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  • Part time Photographer
  • More than 24 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel for shoots
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Shoots styles

Beauty, Commercial, Fashion, Fitness, Landscape, Lifestyle, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional and Wedding


My Photography Story....

I inherited my first SLR at 16 and have been shooting ever since BUT I've only been shooting people in a serious way since 2016.

Basically it never really occurred to me that I would like shooting people until I had kids. In 2016 I just 'fancied' giving studio photography a go so decided to hire one to shoot my own kids....on looking around it turned out that booking just two hours was relatively expensive and a full day relatively cheap so I took the full day and asked some friends if they'd be interested in paying for an hour of the studio time and I'd shoot their kids too. So I did 6 family photo-shoots in one day - everyone was very happy with the images and shared them around and I started getting more and more enquiries and I eventually started charging.

Early this year I got sick of setting up in temporary spaces...I'd moved on to hiring conference rooms so i could use my own gear rather than studios....and realised I was doing enough paid work to be able to afford to open a studio which I did in summer 2019.....and I've never been busier - too busy in fact, given that I have a 'day job'. 

I have mainly been shooting kids I started doing some head-shots for business people and actors too and I am currently looking to expand in that area as there is a bit more scope for creativity, and it's less physically exhausting than chasing toddlers around.

Why am I on Purpleport...

Originally I joined because I needed to find a couple of models for a client campaign quickly and at short notice.

I stayed because there was some interesting things going on and as I found it a good place to meet people to collaborate with.

At the moment I am trying to build a portfolio of actor/performer headshots to flesh out my portfolio so I can push in to that area more so if that is something that would suit your portfolio feel free to drop me a line and if I have some time maybe we can work out a TFI.

My Style....

When it comes to retouching I just want to point out that I like the natural look, I'll clear spots and put you in the best light but I won't give you texture-less/barbie skin, when I retouch an image it's to a high standard leaving just enough subtle flaws that the viewer ideally can't be sure it has been retouched at all, which is particularly important for the mainstay or my paid work.....I don't mind if people like flawless skin type retouching photography is an art after's just not my style.

Oh and I am partial to Black and White.

My view on 'Trade For'

I treat all TFI (Trade For Images) shoots in exactly the same was as I would as if you were paying me, because as far as I am concerned you are paying me just not with cash. So you won't be bumped down the editing queue behind paying clients etc. You won't be cancelled on because a paying booking comes along etc. And I would expect anyone I am working with to have the same professional attitude, so if you don't feel the same way I do don't book with me please.

Note on paid work.

I haven't added my rates here simply because I don't want to have to remember to update them when they change and as models aren't my usual clients I probably won't pick up much work here -  so either drop me a DM or go to my customer facing website and click book now on any of the pages (other than the home page) and you'll be able to see costs and availability etc. [url removed] [link removed]

FAQs (I'll add answers to regular questions here with answers)

1. Can I bring a chaperone?


2. How long until I get my images?

10 days to 2 weeks - I don't look at images for a few days to get fresh eyes - if it will be longer due to workload, holidays etc. I will let you know.


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