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Did a shoot with john yesterday and it was amazing so much fun and laughter around at the time, he showed up on time and got started very quickly throughout the shoot he showed me the images he had taken and I was impressed can’t wait for the edited ones. Hopefully work together again very soon.

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Did a shoot today with John and was amazing made me feel comfortable and relaxed and had a laugh I will be hopefully working with him in the future 👌👍🏼

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Solo studio

John had been along previously to have a look round before his shoot here today.

Excellent pre-communication, conversive, polite a d from the images I've seen, quite creative too.

Happy to recommend and we look forward to seeing you again soon. :)

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I had a wonderful shoot with John yesterday! I applied to a fairly last minute casting call after he had been let down and the shoot was arranged in no time at all and everything was confirmed, perfect comms.

On the day he kindly picked me up from the station even though it was earlier than what I wanted!...

John hadn't shot in a studio before but he didn't let this stop him for trying to create some awesome shots. We were pretty much left to fend for ourselves in the studio, which was not ideal at all for someone who isn't used to the studio set up, but John and myself worked together as a great team and we created some stunning images.

He is keen to learn, share ideas, try ideas and just genuinely has a real passion for photography...

I would certainly recommend John to other models, considering we were left on our own without any studio owner in the building I felt completely safe at all times, John was very respectful.

We had lots of good chat, giggles and awesome pictures what more can you want!...

Thanks again John & hopefully we will get to shoot again in the future!

Highly recommended!

Arabella X

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Had a great shoot with John, he had good comms, was on time and was easy, friendly and relaxed to work with. We had a pretty comprehensive shoot and I got a good number of great boudoir images very quickly. Would happily recommend.

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John is a lovely photographer, professional and makes you feel comfortable! My shoot with him was enjoyable and I hope to work again with him in the future.

Would recommend :-)

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I enjoyed my photo shoot with John yesterday he is easy to talk to and I wish him will mel

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