Vanden

It was my first shooting. Joy came up with a lot of positive energy. She is a great model, professional. It was easy to work with her, she captured quickly what I wanted and delivered the best. She is also able to make her own makeup : so for me post-production was really easy. I would work again with Joy and recommend her !

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I had the pleasure of working with Joy during a recent trip to Portugal. She is a great model and person, very professional, her poses are great and she takes direction very well. I am stunned to read the modest introduction she has written above as her abilities far exceed that. I can highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again whereever that may be. Thank you Joy.

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I had an amazing week with Joy in the Algarve - she was professional throughout and her abilities far exceed the modest introduction she has given - you would never believe she has had relatively little experience. I can definitely recommend Joy and we will be working together again soon - either in England, Spain or Portugal!

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