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G Brodie

I have now been to JFYP several times and it is always a pleasure. They look after models. Clean studios, friendly atmosphere, help when you need it and well organised. Really looking forward to going back again. Highly recommended people and studio and facilities.

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I was lucky enough to be able to secure a last minute cancellation for a studio day with AKH at JFYP. She is a great model, and Andy helped me with setting up the lights as needed, made sure everyone was safe and comfortable before leaving us undisturbed for our work. I was able to use two studios, one high key and one low key. Each as its own lights, changing area and refreshments. It was all very comfortable, and I was made to feel very welcome. Travel and parking is easy, so I can get there swiftly.

I'll be back!

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The Hellfire Club

I've been coming to JFYP for my studio needs for a few years now. It's cosy yet easily workable. Andy is always on hand to help out and I try to get him teetering on a rickity chair at least once a visit.

I like to think he's grown accustomed to the more unusual ideas I have for shoots and whether I'm walking in with a bag of chains or a large plush panda head, he takes it all in his stride :)

Thoroughly recommended

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Had my first studio day here, rather late due to illness on my side.

I love this studio they were very welcoming, provided a great and safe enviroment during these strange times!! would highly recommend and cannot wait to go back again in the near future

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The Butterfly Collector

Spent an excellent afternoon at JFYP photographing Angela (AKHudson) at a studio day organised by Peter McLean. Lots of good humoured help from Andy and advice from Peter - all interpreted brilliantly by Angela. JFYP/Matrix is a nice set-up and if you're a newbie (which I am really..) then this is a very good place to be. Thank you all and, hopefully, see you again soon.

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John David

Had a great evening shoot at JFYP with the fabulous Czech Beauty. I really enjoyed the evening organised by Peter and supported by Sean. I got some excellent shots using a range of lighting set ups. There was a great atmosphere at the shoot and it is a great way of adding to your portfolio.

I highly recommend shoots at JFYP and have already booked into a second shoot with Bobby Castle.

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Bea Triss

I had a great group shoot at JFYP studio, where I got the chance to work with Andy. He was very friendly, professional and respectful. We got to use both sides of the studio which was very convenient as we could switch back and forth between two backgrounds and light setups. The studios were well equipped and cosy and I was well looked after. Highly recommended!

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RB Photo

Great shoot organised at JFYP Studio in Wath in Dearne very friendly and very helpful guys.

Would highly recommend anyone to attend or collaborate with the guys here.

The studio has 2 good sized rooms with good lights universal triggers.

Decent links to the M1 motorway system

Plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits

Thanks again

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Czech Beauty

Had a lovely group shoot at JFYP studio.

Lovely studio and easy location with good parking.

Had a great time and would definitely recommend.

Thanks again xx

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I had a pleasure to work with Andy recently in his studio during the group shoot. He is very respectful, mannerly and amusing. Studio is well equiped, warm and cosy. There is a parkspace, clean toilet facilities, lots of backgrounds and wonderful props. I would recommend attending a shoot there, it's a wonderful studio space with plenty of opportunities for different styles of photography.

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My partner and I shot together at JFYP today, and as always Andy was great; helping to setup lights and backdrops and ensured that the studio was warm and offered us drinks upon arrival.

Highly recommended and I'm sure I'll be back soon!

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My partner and I booked a couple of hours at JFYP Studio for his daughter to give a model shoot a go.

We visited briefly before to take a look at the studio and Andy quickly encouraged my partners daughter to step in front of his camera for a few test shots. He made her feel comfortable and made it a fun experience.

The studio has fantastic choice of backdrops and a selection of chairs, hats and sunglasses!

Definitely recommend this studio to all.

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Elle J

Peter and Andy arranged another group shoot at Jfyp Studio of "Recreating Vettriano" with myself and Phil Bruce as the models. I adore working at this studio. Andy really looks after his models and photographers making sure they are comfortable. There are so many different options for backdrops and props. Peter and Andy work really well together to create the style of Vettriano and I love to get really involved with the process. They both have a great sense of humour and it works well during the shoot. Andy really knows his his studio and what works well and what doesn't. Both Andy and Peter have a great eye for detail especially when it comes to this group shoot. I really enjoyed the shoot and I really hope we get to do it all again in the future. Andy and the studio are highly recommended from me! Thanks for a great shoot!

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I had a fantastic shoot at the JFYP studio. Andy was a massive help throughout the day providing advice and help setting up for shots. Providing a welcoming environment and fun personality I can't hesitate in recommending the studio! Just excellent! :)

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Belle Noire aka Black Beauty

Did a lighting day at JFYP and as always there was a friendly bunch, warm studio, cups of tea, food provided, the music played is absolutely awful but that is about all I can moan about haha.

The studio has fatuous rooms and sets, it's easy to find.

I recommend to EVERYONE xX

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Ross Cawton

Shot in the studio today! Andy is very warm and welcoming, overall a nice, down to earth guy who has great taste in music! ;)

It's a wonderful studio full of character! Suitable for any age! I definitely recommend this location for other models and photographers! :)

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Alicia K

Great to work at JFYP again! Always lovely to work with Andy and Peter on their workshops. Andy is always very friendly and welcoming, and easy to get on with. Respectful and great to work with. Thank you for having me again Andy, hope to return soon!

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Elle J

What an awesome group shoot hosted by Andy and Peter! I love working with these two. They organised a Jack Vettriano group shoot along side Phil Bruce and it was great from start to finish. When I arrived I was greeted by them both and felt at ease straight away. They always look after their models and it really shows.

The studio itself is a fantastic space to work in. Warm, plenty of tea and coffee on hand and lots of different backdrops and lights. Andy and Peter are always on hand to assist with anything I or the photographers needed. A really great studio, highly recommended from me and I look forward to working there again. Thanks Andy!

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Official Phil Bruce

On Sunday, I visited JFYP Studio for the first time, where myself and Elle J worked together on a "Recreating Vettriano" Workshop Day. I was very impressed with the Studio set-up, the equipment and space that was there, and how Professional both Andy and Peter were, catering for the needs of myself, Elle, and the other Photographers who were at the Workshop!

It was a huge success, and I would absolutely love to be able to do as many Shoots and Workshops at JFYP Studio as what Andy and Peter would like me to do in the future! Thank you so much!

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Highly recommend this studio, Andy is a great bloke really helped me out as this was my first studio shoot. Got some fantastic shots and there’s plenty of props to use. If you have never used a studio before I highly recommend.

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