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f16 photography

Had a great shoot with Jessica. We communicated extensively before the shoot and were knew exactly what we were aiming for for the shoot. She always responded quickly which made planning the shoot easy.

Jessica brought with her everything were discussed and were managed to get through loads of sets in the 2 1/2 hours.

Jessica was easy to chat to and was happy to take direction, but she posed well without direction too. From the back of the camera I think we did really well, can't wait to edit the shots.

I'd completely recommend Jessica as a great person to work with.

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I had the pleasure of working with Jessica for the first time yesterday and i hope the second shoot will not be too far away!!

Despite being under the weather, Jess was a consumate professional throughout the shoot and took direction effortlessly, whilst adding her own input for what would help the shoot develop. She came prepared with an eye watering selection of lingerie and outfits, the likes of which i have rarely seen! :)

Jess may only be a relative newcomer, but she is confident in front of the camera and a real giggle to go with that. As i said, i hope to get the chance to work with her again soon and i would highly recommend her.

Thanks Jess x

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1537747200Cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.

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LOM Glamour

Had my first shoot today with the fabulous Jess. Pre shoot communications had been superb leading up to today.

Jess is a really lovely model to work with. She came armed with a great selection of outfits and lingerie sets to match what we had planned to shoot. Still relatively new to the modelling scene, she is eager to learn and you can see how much she is growing in confidence with every shoot she has. She poses very well with direction and as we progressed through today's sets she was adding her own poses and ideas with little effort and input needed from myself.

Throughly enjoyed our first shoot today and we are already making plans for a return visit to the studio. I will take pleasure in watching Jess's progression from shoot to shoot. Ten out of ten for effort today Jess. I very much look forward to working with you again in the very near future.

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Arkangel Creative Design Studios

Bit of a last minute shoot. But she was fantastic and awesome to work with.

Cant wait to work with her in the future. Hopefully soon

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Graham Savage

I had a great shoot with Jessica today. The first part of the shoot was at my home studio shoot lingerie and fashion, the we went outdoors to shoot more fashion. Jessica came very well prepared with a good selection of clothing and lingerie. Time flew by so quickly and we created some great Images. I recommend Jessica 100% and I would certainly like to shoot together again. Thanks Jessica for an awesome shoot 😊

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So I arranged a fashion shoot with Jessicaleigh, knowing that she was new to modelling. I gave her a very specific idea of what I was looking for and from that, I really can’t fault her. Enthusiasm and effort is very much there, and is extremely additive. I really enjoyed shooting with her. She came with a hold-all with so many options, from shoes to dresses, t shirts and jackets. I’ve only just left, but I’m on cloud nine. Really well done and I genuinely hope I get to shoot with his very cool young lady again. :) Rob

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