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Jamie Jones Model

I worked with Jodie for the first time at The Hire Studio this week; she's a lovely girl to work with. She arrived on time and ready to shoot and was well prepared with lots of outfits and sets that complimented what I'd brought to wear, as we'd planned in advance. Although it was her first time working with another model Jodie was really relaxed, friendly and easy to get along with. She took direction well, but also moved freely and confidently with me on the two girl shots!

Recommended to both photographers and models :) x

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RMP Photography & Studio

1538784000Did not show up.

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David J Severn

Jodie showed up with plenty of her own ideas, I know this doen't always sit well with some photographers but sometimes an idea can be sparked,

She quickly adapted to what we wanted to shoot with her, posing with ease and taking the suggested changes in position happily.

Yes I will recommend her, yes I will be booking her again, yes going to be a favorite at the studio.

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[~phosgraphe~] said...

Tilly arrived on time and sent information through for the set-up of the shoot - including her thoughts and ideas of what she wished to accomplished along-with a selection of images too. Although it was our ambition to create a "Spring" theme we decided to try a range of outfits and studio sets and opt for refining our objectives in a second shoot at a later time. She took direction well and was easy to work with despite some set backs with lighting problems - she remained focused and professional. She relaxed into the shoot and we both had an enjoyable time on each of the sets. She's ambitious and easy to get along with and knows what she wants to do to progress her portfolio - She has a great modelling face - so will make good of any situational shoot or thematic. Thanks for a great evening. :-)

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Jim Read said...

We met at Matlock Bath station for our shoot, prior to that we'd exchanged lots of messages through the PP PM system, to make absolutely sure that we knew what we were going to do. Tilly is seventeen and was accompanied by her Mom to whom I was able to show my CRB certificate, her Mom was great and helped Tilly to look just right for the shots.

Tilly was a bit apprehensive about being amongst other people for the shoot, Matlock Bath has a holiday atmosphere about it and she soon realised that people whilst curious about what she was doing just let her get on with it. She is a natural poser I made a point of explaining a few things about posing to begin with but she knew about them anyway.

The shoot itself was the greatest fun we had a laugh, we had ideas about poses and Tilly's poses suggested ideas to me and we were able to bounce more ideas off each other to great effect. She wanted the images to be Black and White, wanted them to be of her even though most of them were not close ups and succeeded in this wonderfully.

I would recommend her to any photographer who would like a smooth shoot full of ideas, fun and laughter.

[edit] Two days later: Superb poses great expressions, looking through them you are so good at creating a mood through a pose and a slight change of expression and one that is in keeping with the surroundings. It's a pleasure to edit these I can emphasise what you create by adding some drama with varying tone, contrast and brightness.

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Had the pleasure of working with Tilly today on a location shoot and she was brilliant. Pre-shoot communication was excellent, she arrived on time and was well prepared. She does her own hair and make up to a very high standard and we had a lot of fun. Tilly has her own ideas and communicates them well and also took the odd pointer from me very well. Over all a very productive shoot and we got some great images for our portfolios. Highly recommended and I look forward to working with Tilly again.

Thank you

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Had a shoot with Tilly this morning, she turned up on time with the outfits needed and the shoot was a lot of fun, highly recommended :-)

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