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Finally managed to get a shoot booked in again with jimmy! a year later after our first shoot! Literally couldn't have gone any better! pre comms with jimmy is always great and friendly! We shot something completely different to what we originally did the first time we shot together.

We had an airbnb booked, we shot a duo combination and it worked incredible We all got on like fire, had a great laugh. Jimmy is always so professional including when it comes to the models being nude.

Absolutely will be working with jimmy again this year! No doubt about it. Incredible guy and one to call a friend.

Thank you jimmy for a fab shoot, making me come away from the shoot feeling amazing in myself , minus feeling awfully poorly at the same time haha.

100% recommend shooting with this guy.

Ivy x

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theresa louise

Another fantastic shoot with Jimmy today.

What a cracking guy and a bloody good photographer. Jimmy is super organised and so fun to work with. Honestly it won't feel like work at all.

Considering Jimmy is one of the younger photographers he has so much respect for models and their levels.

Highly recommended to any model.


T x

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I don’t normally leave long references, sorry Jimmy. Hehe

But all I can say it’s:

Professional, kind and very friendly person.

Definitely knows his angles if he has to work with a challenging place just like my home studio.

Jimmy was relaxed and very professional.

Would I recommend him? 110%. And would definitely work with him again. And hope I will.

Thanks Jimmy


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It was my first time shooting with Jimmy a few weeks back and what can I say, he was awesome from start to finish!

Communication re: ideas, locations, meeting points was amazing! Jimmy sorted out a stunning air bnb for our shoot in London, met me off the train and was so chilled, laid back and I instantly felt relaxed and less anxious!

The shoot itself was laid back, so much fun and came with a good sense of humor! We had time to chill afterwards and it just had an all round good vibe! We already have another shoot booked for next weekend which I’m stoked about!

I would highly recommend Jimmy to any other models looking to shoot ! 15/10!!

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Where do I start!

We’ve been in talks for quite a while with planning this shoot and I’m so glad we made it happen.

He went out and found some locations to shoot @ even when he’s not from the area we shot around.

Met at a pub, sat down for a good chat and a drink, then went to our first location, once done and moved to the next we came back to the pub where we finished off with a drink ; lovely warm hot choc to warm me up, chatted for even more before heading off.

So really good communication throughout!

He’s such a lovely chatty guy, very friendly and the shoot was one of the most relaxed shoots I’ve had, which in my eyes is the perfect type of shoot.

The hours flew by and went so quick. We managed two locations in the time frame. However got some really good images from both locations ! Back of camera shots look so good and I’m looking forward to seeing some :)

Thank you so much jimmy! Definitely would shoot with you again anytime! Highly recommend photographer.


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theresa louise

Had a great first shoot with Jimmy today at my home in Milton Keynes.

Extremely easy to get on with, friendly, professional and made me feel instantly comfortable.

We got some cracking shots and really looking forward to working with Jimmy again.

Highly recommended by me.


T x

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A Scorpion Residence

Was great to have Jimmy shoot at my place today. All comms were as they should be, arrived on time with his gorgeous model and both treated studio properly without any issues.

Jimmy came across as an easy going, friendly and professional person and required no assistance.

Recommended and welcome back anytime – Lee

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Jasmine Loux

I had a great shoot with Jimmy, he showed up on time, was polite and professional.

Good pre-communication and knew what we wanted to get out of the shoot :)

We shot a variety of shots, and sat and looked through the shots at the end of the shoot :D

Jimmy also had his Instax camera with him too which was awesome fun!

I look forward to hopefully working with Jimmy again in the future, 100% recommend :)

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Hazel modelling

I can't recommend Jimmy enough.

He has shot with plenty of models who aren't on PP, so please don't be put off by the lack of references he has so far.

Jimmy is extremely considerate, friendly, and brilliant at what he does. The shoot flew by, and the atmosphere was as if we'd been shooting together for years.

Fantastic sense of humour, good taste in music, and just a really good person.

I highly recommend shooting with Jimmy 1000%!

You won't regret it.

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I've shot with Jimmy a few times and each time got some amazing images. He's progressed since we first shot and I would recommend and defiantly shoot with him again

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