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J E R M A I N E has 7 references; 7 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Jermaine and his son were exactly what I was looking for to shoot some lifestyle images. They both were so easy to work with and engaged with each other without me needing to direct much at all. They didn't even mind the horrible weather we had that day! Definitely recommend Jermaine to anyone!

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Top man, Jermaine! Very professional and a really nice guy to work with. Recommended!

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I can recommend Jermaine! It was a pleasure to work with him today. He's such a sweet man, such a gentleman! Very professional. Hope to work with you again!

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Ive worked with Jermaine twice now. I believe the first time was his first professional shoot and he was very competent then. Now, less than a year later, he's totally on the ball following instructions, coming up with suggestions or adopting a pose without guide - a real pro and a pleasure to work with. You couldn't meet a nicer guy... 100% recommended.

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Mr Ho's Imaginarium

Jermaine was a pleasure to work with, enthusiastic, polite, great comms and punctual.

He's tall, ripped, all the masculine qualities I wanted in a male sports model with the added bonus of adding some ethnic diversity to my portfolio.

Highly recommend and hope our paths cross again on future projects.

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Chris Easton Photography @ Studio HD9

Given that Jermaine is relatively new to modelling this shoot was a breeze.

He listens to ideas, takes direction but also can pose and move without guidance.

Really lovely guy - and the shoot flew by.

Thoroughly recommend anyone looking for a male model consider Jermaine.

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Pix Photography

Today was a struggle with several model let downs on a small group shoot that I had arranged, but Jermaine was on the ball and did not let me down, despite me putting the wrong date in the PP booking calendar.

It was a dream to work with him today. Only a handful of shoots under his belt but poses effortlessly and takes direction well.

Already in discussion about potential future shoots.

Would definately recommend that you book him for your shoot.

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