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Phillip Palmer

This was my second shoot with Jamie, this time we arranged a home studio style shoot with the aim of getting some head shots as well as some special effects images.

I'm really pleased with the outcome of the shoot. I feel we got some very nice portraits where I was able to try out a basic lighting setup that gave a good look that I can build on in the future. We also worked together to come up with different expressions and poses that helped enhance the look of the images.

For the effects images he was able to pose as directed and was also able to duplicate a required stance from muscle memory almost perfectly which was really impressive!!

Once again I can happily recommend him to any photographer looking for a model with experience that will add value to their shoot.

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Phillip Palmer

Had a great location shoot with Jamie today. Communications were good and I found it easy to plan a time for the shoot we were both happy with.

He arrived early and brought along a variety of clothes and accessories so we were able to achieve a few different looks. Although it was cold and windy Jamie was easy to get on with and was happy to try out ideas for poses as well as suggest his own.

I have no qualms in recommending Jamie to any photographer and I would be happy to work with him again in the future.

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Chris Bedwell

Jamie and I had a great shoot together. We went to a variety of different locations and Jamie had different clothes to shoot in.

He's an easy going guy and very easy to work with. I would have no problems recommending Jamie and I would be very happy to work with him again.

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GGDP Photography

1484006400Did not show up.

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Jamie was great to work with, using his own initiative to try different poses and looks, as well as working well with direction.

The end results were really great and I'm pleased to have worked with him. He's also an interesting guy with a lot of history packed into his life so the whole shoot was a joy to work on even between set-ups!

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Chris Bedwell

It was a real pleasure to work with Jamie. We got along instantly and built up a good rapport. As he is also an actor, he took direction really well, and also came up with some ideas of his own. We will be working together again in the future.

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